The Benefits Of Doing Business With The Colon Free Zone

For small and medium businesses in Latin America that are unable to buy large quantities from suppliers in Asia, Europe, United States and Latin America, then buying in a Tax Free Zone is the key solution to their daily sourcing needs by helping to :

* Find a wide variety of goods and services available in one place. International brands and factories are all present in free zones. Containers are shipped to these free zones and then dispatched by local distributors to clients in Latin America.

* Limits travel time and expenses. This is especially good for buyers in Latin America as they experience great difficulty in obtaining travel visas to countries outside of Latin America therefore making it hard for them to buy foreign goods.

*Buy more efficiently as they can easily compare prices and better negotiate the final product value. This saves a lot of money at the end of the process.

* Consolidate multiple orders from different suppliers in one shipment thanks to the logistics services available. This greatly reduces shipping and handling costs.

Expanding sales in new markets

If you want to expand to new markets in Latin America and the Caribbean, trading with tax free zones should definitely be considered.

Distributors, agents and wholesalers located in Latin America and Caribbean free Zones can make their distribution network and logistic support available to your Company.

This solution helps your company to:

*Get quick access to a large market in a small period of time

*Lower initial investments by decreasing expensive market analysis and sale force expenses

*Benefit from established warehousing and logistics facilities

*Do business with established companies that have a strong reputation in the region as well as solid distribution channels

*Receive a faster return on investment in less time

All of the things mentioned above saves companies a lot of time and allows them to work more efficiently

Ariel Dess specializes in assisting companies successfully import and export with Latin America. To access to his valuable resources, tips and links, click here b2b leads. Also published at The Benefits Of Doing Business With The Colon Free Zone.

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