Web Marketing Tips: Getting Backlinks For Your Website

Web marketing is a many splendored thing. Ideally, it should comprise a variety of pieces. But, one of the most critical parts should be search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is theoretically simple in theory, but it is, of course, rather difficult in practice. One of the most difficult parts of search engine optimization, and therefore web marketing, is getting backlinks. To be honest, most of the time spent at an online marketing firm is getting backlinks.

If you think about it, going through your website and optimizing it for search engines is the easiest part of web marketing. That, at least you have some control over. Backlinks, which are also critically important, have to do with other people’s websites, over which you plainly have little to no input. However, before you throw your hands up in the air and give up, here are a few tricks to get easy backlinks to your company’s website.

Article Marketing- Twenty years ago, article marketing referred to writing newspaper articles about what your company does in order to get its name out there. While that is still the case, article marketing has a new definition in the realm of SEO. People now write articles containing the keywords and a link to your website under which they wish to be ranked and submit them to article databases in order to increase traffic. This is a time-consuming process, but it’s a great way to get your page ranking up.

Asking College Students- As you know, a backlink from a .gov or .edu website is great for search engine optimization. While there is no easy way to get a backlink from a .gov domain, it’s relatively simple to get a .edu page to link to you. Everybody is familiar with somebody in college, and the vast majority of colleges let their students host webpages on their servers. Ask (or, even bribe) a college student to put a link with the proper keywords and you’ll have an easy way to increase ranking.

Web 2.0 Sites- Most sites that have profiles or blogs allow you to include a link. Simply submit a link to the website you are trying to build up along with the keywords under which you are trying to be found and you have another simple way to make sure that your website appears in a good spot in Google searches. And that is what web marketing is all about.

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