Working From Home: The Pros and Cons

When Dolly Parton sang her ever famous song Working 9 to 5 she meant what she asserted. Waking up early to the sounds of your alarm screaming, washing and getting dressed, swilling down half of your breakfast and running off to work to begin yet another day of nerve-racking projects, meetings and covering output deadlines wouldn’t always give you the reassurance you sometimes crave for. Wouldn’t it be just most appropriate to wake up to the sounds of the birds singing, eat a healthy dinner and work when you wanted to? Work at home and all this could be yours!

Simply stated, when you work at home, you wouldn’t have to wake up to a overwhelming day of work and return home feeling like you’ve run 15 miles an hour. If you’ve decided to work at home, be ready for the benefits as well as the unfavorable aspects it could bring upon you. Let’s first look at the benefits you get when you work at home.

Time plays the biggest character when you’ve got to report to work. Showing up at work on time can reflect well on your job role whereas the total opposition can occur if you often tend to always get late. When you work at home, you are your own management; therefore reporting to a particular person does not become such a significant issue. The alarm clock does not need to be your worst enemy anymore when you work at home.

When you work at home, you get to do your work at your own pace of time. Eating or sleeping can all be done whenever you feel the need. You’d actually hear the birds chirping instead of going all berserk over the alarm clock. Many people today tend to begin their day with a sense of emergency and this can lead to a stressed life in no time. To be physically as well as mentally fit, you could want to work at home instead of running to please your boss.

There are also downsides when you work at home. The most substantial issue is the lack of job security. Working at a specific company means you are sure to receive a salary at the end of each month and you work under superiors who rely on you as well as look out for you. Work at home and most probably you are all alone. The success of it lies in how industrious you are and how expert you are in giving out what the clients want.

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