Twitter is Worried About More than Effective Marketing and Social Media

Twitter is a powerful marketing and social media company that has swept the Internet with tweets and hash tags. There are over a 100 million active Twitter accounts, ranging from people’s personal accounts to brands to a marketing firm using handles for its clients. However, they’ve attracted some negative attention from this, mostly from hackers with immoral intentions. In order to avoid the fate of such scandals as the PlayStation Network hacking, Twitter has begun the search for security firms to help protect them from malware and hackers.

As Twitter continues to expand its ad services for brands and marketing firms, it’s aware that it also needs to improve its security. As a result, the company has requisitioned two major security firms: Whisper Securities was purchased last year and Dansient just last month. Whisper Securities specializes in mobile security, which is essential since more users are using the Twitter app on their smart phones. Dansient focuses on online marketing, using advanced software to detect fake accounts and bad links that are promoted throughout the website.

But what exactly is Twitter doing with their ad marketing program that they want all of this extra security? Since they began using promotions for products and trends, Twitter has been branching more into advertising for their various users. Currently, they are working on a self-serving ad program where private accounts can launch their own ad programs without using a marketing firm sales representative. It’s still not available for public use yet, but is being used by certain advertisers for development purposes. Cutting out the middleman will be great for marketing firms and brands alike, but with this growth in online promotion comes a spike in online scams and hacking that has occurred.

Other than the typical fake accounts and scams that are spreading across the marketing and social media world, there have been some major concerns about high Twitter profile accounts being hacked. In the musical world, Lady Gaga probably has one of the most visited accounts. Last month, she announced that her account had been hacked into and compromised. Various politicians, Senators, and even the President have had hacking incidents with their accounts. And even more bothersome was the scandal from last month, where a fake Twitter account for Wendi Deng was verified by Twitter, raising concerns that not enough is done to validate the authenticity of handles used on the website.

Ultimately, Twitter is doing the right thing to stop hacking and malware scams. But Twitter can only do what it can. Individual users need to be proactive too. If you see a spam handle, block and report them. If tweets start popping up with suspicious links attached to them, suspect malware and let the account holder know that they might have been hacked. Taking a stand against hackers will make Twitter’s job easier.

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