The Giants Dont Need Online Marketing Or Social Media Management, They Have Eli Manning!

The world of Football has been turned upside down and inside out! The New York Football Giants are headed once again to the Superbowl to do battle with a new arch nemesis, the New England Patriots! With this post season being a huge accomplishment for big blue, their social media management and online marketing have been thru the roof in a crusade for the coveted Lombardi Trophy!

Bring the Lombardi Trophy home boys, New York is where it belongs! With this extremely well managed post season behind us, and Eli taking a trip to big brothers home city, Indianapolis, to combat non other than Tom Brady, Peyton’s arch nemesis as well. Since 2001, it’s been Peyton chiefly who’s had the numbers, but it’s been Brady who’s won the rings and beaten Peyton at his own game. The thing is, this season, Peyton has been out and a big spot light and question mark hung over Eli Manning’s head.

Man oh man has little brother proven to the world that big brothers shadow is silly. The Giants season had rested completely upon his shoulders, with all of the injuries that had plagued both the offense and defense, Eli Manning stood like a beacon of hope in the eyes of both players, and fans alike, and he stood tall and true. With the help of wide receivers and tight ends such as Victor Cruz (an Instant fan favorite, especially with his copyrighted Salsa dance) Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Bear Pascoe, Jake Ballard, and Travis Beckum, and the return of Ahmad Bradshaw, and Brandon Jacobs doing what he does best, it’s really no surprise.

There are still noted Giants injuries headed into the Superbowl, for instance defensive backs Terrell Thomas, and Justin Tryon, two important starters that have been out all season. Jonathan Goff has also been out all season, as well as Clint Sintim at line backer. As well the loss of tackle Will Beaty has been hard to swallow, but David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie have done a great job so far at protecting their Quarterback Eli Manning. As well another issue is concerning center David Baas, and his injury concerns and whether or not guard Kevin Boothe will be able to take his place if needed during the Superbowl.

Adore them, or loath them, the New York Football Giants have done what no other team that has been this injured has been able to do. Win their division at 9-7, go on a success streak, beat teams like the Atlanta Falcons, Green bay Packers, and San Francisco 49ers to make it to the rematch of the century in Superbowl 46. This season has rested on the shoulders of Eli Manning, and astonishing Giants coach Tom Coughlin, and both have come thru for Big Blue in the end to get us to a place that only one other 9-7 team has been able to do. Here comes the Superbowl!

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