Tips For Using Twitter For Business

So, you run your own company and you would like to dive into the thrilling world of Twitter PR. This is good, but if you really want to be the best at using Twitter for business in addition to a marketing firm then you really need to get the best ways that you can grow your follower base. Here are some simple tips to grow your follower list.

Before you do anything with Twitter, fill out your bio and make it pop. A massive follower list doesn’t mean much if they don’t know what yourbusiness is all about! Your bio is just about the only place you have to tell persons who you are in your own words. In addition, please keep in mind that your bio will sometimes be featured on Twitter’s Suggested Users page. If you can’t grab people then, how can expect persons to add you?

Now that’s settle and on to the meat of matter. To begin, explain to your follower list what retweeting is and tell them why it’s great for them to retweet your links. Retweeting pushes your @username into foreign social graphs, causing people who you wouldn’t have otherwise met clicking on your profile. Make sure that you track your retweets using a computer program, of which there are tons.

Put links to your Twitter profile every single place that you are capable of: do it on your website, in your email, on Facebook, on blogs, anywhere that people could see you.

Make smart use of the hash tag (#). This is why twitter users can search for tweets about a certain topic. If you have a deal, write #deal into your tweet. Don’t just use hash tags though; people want to see actual in every post.

And, most important of all, follow the top twitter users and observe what they tweet. Observe what they tweet. Send them messages. If you fully join in the conversation, then you can’t go wrong.

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