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Make Money While You Drive

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

According to a recent survey, the average person spends over two and a half an hours in the car every single day. Other sources claim that number is more like 2 hours. Regardless, that’s a lot of unproductive time sitting around doing nothing. Rather then use that time to stress out at the bad driver in front of you and giving him the power to ruin your day, take your power back, and find something productive to do… like write articles!

No, I’m not advising you get a pen and a paper and start writing. Doing so, or having a laptop while you drive that would be irresponsible. What I am advising is that you find yourself a clear high quality audio recorder that you can set up hands free so you can keep your hands on the wheel. Then, you are able to record yourself speaking out the articles. The way this will work is that you will then take your recording home with you, and then you will play it back to your computer. If you have a software program that converts audio to text and it is installed, you can use it to record your voice. In this case, you will actually speak aloud to the recording, but once you run the software you will not be speaking, but instead just playing back your recording.

Recording your voice in the car is a great way to be very productive. Maybe you’re still stuck in your job making $10 an hour. But in reality if you’re going to and from work, that’s another couple of hours driving that you’re not getting paid for, and maybe half an hour at lunch. What if you were going to take that time and record articles? If you are good, you can probably easily speak out at least 3 articles, if not more like 6 in an hour, maybe more. The key is to not rush through it, so your voice recognition software can pick it up.

You also will want to create a separate profile for your recordings of yourself, and for you directly, as the sound quality will not be the same. It’s best to find a recording device with a pause button in case your software screws up, and a rewind button in case you need to replay something. But even if it misses something, you can go back and correct it later…

Now to increase productivity, you can play your audio in one room, while you type on a computer or laptop in the other room. Now if you can write 4 articles an hour for 2.5 hours, that’s 10 extra articles a day. At $3 per article, that’s an extra $30 a day, or $900 a month.

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