WordPress CMS Niche Site For Your Hobby

Have you discovered the ability of WordPress to be used as a great content management tool for websites? Yes many now use this open source (free) software as the foundation of their niche websites. WordPress has such flexibility due to the constant development of new plug-ins and widgets. These can extend it’s functions beyond a simple blogging tool that can make your niche site into a virtual goldmine.

A good example of a successful WordPress blogger would be Johns Wu. Mr Wu started his blog Bankaholic.com in 2006 and in 2008 he sold it to BankRate in a deal that totaled $15 million dollars. Now that is a story worth Googling and enjoying.

Can you think of a job that will allow retirement within two years with a fifteen million dollar profit in the bank? Sure the odds of this happening is about the same as winning the lottery. But at least it is possible when your working for yourself and making a comfortable living is not far fetched at all. Everyone should be encouraged to start a niche site based on your hobbies or even your wildest dreams that inspire you.

If you do proper keyword research, you will find a lot of excellent keyword-rich niches that have a good amount of searches. With that knowledge you can then set up your WordPress-driven site using a popular keyword phrase as your domain name and then you can fill it with quality content.

You’ll learn to drive traffic to it by consistently updating the content and building backlinks to it. Good quality content plus traffic generation equals success. And success will generate interest which in turn will attract buyers.

When building your WordPress website it should be done from your intense passion for your niche subject. If you build it for the sole purpose to sell it for profit it may never sell. So now you just won’t know if it will sell someday

This intense interest is what will make you stand out from your competitors and make your blog profitable. This being said, if you do get a once in a lifetime offer, it may just take every penny of a few million to make you part with it!


Consider a WordPress niche site to promote your cause first as a hobby. You can set it up within hours, afterwards you add new relevant new content to it everyday. You can learn to automate it for both adding your content and creating backlinks to it.

Whether a newsworthy payday or new money making hobby is in your future, the decision is yours TODAY

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