Why Web Hosting Matters to a Web Marketing Firm

I get my paycheck from a web marketing firm devoted to every facet of online marketing. However, our most important function is our capacity as a search engine optimization and social media agency. It’s the SEO piece that I would like to discuss today. We have been in operations for a bit of time right now, doing SEO both for ourselves and for other clients. While we have seen good results from our SEO efforts for ourselves and the vast majority of clients, we have had one client whose rankings have stubbornly refused to improve.

At first, we were confused. The keywords for which they were trying to rank were not particularly difficult; we did less work for vastly more competitive keywords with vastly better results. We would occasionally have this webpage rank somewhere in the 800’s (which, as you, know on Google, means you might just not rank at all). It was all very aggravating.

Then we did a small experiment; we made an entirely new website and copied the words from the page that we were trying. We made sure that it was indexed by Google, but we did not other work to promote. After it launched, it was ranked forty the next day.

Now, Google occasionally gives pages a boost when they first are indexed, something that people call the “Honeymoon Period.” We kept the website on the back burner until such a time that the Honeymoon Period no longer had an effect. The website dropped a few places, but it was still ranking much higher than the other webpage, and more consistently.

Then we learned that the problem was with the client’s webpage, and not with any of our work. We did a bit of research, and installed Google Webmaster Tools to monitor their website, something which the client, for reason, didn’t think was a good idea. Anyway, after a few weeks of monitoring, we found out that their website was getting frequent crawl errors, something which Google looks at very negatively. We found out their server was going down several times a month, something we never noticed, but the spiders did. We switched the client to a different web hosting company and, within a few weeks, they were on the first page. Now, that’s a lesson on why you must be picky when it comes to choosing your web hosting!

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