The Potential of the Scooby Doo Gang as an Online Marketing Firm!

Who can refuse the hilarious antics of Scooby Doo and the gang while they try to solve the latest mystery? I know I cannot. I have always enjoyed watching episodes of Scooby Doo on the television in real time. Ugh,Um, there was no such thing as a VCR or DVD recorder when I was growing up, really! The decision to implement this group as an online marketing firm is a bit unusual but an intriguing one for web marketing applications. Scooby Doo and the gang would make an excellent choice to unravel the mystery of a successful web marketing campaign with an industry focus on sales.

First of all, they have name recognition in social media circles which is a obvious plus in web marketing! Secondly, each member of the gang contributes certain skills that complement the others in their quest to solve each mystery. In a universal decision, Zelma would undoubtedly be appointed as the brains of the outfit. She has always been the bookworm of the group and quick to grasp the mysterious workings behind every sort of technological gadget she came across. Not only is she is able to grasp the intricate concepts behind each technology but she can also explain it in layman’s terms. Hooray!

Without question, Fred would assume the role of manager in the group. He is the most athletic and can effortlessly translate those team building skills in a business setting. He would first size up the competition and figure out what type of sales pitch made the most impact on sales. He would use both Shaggy and Scooby Doo as scouts as they grasp the lay of the land of the industry. They would be doing the actual legwork and finding clues about how the competition operates and how successful they are. Of course, he would keep track of their progress via GPS on their smart phones. We all know how easily distracted these two can be, especially when it comes to food. Needless to say, the incentive for both Shaggy and Scooby would be the reward of some delectable morsel of food such as Scooby snacks.

Daphne, on the other hand would use her gift of gab specifically on social networks in order to promote product sales. Her prima donna persona would draw her to those women who demand instant gratification as well as quality in product selection. Her sex appeal would entice men and have them clamoring over each other in their haste to open their wallets and purchase whatever it is that she is selling. Without a doubt, sex appeal has been known to drive men to patronize such establishments such as “Hooters” to the chagrin of both wives and girlfriends.

The Scooby gang uses an outside the box technique in solving all their mysteries. This method has never steered them wrong and should exact the same level of success in unraveling the intricacies of online marketing success. What team is better equipped that the Scooby gang to crack the mysteries of the internet. They have an ingrained track record of success. So rest assured that with this group you got your sales campaign covered. Just make sure your cupboards are filled with Scooby snacks. Zoinks! Please pass those Scooby Snacks! Roooooby-Rooby-Roo!

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