The Excellent Micro Niche Internet site Business Model

The other day I began considering about my online companies along with the distinct designs I would like to explore. Around about the middle of this year I dived into niche websites. I had a straightforward aim; to construct a hundred Adsense internet sites, then 50 CPA sites and yet another 50 Affiliate marketing internet sites.

I’m an Search engine optimisation guy so I knew that I could develop micro niche internet sites and drive traffic to them. As I can get traffic to just about any site, so long as you can find keywords and phrases to rank for…

Right after placing together a game strategy, I set off on my initial voyage to build a $100+/day Adsense earnings. The program was to get 100 sites creating $1/day each. Targeting $1+ CPC key phrases that all get 3000+ searches a month, I commenced. I figured I could rank every site’s home page for the one keyword and pull in a minimum of 40 visitors a day. Having a 5%-10% click via rate, that’s 2-4 clicks each day on the Adsense advertisements and at the very least $1.

I started out building 2-10 page websites based on the number of lower competitors key phrases in each and every niche. Right after 3 months I was carrying out $50/day and right after 5 I was undertaking a minimum of $80/day. Trying to keep in mind I only had 1 virtual assistant along with a couple of hours daily, I was content. So my plan worked well, nevertheless it had a couple of holes…

…Each website looked awful and the quality of the content material was horrendous. Remarkably $3/hour Indian writers do not know significantly about car insurance. That was my principal flaw, awful content material. I was spending pennies for the internet site material just for your sake of obtaining special material. I was also throwing numerous crappy backlinks at my brand new web sites.

Perhaps I was being ignorant or plain stupid. All I knew was the ROI I was getting on my investment was insane. Given that then, a couple of points have drastically altered in the sector of search engine marketing. Items didn’t quite pan out how I hoped, all because of Google Panda. Yep – I had a run in with that fucking bear….

Yeah – a number of my buddies gave me a “told you so”, but I nevertheless think what I was doing was fairly wise. As although Google says you’ll get banned for artificially developing also many hyperlinks or utilizing terrible subject material, it’s not exactly genuine. My sites all got hit on the Panda 2.five.2 update. The weird point is every other Panda update boosted my rankings. Yet still… I’ve close friends who use 100% duplicate material on their web sites and they are nonetheless dominating. Anyway, let’s say I learnt my lesson. I’ve to rebuild my niche web site empire and it is going to take a few months ahead of I’m back in profit.

So here is my new niche website company model, the micro niche internet site version. This started off as a blog comment in response to someone’s post on Adsense Flippers, right after I spent an hour writing the comment; I figured it was too useful to offer away. So here can be a rock sound micro niche web site business model that could be adapted to your requirements:

Hey Justin, great revenue report, nice break down. I’m shocked that you are only making $10/month per site – very insane. I started out mid this year developing Adsense internet sites.

My program was to build 5 internet sites per week, have each web site target 1 major keyword with 3000 or far more searches a month as well as the keyword needed to be in the domain. I outsourced 5 ok/crappy posts per internet site every targeting associated key phrases with 500 or a lot more searches a month.

The websites went up….

Then I had an Senuke x campaign built to every single one, every single article spun and submitted through Distinctive Report Wizard, My Report Network & finally through Write-up Marketing Robot.

Soon after 3 months I was undertaking $80-100/day and now I’ve 60 of these sites. Given that panda two.5.two in October my traffic has dropped to about 200 UV’s daily TOTAL and $3-6/day. Any advice?

I am a little unsure on what niche internet site model to follow right now for Adsense. I’ve narrowed it down to two options.

Option 1. Micro Niche Web site Adsense Model

Order five new web sites a week from a service that finds an EMD of a keyword with 1000 or far more searches a month and $1 CPC or much more. They buy the domain, add 2 500 word articles, a theme and everything, also Search engine optimization settings get configured. They sell that for $25 – one of the cheapest services I’ve found. So I was thinking order those despite the fact the EMD keyword is only 1k searches or much more. (Could maybe negotiate it to 2k searches min)

Then outsource 3 500 word articles targeting three other search phrases with 500 or more searches per month. That is a total of $31 in cost and I’m targeting 6 search phrases using a total of 3500 combined searches/month. That is if the key phrases get the bare minimal number of searches (1000 for your home page and five report pages targeting 500 searches/month search phrases). I will outsource the home page material – so that is 1 article for the home and five for the report pages.

I then have one of my VA’s spin every of the articles and submit them via the 2 weblog networks and report marketing robot dripping backlinks to all pages. I have my other VA create Senuke campaigns to every page twice (he does 10 daily). I then have my other VA create 8 build my rank snippets to each and every page over one week. He does 50 snippets each day for $300/month. That’s 8 Develop My Rank hyperlinks going to each page on every internet site for a week, 50 BMR back links for every internet site, 8 odd links per page, each internet site has 6 pages.

I would have 20 new 6 page internet sites per month with a great amount of high good quality links considering the very low competition. Questions for this model:

Would 6 pages A single TIME and also the A single TIME link developing be enough to sustain the model?

How significantly money do I need to set aside for further content and link developing for each and every website per year? What’s a good amount of content/links to build per site soon after the initial hyperlinks.

So that is my entire micro niche site enterprise model within a nutshell. I was staying super conservative! Generating $18/month per website is nothing. I’ve this one particular five page internet site that’s had less promotion and miraculously brings in $500-$600/month in Adsense revenue. What I wanted to do was show everyone how lucrative niche Adsense web sites were and still are. Utilizing the above model you barely should do any work, it just takes the initial investment for your team, web sites and tools.

Once you have those you will be adding over $4000/year to your earnings each and every month on autopilot. Producing $0.60/day per web site is so basic and may be done with almost zero link constructing. With that team of 3 I am confident I can create web sites that do $3/day easily. The thing is you really don’t actually need the team of three. You can do most of it yourself and nonetheless grow your passive income like this:

When I commenced with niche sites, I invested about $100/week for five domains and some material. I did all with the Seo myself and despite the fact that I was dead lazy with it… I even now managed to construct a passive earnings of over $35,000/year within a couple of months. The funny issue is I only spent a few hours per day performing it and I’m just 16 years old.

I originally started out constructing niche sites when I was 14, so I do have experience with them. BUT – it’s not rocket science and unless my brain functions within a completely various way to yours, I’m sure you and any other people could do it. Here’s the big news:

I am releasing a micro niche internet site blueprint where I reveal step by step how to construct these little internet sites. I’m going to teach the model that’s totally safe to use post panda to construct a full time revenue around the side in your spare time with niche Adsense sites. What’s so fantastic about this model is that you will find so a lot of options. Niche websites are like chameleons, they can swiftly adapt to new environments.

If Google changes something in its algorithm then you could change with it. They are also assets, in fact I was offered $5000 for my three month old niche internet site that had 30 pages. What took me an afternoon and $50 to create was obviously valued at five cool G’s just three months later.

To learn more about micro niche sites, please checkout our blog or see our easy ways to make money online website.

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