Why Marketing And Social Media Go Hand In Hand

The world over the past decade has shifted to a new place. The internet has expanded and become a monster of socializing, sharing, videos, marketing, information you name it it’s on the internet. This is why many companies are altering focus away from traditional models of marketing and sales towards the new internet based platform. Any marketing firm will tell you that marketing and social media do in fact go in hand.

There is actuality to the rising internet consciousness such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s also rather astonishing just how many cell phones there seriously are in the world, and what’s even more amazing is that more people in the world have an internet connection than have working toilets. True statement, and it’s pretty ridiculous but at the same time these people have figured out what their main priorities are and ran with it.

Facebook alone could become it’s own country, and be the third largest country in the world. Just behind India and China, and people that apply Facebook are not just United States based citizens, they range from people across the world. There are 7 billion people on earth now, and there are 800,000,000 people on Facebook, and 190,000,000 people on Twitter. It’s really a no brainer why you should be marketing online when presented with these numbers. Honestly, if you’re not online yet and you’re in business, you’re very wrong.

Everything has changed since the 1990’s, and even since 2005 this country and the world feels like a very changed place. Technology is changing rapidly, and it’s up to you to get with the program before you’re left in the dust. There is no denying the fact that the future is going to look very much altered than it does now, and if you think otherwise, if you think that things are going to be the same way they’ve always been, what rose colored glasses do you wear?

The world of marketing is altering away from contemporary outlets, and as generation X grows up, they will be focusing much of their attention online, not in news papers, and not on cable television. marketing and social media do go hand in hand, and it’s just gotten to the point where it seriously is a no-brainer figuring how many people utilize the Internet. Most of humanity knows about the Internet, and most of humanity uses the Internet. It’s just how we are in today’s world, the Internet is our source of everything for knowledge, to our friends and even school work now.

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