Ways To Make Money With Clickbank & Twitter

Clickbank is a great source of tens of thousands of digital products that can be sold online for getting nice commissions per sale. And Twitter is an excellent and popular field for marketing products or services online. Since Twitter and Clickbank go hand by hand, making use of these 2 services and reaching the prefect balance could help you in succeeding your online business.

You just don’t want a couple of accidental sales and clicks, you are looking for the real long term residual income from your marketing efforts. You have an opportunity to pick products and services from hundreds of niches and categories. In the end, is all about how you promote the products and are able to stand out from your competitors in the same niche you are.

By tweeting you are reaching all your followers who can be your potential customers if you learn how to promote the right way. How well you can tweet will determined how successful your online business will be. The one thing I do not recommend is to simply post updates that are only designed to sell, make your tweets look natural like you are recommending something extraordinary and you will not look like your spamming your account.

Keep the 80/20 ratio as good as possible. That is, you should post sales tweets not more than 20 times out of 100. The remaining 80 tweets must be conversations with your followers, reply, shout-outs and sharing useful resources indeed. Also, your sales tweets must redirect the visitors or customers to a detailed blog post or useful reviews rather than to direct check-out pages, “Buy Now” buttons or online carts.

The more trust and the more you engage with your followers, the easily it can for one of your followers to be a potential buyer or even a long term customer. This is important because selling digital products online is way different to physical products. Sometimes having followers from a single niche can double your conversions even more, remember if you want to make money with clickbank and twitter don’t sell, just recommend.

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