Why Sidney Crosby Could Use Some Reputation Management

Sidney Crosby has accomplished a great deal in the hockey world. A former first overall pick in the National Hockey League draft, he scored his first NHL point in his first NHL game. He was cited as the youngest team captain in NHL history at the age of 19 years, 9 months. He won a Stanley Cup Championship in merely his fourth NHL season. Crosby scored the overtime game winning goal to win the gold medal for the Canadian national hockey team at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Why would such a talented hockey player need online reputation management, or any reputation management at all?

Crosby was noted as a “whiner” very early on in his career. He faced charges of diving, which led to cheap penalties called against his opponents. He also garnered disapproval for complaining to on-ice officials too frequently. Players and coaches alike leveled criticism at Crosby although some commented that some leeway should be made for his youth. The general hope was that maturity would eventually come with age.

The main issue with Sidney Crosby stems from his concussion issues. After sustaining two heads to the head in consecutive games in January 2011, Crosby ended up sitting out the rest of the season due to post concussion syndrome. He sat by as his team was eliminated from the quarterfinals of the playoffs. At this time, his reputation was still intact; he was out due to his injuries and would return when he could.

In November 2011, Crosby made his triumphant return to the ice. His symptoms resumed 8 games later, in December 2011 and he hasn’t played since. He has reportedly passed the benchmark test for concussion symptoms but has yet to come back to the ice. Reports emerged that perhaps his Penguins teammates were growing weary of the never ending drama surrounding Crosby. He can definitely still play and hasn’t lost his touch. So why hasn’t he returned to his foundering team?

The answers may not be black and white. Crosby is a very young man, and has accomplished more in his short professional career than many have in less time. His commitment to his team is what’s being doubted. It seems that he might be hiding behind the guise of concussion syndrome. For a guy who’s been a winner for his whole life, this kind of behavior is extraordinarily embarrassing for both himself and the Penguins. No question why his fans are demanding to see him on a more regular basis. This isn’t how a team captain should be conducting himself.

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