The Importance of your Domain Name for Web Marketing

I take for granted that you run your own site. Otherwise, why would you be reading this article? Probably you have had the same domain name for a long time. But, also, are you hoping to perform some nature of online marketing, specifically, search engine marketing? If you run your own webpage you really should know everything there is to know about web marketing. With that past us, do you understand just how critical your domain name is your search engine marketing.

For those of us who are in the dark about web marketing, let’s take a few seconds to explain what it is. Search engine marketing refers to getting your website to be placed first in search engine results. By that I mean, if you want your corporation’s webpage to be number one on Google you’re going to need to do search engine marketing.

Now the search engines have a broad range of components by which they choose which websites should be number one in their results. Google says that have roughly 200 parameters that they use to order their results. Some of these are easy to grasp, such as the content on your webpage, whereas some are harder, like how many people are linking to you or how popular you are on social media. And, some of them are downright arcane, such as your linking structure.

Of all of these components of online marketing, one of the most critical is what words are in your domain name. This is not to imply that you can’t rank first for a keyword that is not in your domain name; the first result for “online videos” is, which clearly does not have it. However, you can clearly understand just how crucial having your keywords in your domain is by doing a search for “music;” Pandora, which is certainly the largest source of online music is second to, a second rate site that is significantly less popular.

So, what should be done if you have a domain name that doesn’t include your keywords? Well, if your website is new enough, you may want to change it. However, for the majority of people, we have websites which have been here for years, so changing it just isn’t an option. In that case, you should add new pages to your website which DOES include your keywords in the URL; so, if you want to rank for Poodles and you operate, you should create a page with the URL “” in order to get the benefit. It really is that simple.

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