Unique Article Wizard Can Improve Your Online Business

Unique Article Wizard is a service that lets you submit thousands of unique content to different article directories and blog sites. On the average, one submission can reach up to 19,000 directories daily. In more simple terms, UAW makes your job easier by taking your articles to where they should be. This time could be spent on something more productive like handling your online business.

The most practical advantage of UAW over manual submission is that it lets you make more submissions in less time. Writing articles can be very time-consuming. Rewriting them is even more tiring. Imagine having a service that does all the work for you. Of course, there would still be some manual work required. Nevertheless, using UAW is still much better and more manageable than manually submitting articles.

Aside from being easy and simple, Unique Article Wizard offers exceptional service. It is regarded as one of the most reputable marketing tools in the industry. Up to this day, this type of service lives up to its name and guarantees unbeatable results. This makes it the most preferred choice among internet marketers.

Unique Article Wizard guarantees to get thousands of back links in a few, quick steps. By just submitting one or two articles, you get thousands of assorted back links in less than a month.

You can enjoy the benefits of Unique Article Wizard by installing plugins in your current system. Plugins are additional components that let you add more features to your software. UAW plugins, for instance, let you receive unique articles. This plugin is entirely customizable. You can choose to receive just the articles that are relevant to your site by using keywords and filters.

Plugins also gives you the option to receive additional embedded files such as audio, video and images. Having multimedia content is a great way to draw visitors to your site. Bandwidth will not be an issue since these audios and videos are not hosting on your website. You can also double your profit by using the plugin to attach your affiliate code when submitting articles.

Unique Article Wizard plugins are available for major systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Article Beach, ArticleMS and Drupal. They are continuously developing plugins for other systems that are not on the list. There is also an option to receive unique articles by mail or to have them directly posted on your Blogspot blog.

Unique Article Wizard makes it easier to earn more profit through its affiliate program. This program lets its members earn as much as 40 percent in commissions. This is one benefit that cannot be offered by other service providers. There is no extra effort required, as each submission you make instantly promotes your affiliate link. Conversion ranges can go as high as 5 percent.

UAW is an article submission service that lets you submit hundreds of unique articles to several directories and blogs on complete autopilot. To purchase UAW visit Unique Article Wizard.

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