Website Landing pages – Best Practices

A website landing page is an important page. A good landing page will entice the visitor to buy; a below-average page will turn him off. The main intention of the landing page is to convert visitors to buyers, and so, it must be crisply made, by following these field-tested best practices:

1. The message on the landing page must be the same as the message used in the advertisement or promotion. The visitor must get the feeling that the page is the logical extension of the advertisement he has just clicked on.

2. Though the landing page must be simple, it must hook the visitor. To know how ecommerce pages can hook any visitor, see an Amazon page. Amazon pages employ visuals, copy, ratings, reviews and more to hook a visitor, with each element being strategically placed. Now matter how the page is designed, it must be simple and easy to understand, and navigate.

3. The headline used must match the headline used in the advertisement. Important keywords must be weaved into the headline if the headline doesn’t have them already.

4. The page must not be cluttered. Different page elements must be organized and placed in such a manner that the layout has enough relief (white) space. Important messages must make for easy reading.

5. The copy must explain the benefits of the product or service to the visitor. The copy must be written in a “You” tone, and not in a “we” or third person tone. The visitor must quickly understand how the product can help him save time and money or enhance his knowledge (in case of lead marketing). Each benefit must be written in a separate bullet point.

6. The buying area including the button should be easily noticeable. Amazon has dedicated a whole column for helping buyers (Buy, Add to Wishlist, etc.). has dedicated a column too, and it throws in a huge orange-colored button that no one can miss. These are successful sites who know how the game is played. Don’t ever make buttons that are small or unnoticeable.

7. How does your landing page convey a sense of trust and security? Get a SSL certificate if you haven’t already and place trust and security guarantee icons at strategic places so that the visitor is assured he is visiting a safe site.

8. Your copy must not sound desperate or contain loads of sales jargon. It should not sound like a salesman. The copy must give the feeling that the product will help the customer do his work and thereby save time, money and headaches, or increase his knowledge, in a subtle manner.

Even though these best practices are well-known, people seldom follow these. The result is a website landing page that can turn off visitors. Website owners must realize that they have paid for and released an advertisement because they want to see new customers walking in. And, if they want new customers, they must serve up their website landing pages right.

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