Why Do So Many Web Masters Fail At Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing seems like an simple option to those who would like to make an income from the Net. After all, there is no requirement to pay for or even to control stock and in some cases there is not even a requirement to have a web site. The job of the affiliate is to encourage surfers to click through to the suppliers’ sales pages. It sounds so simple.

More and more people are giving it a whirl every day. However, most of those will end up being disappointed. The fact is that affiliate marketing is definitely not as easy as it seems and some firms use subtle techniques and provisos to make certain that most web masters do not get paid out.

However, we will come back to that aspect later. Let’s suppose for the moment that affiliate marketers are treated well. So an affiliate marketer builds a web site and then puts some creatives (adverts) on it in the hope of earning some money.

That approach will not be effective, because the tactic has to be to find out what people require or would like and then offer it. So, you find out that surfers are searching for holidays to Thailand and you realize that you can satisfy some of that desire.

OK, now you have a plan. You create a web site which has details of places in Thailand and you add creatives about Thailand. This is a huge step further in the right direction than the previous situation. But, you are still not there.

So, you have a web site about Thailand with affiliate marketing creatives offering vacations in Thailand and perhaps a few Thai items as well, but do you have any visitors? Probably not that many. It is a fact that the search engines will find you eventually, but how long are you prepared to wait and where will you be in the search engine rankings? Page one or page six?

If you are not on page one of Google for your keywords, then you will not make much money. Sorry, that is true. So, the next thing to do is attract visitors – loads of them, because not all visitors click ads. You can work out your click-through-rate (CTR), but let’s assume that it is about 2.5%, let’s say 5%, but that is rather high. How much do you earn per click or per sale?

Let’s say that you get $1 a click or sale. You will require at least 1,000 visitors a day to earn $25-$50. OK, that may sound okay to you, but it is not actually, considering all the marketing you will have to do in order to get 1,000 visitors. And what about your overheads?

The real killer for me is that the big companies like Clickbank and Commission Junction put restrictions on paying you out too. Clickbank will charge you for not making enough money, so that even if you do sell something, they will claw money back if you do not meet their sales targets.

The moral of this article? Do not think that affiliate marketing is going to replace your day career unless you have a weighty stream of visitors.

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