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Business without websites means is like running a business without having your visiting card. By means of an effective profile of your company, products, and services you can build the corporate image of the company in your business website. It has no boundaries as far as place, regions, or countries are concerned in 24/7. At Jump Start, we specialize in developing new websites for promising businesses in Ireland and overseas. Through websites designed just for you, your company will get identity, global presence and good business. We will promote your website through web marketing, which is very essential for businesses all over the world nowadays.

Where would my client begin in developing their website? The first and foremost to be considered is the logo development. Logo symbolizes the company and provides an image nothing else can provide and this is what we have in mind in the design process and the starting point of the web design. It is one of the many important elements for many businesses. Start-ups are easier to develop because we basically begin with nothing. Therefore, we can offer a variety of options when it comes to design and concepts, while in existing business, we have to modify what they already have.

For some reason existing companies are reluctant to change, and this more so with revamping their logo, I find it hard to accept that a company will invest thousands in a new website but will not entertain having their logo re-touched. The logo doesn’t have to change dramatically but a tweak here and there wouldn’t hurt at all. Consider Apple, Coca-Cola, TodayFM they have no problem tweaking their logos from time to time! Ok rant over so where was I? Oh yes a good logo can dictate how your entire web presence can feel. There are three main aspects to developing a striking logo, the Name, the colors, the tagline.

The most memorable business names are also the most simple; not a bunch of scientific, fancy, high-sounding company names. Bottom line is, your name must portray what the company does. If you have a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly website, potential customers are inclined to know more about you and this could be achieved through the use of the right keywords when you purchase your domain name. You will get maximized traffic and your website can be on the top rank in Google where more and more people can click on it. SEO is an essential aspect of web marketing.

Color also plays an important role on catching the eyes of viewers. This is your website’s theme; therefore, the color has to be catchy but not awkward for the logo. Finding the color for your logo can be hard at times to separate yourself from the competition that may have a similar logo. It is also advisable that you use no more than three or four main colors, more than that would cause confusion and strain in the eyes of the viewers. Blue and gold in your logo would be featured heavily in the web design.

The Tagline is an overlooked aspect of logo development, but if your company name does not describe what your company actually does then a good tagline is the perfect place to describe what you do to potential clients. If you’re an established brand like BMW or Snapple then people already know what you do or what you offer, but for new start-ups I believe an informative tagline will really help you develop a brand. Who can forget tagline like: Don’t leave home without it. (American Express), Just do it.(Nike) Where’s the beef? (Wendy’s), Think different. (Apple Computer), The original cider (Bulmers), Tastes great, less filling. (Miller Lite), Melts in your mouth, not in your hands. (M&M Candies)

So there you go, a striking logo can really help with the overall web design process of your site. Remember the key points when choosing your logo, Name, Colors and Tagline. At JumpStart we are well versed in logo development, we know what looks good and what will work well on your site. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any logos or web design queries you may have.

If you want to new logo design for your start-up then visit JumpStart Web Design Tipperary. We are an Irish based Web Design Agency.

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