Why Google Intends To Keep Its Algorithm A Secret

Just recently, some news surfaced regarding an interview done by Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, revealing that Schmidt is often frustrated by the number of questions he receives regarding the ranking algorithm Google uses. Reportedly, individuals keep asking why the mega search engine refuses to reveal its 200 elements in ranking list.

Schmidt finally responded that the reason why the mega search engine refuses to disclose its algorithm is because they have no concrete factor when they make their rankings. The company prefers not to publish the algorithm and idea of how everything works because the algorithm itself undergoes various changes as fast as the changes and development normally come in technology. In connection with this, they would rather not deal with the scrutiny of the SEO community with every change.

The company is also concerned that if they share their exceedingly valuable algorithm, some SEO groups and online marketing communities might abuse it instead. True enough, if Google exposed their algorithm, not only those who wish to use it for good have the knowledge. As soon as the algorithm is shared, some individuals who are up to no good may use and abuse the system.

What SEOs can do as of the moment is to keep on analyzing the several changes that Google makes as soon as they release updates. Most of the changes that Google makes are not that intensive. This allows people who are involved in search engine optimization to research more and learn as they go. Starters are advised to start with the basic concepts that almost always never change before they undertake faster altering issues like Google’s algorithm.

Harnessing SEO as well as online marketing will always be challenging for any aspirant and SEO companies. It is then a sign of a good SEO company to be able to adapt to the frequently changing Google algorithm and at the same time bear results that are integral in the world of search engine optimization.

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