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WordPress CMS Niche Site For Your Hobby

Monday, April 9th, 2012

Have you discovered the ability of WordPress to be used as a great content management tool for websites? Yes many now use this open source (free) software as the foundation of their niche websites. WordPress has such flexibility due to the constant development of new plug-ins and widgets. These can extend it’s functions beyond a simple blogging tool that can make your niche site into a virtual goldmine.

A good example of a successful WordPress blogger would be Johns Wu. Mr Wu started his blog in 2006 and in 2008 he sold it to BankRate in a deal that totaled $15 million dollars. Now that is a story worth Googling and enjoying.

Can you think of a job that will allow retirement within two years with a fifteen million dollar profit in the bank? Sure the odds of this happening is about the same as winning the lottery. But at least it is possible when your working for yourself and making a comfortable living is not far fetched at all. Everyone should be encouraged to start a niche site based on your hobbies or even your wildest dreams that inspire you.

If you do proper keyword research, you will find a lot of excellent keyword-rich niches that have a good amount of searches. With that knowledge you can then set up your WordPress-driven site using a popular keyword phrase as your domain name and then you can fill it with quality content.

You’ll learn to drive traffic to it by consistently updating the content and building backlinks to it. Good quality content plus traffic generation equals success. And success will generate interest which in turn will attract buyers.

When building your WordPress website it should be done from your intense passion for your niche subject. If you build it for the sole purpose to sell it for profit it may never sell. So now you just won’t know if it will sell someday

This intense interest is what will make you stand out from your competitors and make your blog profitable. This being said, if you do get a once in a lifetime offer, it may just take every penny of a few million to make you part with it!


Consider a WordPress niche site to promote your cause first as a hobby. You can set it up within hours, afterwards you add new relevant new content to it everyday. You can learn to automate it for both adding your content and creating backlinks to it.

Whether a newsworthy payday or new money making hobby is in your future, the decision is yours TODAY

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What Every Blogger Should Understand About WordPress SEO

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

It takes only a few minutes to Install WordPress and start posting on it; but when it comes down to traffic, SEO should be your main focus. Search engines do like WordPress sites quite a bit but if you aren’t doing a little on-page optimization they won’t even know you’re there.

Using a Google sitemap will get your site the attention from Google that you definitely want it to have. Google Sitemap isn’t difficult at all to add to your blog with WordPress. The fact is, Google wants you to guide its spiders through the pages on your site; they like when you give them a neat map where the links to all the pages on the site are laid out. This allows the search engines to have a shorter version of the volumes of information on your site. Your WordPress site can have sitemaps up and running in no time if you use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. This plugin does all the heavy lifting for you – including an automatic update whenever you add a new page to your site. The SEO benefits of Sitemaps are amazing and worth every minute you spend working on it and more – don’t miss out!

Enable Trackbacks: Enabling trackbacks will allow you to see how many other blogs have linked to your blog. If you find that trackbacks is disabled on your WordPress, make sure you enable it because it encourages others to link to your blog and gets you quality backlinks from other relevant blogs. Since getting backlinks is such an important component of SEO, it is critical that you obtain as many relevant links as possible and the simplest way to get these links is via trackbacks.

Customize Slugs for Each Post: When you’re writing a post for your WordPress site, you’ll find a field called Slug that is located just below the title of the your post, which is what determines the address of the article you’re posting. It’s important that you use the keyword for your page throughout the entire page including the meta description, the page title, and the article content. WordPress goes out of its way to make the entire SEO process easy but you cannot ignore the importance of keywords and keyword placement as part of the SEO process.

In conclusion, if you have a WordPress blog, then it is optimized better for SEO. Now, you should focus on using this power to your advantage.

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Blogging In 3 Simple Steps

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Starting your own blog has many benefits. Whether you have your own blog already or are considering launching one today, you’ll find that blogging has many benefits. Not to mention that starting your own blog is now easier than ever with the help of blogging websites and tools. Once your blog is up and running, it can serve many roles from expressing your views to generating revenue.

It’s easy to find a number of no cost resources that are available for starting your own blog. The most popular blogging engine is WordPress followed by Blogger. These sites allow you to start your own blog for free quickly and easily. All you need to do is register, choose a name for your blog, select a template and start posting – it’s that simple.

Some bloggers post comments to their blog each and every day and others post once a week. Regardless of how frequently you post to your blog, content can be focused on a specific theme or random topics. The most popular blogs focus on a specific niche and provide valuable information, content, and commentary that encourage interaction with visitors to your blog.

Begin by registering with a blog website. This takes only a few minutes and very easy to do. Choose a free blog site and consider what type of blog you want to produce. Ask yourself what your blog is going to be about. What will be the theme of your blog? What topic do you want to cover on a regular basis?

How will you make money with your newly created blog? There are a number of ways to earn income from your blogging. Some of the most popular include pay-per-post, ad revenue, and text link ads. There are a number of companies that you can register with that will find vendors who will pay you for a specific post about their product or service. Most advertising templates allow for Google Ads to be displayed as well as links to be posted for a fee, earning your revenue while you sleep.

I have already had a great deal of success making money with my websites and blogs. One of the fastest ways to start generating revenue is by creating a link list and requiring advertisers to pay for their link to be included. Start by creating a section on your site of ‘recommended links’. In this area you will also place a link to how to add your link. This should be a link to a specific blog post or website page that tells users how they can advertise on their blog. I personally use a link listing service to take care of this for me. However you could perform this manually through Paypal.

Many people monetize their blogs by using pay per post type programs. These networks bring together bloggers and businesses who want to reach an audience through their . Essentially, advertisers search for bloggers who are willing to write a post to promote their product and services or brand. You can sign up for one of these networks quite easily and be contacted when advertisers feel that your blog would be ideal for distributing a message. You write a blog post and get paid for doing so.

One thing to keep in mind is that the success of you blog is based on a number of factors. I believe that having a targeted blog that offers original content is ideal. You will build a large following. This is essential because most of ways you can monetize your blog is dependent upon having enough traffic to make your blog appealing to advertisers as well as blog readers.

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Website Landing pages – Best Practices

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

A website landing page is an important page. A good landing page will entice the visitor to buy; a below-average page will turn him off. The main intention of the landing page is to convert visitors to buyers, and so, it must be crisply made, by following these field-tested best practices:

1. The message on the landing page must be the same as the message used in the advertisement or promotion. The visitor must get the feeling that the page is the logical extension of the advertisement he has just clicked on.

2. Though the landing page must be simple, it must hook the visitor. To know how ecommerce pages can hook any visitor, see an Amazon page. Amazon pages employ visuals, copy, ratings, reviews and more to hook a visitor, with each element being strategically placed. Now matter how the page is designed, it must be simple and easy to understand, and navigate.

3. The headline used must match the headline used in the advertisement. Important keywords must be weaved into the headline if the headline doesn’t have them already.

4. The page must not be cluttered. Different page elements must be organized and placed in such a manner that the layout has enough relief (white) space. Important messages must make for easy reading.

5. The copy must explain the benefits of the product or service to the visitor. The copy must be written in a “You” tone, and not in a “we” or third person tone. The visitor must quickly understand how the product can help him save time and money or enhance his knowledge (in case of lead marketing). Each benefit must be written in a separate bullet point.

6. The buying area including the button should be easily noticeable. Amazon has dedicated a whole column for helping buyers (Buy, Add to Wishlist, etc.). has dedicated a column too, and it throws in a huge orange-colored button that no one can miss. These are successful sites who know how the game is played. Don’t ever make buttons that are small or unnoticeable.

7. How does your landing page convey a sense of trust and security? Get a SSL certificate if you haven’t already and place trust and security guarantee icons at strategic places so that the visitor is assured he is visiting a safe site.

8. Your copy must not sound desperate or contain loads of sales jargon. It should not sound like a salesman. The copy must give the feeling that the product will help the customer do his work and thereby save time, money and headaches, or increase his knowledge, in a subtle manner.

Even though these best practices are well-known, people seldom follow these. The result is a website landing page that can turn off visitors. Website owners must realize that they have paid for and released an advertisement because they want to see new customers walking in. And, if they want new customers, they must serve up their website landing pages right.

Next, if you wish to create professional landing pages, read this Premise for WordPress article or discover how to WordPress landing page templates.

WordPress Is A Programming Platform Start Creating Your Own Website

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Building a web site is easy when you use WordPress as its foundation, and there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who could tell you the same thing. The software was originally designed as a blog management system, but its wealth of applications were found to be useful for a variety of different tasks that will make your web site special.

Bloggers love it. It’s super easy to create a blog using WordPress. It began as blog software and users were delighted to find they could start posting their blog entries quickly and easily and they would be formatted properly.

When it comes to social features, WordPress is a great way to start your own social networking site like Facebook or MySpace. It allows you to build your own community. Users can upload photos, graphics and videos. It can also be used to chat.

You may want to build your social network site around a specific area. For instance, try taking using a hobby of yours to build your site around. It will likely attract people with the same interest.

Another great feature of WordPress is that it allows you to run your own auction site. It has a plug-in that turns blogging software into a fully functional auction. Sellers can list items for sale and buyers can make bids. When operational, the site hardly resembles a blog anymore.

It is also very easy to install and is used by large and small businesses to create web sites to sell their products and services.

It also allows users to create regular pages instead of blog posts, so it can be used to create a web site from start to finish, quickly and easily. Users aren’t required to have knowledge of HTML coding or programming.

Probably the best thing about WordPress is that users don’t have to limit themselves. They can make their web sites as limited or elaborate as they choose, WordPress has so many functions; it will likely be able to accommodate any request.

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Autoblogging Plugin – AutoPress Plugin Review

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

You may have heard the expression autoblogging before. What autoblogging basically means is a way of creating content for your blog without having to do it manually You can take advantage of content that is already on the internet and republish it on your own site. This means that you havea blog that has a constant flow of information without the headache of creating it yourself.

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform you will know already that there are a number of ways that you can generate content for your blog on auto pilot. You can use rss feeds from syndicated content, you can mash those feeds together for more unique content, you can use content fed from article directories and blog networks as well.

Most free plugins are limited in their functionality and don’t allow users to monetize the content that they are republishing. Of course, you could add monetization methods by hand but that would be a slow process and defeat the purpose of an autoblog. The premium plugins generally provide for monetization methods to be incorpoated in the content from the major affiliate networks.

The problem is that most of the plugins available do not produce a truly unique blog because they are all feeding the same sort of content. In order to get a truly unique blog without leaving a footprint for the search engines you need to add your own unique.

A plugin has now been released which not only provides webmasters with content and monetization methods but also uniqueness. The plugin allows users to add unique content to each post that is automatically generated and the content can be spun using an article spinner.

A new plugin has now been released which has all the features of a great autoblogging plugin and more. Not only can you generate unique content for your blog but you can also make it unique by adding your own custom text (in spinnable form). The ability to add custom text to your auto generated content means that for every post you have the opportunity to insert your own keywords and call to action and originality.

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Why You Should Use WordPress Plug-ins

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Plug ins are basically used to expand the WordPress Blog application. There are a couple of plug ins which are included with WordPress Blog by default, but most of them need to be downloaded separately.

This is widely available all throughout the Internet, all you need to do is type in ‘WordPress Blog plug ins’, and voila, you’re spoiled for choice. There’s no shortage of these plug ins, what more with new ones popping up every day. Some plug ins are for fun, some to extend functionality, and some are just plain decorative. However, here are a few reasons why you should use WordPress Blog plug ins.

First of all, it’s completely free. You’re not going to have to pay a single cent, so why not take up this opportunity to enhance your site? You can download these Plug ins in a jiffy too. Plug ins are there, basically, to make your life a little bit easier. For instance, you can even download Plug ins to keep track of your grocery lists. Or, if you’re running a business, Plug ins can be employed to track expenses or record meetings.

Not only that, plug ins are simple to use and don’t require any technical knowledge, which is definitely a plus point for people who love using computers but aren’t that technically savvy. Novice users will definitely love this. It’s also easy to install, all you need to do is click on your mouse. Management is equally simple and user-friendly.

As a large number of the people who use WordPress Blog are bloggers, plug ins can be used to share reviews of movies, books, music, you name it. You can watch movies online with the proper plug-in in place. People can also comment with real-time comment plug ins, thus encouraging more people to come ‘hang out’ in your blog. You can use WordPress Blog plug ins to Twitter, Digg It and many more.

Google hits on WP Blog sites very often, thus creating more hits for your blog. These Plug ins can also be employed for search engine optimization activities. There are also a lot of great looking themes which you can use to make your website more attractive. You can put in songs to greet people when they land in your website, although some people actually do not like this. It really is a matter of preference, and how you wish your personality to come across.

Another reason why using WordPress Blog plug ins is a great idea is because there are a large number of people who use this software, hence increasing compatibility and ease of use. If there are any problems that you do face with the plug-in, there are dozens of WordPress Blog forums and chat boards for you to go to answer your query. There is also an ‘Open Source’ community, in which many people visit to look for answers to whatever issues they are having.

Therefore, what you should do now is go online and type in ‘WP Blog plug-in’ to augment that website of yours. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it’ll grab more people’s attention. What are you waiting for?

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Be Sure Not To Make These Common Keyword Winner SEO Mistakes

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

There’s a high learning curve for understanding search engine optimization, which is why many beginners find themselves struggling when they start. This article discusses some of the more common SEO mistakes so you can avoid them Insiders HQ Bonus.

Many SEO marketers focus their campaigns around the wrong keywords. The reason why it’s important to choose the right keywords is simple: people when looking for a certain topic, they’ll use a set of keywords. If you want to sell something to people who are training their dogs, target keywords relevant to the niche but also relevant to making a purchase. For a marketing campaign to sell an ebook on dog training, the best keywords would be “learn dog training.” Choosing incorrect keywords will mean that all of your hard work is for nought. Key to any search engine optimization campaign is a whole list of good keywords for your product and service, so you can get a lot more traffic to your site. While many people will tell you different ways to get a quality list of keywords, one of the easiest is to use Google’s powerful and simple Keywords tool. One perk to using one of these free keywords tools is that you get good results and don’t have to spend a penny. If you’re not satisfied with a free service, try paid keyword research services like Word Tracker for keyword lists more focused on exactly what you’re looking for. Last but not the least, make sure that you are absolutely sure about the keywords you target because in the end you don’t want to waste a lot of your time optimizing for the wrong keywords and wasting your efforts.

One serious SEO mistake to avoid at all costs is stealing other people’s content. If you put your name on someone else’s content, you could face legal problems as well as being penalized by the search engines. You are always better off keeping your content unique, as this is what the search engines prefer. Remember, they want to please their users, who don’t want to see the same content over and over again. You also have to be aware that the search engines use a duplicate content filter, which removes content that is identical to something already listed. What this is searching for, however, is duplicate content on a single site. It’s perfectly fine to republish content from sites that allow you to do so, provided that you don’t claim credit for it. The general idea is to be truthful and up front in your efforts.

Avoid the mistake of leaving the images on your site without ALT tags. Make sure all the images on your site have ALT tags, since search engines see them as important. The main reason for these tags is so that your visitors can know what an image is about before it has finished loading. However, it can help you with your search engine rankings. Be sure that you include keywords in your ALT tags that are acceptable for human use as well as search engine use Empire Formula.

These are some of the more common and serious SEO mistakes that people often make. It’s important not to fall into these errors if you want your SEO campaigns to succeed.

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Essential Keyword Winner SEO Tips That You Need To Remember

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

SEO is often a concept that new marketers will misinterpret. This article aims to clarify a few important points and give you simple tips to help you get started with SEO Insiders HQ.

As a beginner you should realize that SEO is an ongoing process that takes time and commitment. In order to beat the rush of ever changing search engine rules it is important to remember to optimize your site often. What works now and what doesn’t work anymore are key to maintaining your site’s ranking. Maintaining your site ranking is important to keep your site from dropping below the optimal ranking. Besides that, you’ll find that you’re facing strong competition from a number of other websites. You must cross the finish line to the top first and work hard to stay there. It’s not just about building more backlinks, but it’s also about updating your content and adding more relevant keywords. There is a lot you can do to increase your ranking, but when it comes to staying put in the same position, it takes commitment from your end. The good thing is, if you’re targeting long tail keywords that have less competition, your site can remain in the high position for a long time without you even touching it. You still must watch out for competitive markets, these will have alot of competition and you will find it necessary to keep analyzing your rankings to improve them every now and then. Quality over Quantity is an important rule to remember when working on your site’s SEO campaign, you want higher quality incoming links vs. alot of lower quality ones. High quality backlinks should include relevant content in order to be beneficial to your site’s rankings. So if you get your inbound links coming from irrelevant sites that are not related to your site’s content, then it’s going to do more harm than good. The search engines won’t like it because they only wanted related sites linking to each other, for the obvious reasons. You will see greater benefit if you avoid lower ranking linked sites and shoot straight for the highest ranking links available to you. Doing this will ensure your place among the top rated sites. Don’t act hastily and accept any link that comes your way, investigate before you act in order to get better rankings.

One aspect of search engine optimization that once played an essential role in a site’s ranking but is no longer as important are meta tags. This is because the search engines have gone mature now, they’ve changed. While in the past, your tags would have a large impact on your rank, now the content on your site is the main factor. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the keywords and description meta tags, since they are both important for effective SEO. When someone does a search, the listings that appear are based on the descriptions that site owners use, so you want these to be accurate and relevant.

Your description meta tag, then, should contain whatever you want people to see about your site. When it comes down to it, SEO is really about paying attention to all of these apparently little details. Be sure to use your main keywords in the keyword tag, so the search engines can relate your site to the right keywords. It’s also important that the search engines see that your content reflects your keyword meta tags, so use your main keywords in the main part of your site, such as the homepage Empire Formula.

As you can tell from this discussion, search engine optimization involves keeping track of a variety of factors, all of which add up to give you the results you want.

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SEO And PPC: Learn How To Effectively Use Them

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The online community is unquestionably a large marketplace place that you maynot ignore, remarkably if you have an internet business. There are thousands if not millions of consumers that you can tap in the internet.

At the same time, the internet also poses a quite diverse test. The easy access that internet supplys similarly gives you as much competition as you can imagine. It is too crowded and congested.

Having a website is not enough to make your business running and able to compete. You must take other alternatives to give way for the online community to access your website at any rate or chance feasible.

You have to expose your website. Make it known. It has to be visible. It has to be commonly targeted by consumers and surfers.

Invest in flea marketing your internet site. There’re basically 2 choices obtainable to you, the SEO and PPC. These two are probably the most desirable choices you can get for your internet business as strategy for search engine flea marketing.

1. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Some researches indicate that 60% – 70% of internet surfers and utilizers in fact resort to utilising the Google search engine to find and locate web sites and pages, for any topic they desire. SEO is the process taken to make sure that the internet utilizes will find your website when ranked among the top results of a search. This way you may make sure that you will be visible and can clearly stand out from the rest.

To get a search engine optimization, you’ll have to build on your own internet site predominantly hit internet links to web site pages. The process will involve IBLN or Independent Back-Linking Network, wherein hundreds or even thousands of pages will be utilized to promote a particular website of a client.

In SEO, there’s no need for you to pay for the clicks though it will require you to expend time doing research to get a favorable combination of ads and target audience. The SEO process is a long term one. It requires months, 6 months at the least, before the proper outcome is fully accomplishd, but once the goal is accomplished, you’ll unquestionably get a steady source of profit.

2. PPC

PPC means Pay Per Click. It gives way advertising on a search engine. These are sponsored listings that you see whenever you make a search. There will be a charge whenever a visitor or web surfer clicks on any of your ads. There will first be a bidding process. The highest bidder for the cost per click will surely get the chance to be first listed in the search engine.

With this kind of advertising, you may still basically control your campaign as you get to create your own ad. You will similarly manage the target audience and still stay within the bounds of your budget. Most of the providers of PPC advertising will allow you to specify the target shop , either by topic, industry or geographical location. You can likewise very well check if your ad gets to be shown at all and if it is competitive with the rest.

There’re a good number of guaranteed profits when you get to maximize the PPC strategy.

? PPC lets you advertise to the whole of the online community. It’s likewise relatively simple to set up.

? At first glance, PPC advertising may seem very costly. Could it possibly happen that someone out there will go on clicking on your ad? This’ll surely give you a large bill without the expected profit on your part. If this bestows a lot of worries, be rest assured that there’s a protection for you. Ne2rks are able to recognize fraudulent clicks.

? You may similarly set a budget for a sure period. The moment your budget has been utilised up by the target number of clicks, your ads will no longer be displayed until the next period you wish it again displayed.

? You will similarly be able to adjust well to transforms in demands and trends.

In deciding which of the 2 strategies will work right for you, think of your goals and of your resources. They unquestionably offer benefits and advantages that will work for your good. The excellent way to approach this 2 is to evaluate according to your short term and long term plans. Take the PPC course for your short term goals and pick SEO if you have long term ones.

There world is out there for you now. Just ensure you do what will work best for your entrepreneurial endeavors and visions. The secret to success lies in your hands. Just study your choices well and youll get exactly what you want.

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