Why Your Domain Name Matters to an Online Marketing Firm

A lot of people appearto think that the only thing that matters when it comes to a domain name is howpain-free it is to remember. While that totally is the case, there is quite a bit more to it that every online marketing firm and social media agency needs to be aware of if they want to do well in one of the most important parts of the online sphere: search engine marketing. While I would not go so far as to state that choosing your domain name is the most important parts of your business, it needless to say rates highly up there.

The first thing that every marketing firm and social media agency needs to get its mind around is that your domain name is incredibly important when it comes to search engine optimization. You can’t afford to just choose it because you think that it looks cool. You need to choose one that will help you be found on search engines, a factor which, if ignored, could cripple your business.

So, how do you use your domain name in order to improve your search engine optimization efforts? The answer is straight-forward: you should have your keywords in your domain name. If you sell bulldogs, owning bulldogs.com would be really good. If you were a company that sold super awesome special breathtaking widgets, well, you can guess what your domain name should be. It really is that simple and easy.

However, this does leave you with a few problems that come up, most of which should seem relatively evident. Case in point: what should you do if you already have a domain name and you can’t exactly change it? What if the keyword you desire is already claimed? What should you do if you have dozens of keywords you would like to go for and there is no easy way to elect one?

Well, you can go about doing the same thing by including the keywords for which you would like to rank in the URL for the webpage that you are constructing about the keyword you’re going after. This is my favorite way of doing since it offers you the best of both worlds; you can have a domain name that is good and memorable while getting a boost to your SEO efforts at the same time.

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