Twitter For Business: Commerce At 140 Characters A Second

The whole world is chatting about how to use Facebook for their companies, but the buzz has died down a bit about how to utilize Twitter for business; now there is quiet when once the world was atwitter about Twitter (and, yes, I do loathe myself for making a pun of such epic proportions; I should truly be pun-ished). With all that past us, Twitter truly is a wonderful way to use social media for business, and it is particularly great to working with bloggers, monitoring the conversation, alerting consumers, and for public relations. In fact, Twitter PR is in a special place in my heart.

Twitter is a wonderful way to keep in touch with other bloggers and media groups. There is also a great chance that if you follow someone, they will follow you back. This is more likely to occur in the professional world as persons are using Twitter to network and learn. It is a direct connection to someone without calling or emailing them.

You can also figure out Twitter as a way to observe discussion about your company and brand on social media. You can work out the keyword search function and search for your brand name to see what persons have been tweeting. Twitter is a huge reason why social media presence can be a key tool to recognize feedback from customers.

Twitter is a great way to alert consumers about specials, deals, or sales. This will provide a direct update to an audience that already has interest in your brand. The best component is that it is a free place to promote your company! Just be sure that promotion isn’t all you are doing or folk will lose their interest and Unfollow you.

Twitter can also be used as a PR tool to promote blog articles, webinars, relevant news, or anything on the web that your company wants to share. information can be shared by through Twitter PR are best kept as short titles along with a link to another page. It is a fantastic way to share any good PR that you might find and share with clientele who otherwise wouldn’t have read the news.

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