Web Marketing and Online Reputation: How to Use These Tools For The Dating Scene

Web marketing and social media management: two phrases you might have heard used for businesses and organizations to expand their online presence. But if you’re unlucky in love, you can use these usually-reserved-for-business tools to try to score a night out with someone you’ve had your eye on or make you seem more date-able to the public. In a few pain-free steps, you’ll be well on your way to the best online reputation you can put out to the public.

When businesses use web marketing to their advantage, they do anything possible to get their name out to the public while still guaranteeing that their online reputation is seen in a favorable light. So why not do this for yourself? You can make sure that you are seen in the most pleasing way possible by looking yourself up in a search engine and seeing what pops up. If something about you doesn’t make you look like the stellar person you are, see if you can contact the person who runs the site, or if you can add a comment, make sure to respond to it.

The next step is to update all of your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to make sure that they are not portraying you in an unpleasant way. A great picture (smile!) goes a long way, as does anything you can say about yourself that makes you seem the most likable to strangers. If your page says you are a pimp-even as a joke between friends-it may not look the best to prospective dates (or potential employers, for that matter.) Just think: if someone you were seeking out information about had something like that on their site, would you feel compelled to date them? Your social media management really does matter.

Next, see if you can add pages to the Internet about yourself-without seeming too obvious. Maybe create a blog about something you like as a hobby-do something that gets you more presence on the Internet. When prospective dates search for you (particularly if you use an online dating site like match.com) you want them to see how well rounded and interesting you are. Use the Internet as marketing tool for yourself!

After these easy steps, you’ll be seen as a positive, enthralling person in the Internet world. Using Internet marketing and improving your online reputation can help you score that date you’ve always dreamed of-without doing much to get there. When you think about how many people you’ve Googled, you can then appreciate why having a positive online reputation is an important aspect of your own personal information that you should keep on top of.

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