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Use Back Links To Increase Website SEO

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

SEO is short for search engine optimization. This is very important for your internet business success. Try searching the term puppy training with your favorite search engine and you will find that there are more than one hundred million search results for this term.

So how does the website owner that appears on the first page get his or her site to be ranked number one? This is what search engine optimization is about; it is the skill and science of having the search engines rank your site so that it appears ahead of all the competition. Some refer to search engine optimization as making a website search engine friendly.

One of the criteria search engines look at is the number of back links. The more back links your website has, the more search engine friendly you site will be. Back links are live links that point back to your website that are on other websites.

The more links back to your site, the higher your site will be ranked. The back link is simply a ling on another website that back links to your site. The search engines view back links as evidence of a websites importance. If other websites are back linking to your site, then your site must be providing valuable information.

The reason must be because your site has valuable information relating to your target market. The search engines have one purpose and that is to help people find the best and most relevant information according to their search term.

One way to increase your back links is to simply contact other website owners in your target market and ask them to add a link from their site to yours. If they ask you to add a link on your site to their site, you should do this. It will take time to build your links, but you will be glad you did when you see your site listed on the top of the search results.

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The Importance Of Creating A New Website Using Great SEO Web Design

Friday, April 9th, 2010

When you need to get your website on the map these days, it takes more than simply building a great site. Your website does not have to be stunningly beautiful to be efficacious in earning – in reality, the simpler the better. One thing that you are going to need to watch for is that your internet site follows stringent SEO ideas so the search sites will be able to quickly read and assess the theme of your website. Using search engine optimization strategy strategies you can turn your site into a high ranking powerhouse of traffic. But there is more to it than just the on-page S.E.O concepts.

There are many off page factors that need to be optimized also like backlinks (link popularity), getting your page indexed through RSS feeds, and numerous other SEO technologies that help your site rankings improve.

The off-page S.E.O methods aren’t as effective , however , if your on-page S.E.O site design is not set up in the right way. This will make your efforts in the off page arena less effective. When the web crawlers, for instance, go out and find your back links from authority sites, they actually do follow the link back to your page and check out what you have there. If your on-page SEO is not set up properly, then it could reduce the value of those links, even if it’s’s coming from an authority site or high ranking site.

If you are new to the Net selling game, it’d be in your own interest to hire a company that does S.E.O site design for several reasons. They can get your internet site set up quickly and with perfect SEO, which will give your site a better chance to get indexed quickly and also helps your off-page SEO efforts too.

More people will be willing to link to your site naturally if the quality of your internet site is higher. No one wants to link to a site that isn’t working, is badly designed, or is just plain ugly. But, one thing you will soon learn is that its better to have good bug-free code than it is to have a beautiful site.

They say an attractive site wins awards but an efficient site wins traffic and profits. If your company could use social media consultants, another revenue stream or simply another marketing tool, contact a professional website design company for help today.

The Best Conversion Tactics For Online Marketing

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Succeeding online takes more than targeted traffic. You not only have to attract the right audience, but get them to convert in some way. Many people think that conversion are all about buying on the spot. The reality is that for many businesses, the key to conversion is not on site but rather through their list.

If you’re already online, you probably have a list of some kind. Whether you have 100 names or many more, your list is your greatest ally in succeeding online. And keep in mind that you have the right to email individuals who have emailed you as well as signed up for your list. Many web marketers overlook all of the individuals who have submitted questions and comments as being potential prospects. To improve conversion rates, you must focus on building your list from your traffic and utilizing that list effectively.

The first way to utilize your list is through an auto responder sequence. If you’re not using an auto responder, I advise you to search for auto responder services online. Popular services like Aweber only charge around twenty dollars per month, allowing you to send unlimited messages. These messages should position you as an expert, provide purchase ideas, and continually provide value.

The second way to use your list effectively is to provide pre-notification of product launches. There are many super affiliates that use their list in this manner, generating tens of thousands of dollars per month. Once you know of an affiliate product being launched within a six to eight week period, map out a pre-launch communication plan that reaches out to individuals prior to launch. This may include access to product information, downloads, videos, etc., to build anticipation around launch day. When launch day comes, create a sense of immediacy and scarcity – purchases will ensue.

The third way that you can use a list to improve conversion is through list growth. As your list grows, your total conversions increase as well. Ten percent of a hundred is a lot less appealing than ten percent of a thousand. Focus on building your list with the help of your list members. If you have something valuable to offer, encourage them to share with others who may benefit. This list growth serves you over time.

The last methods for improving conversions is constant communication. If your customers are not in the buying mood, staying in touch puts you at the top of their decision tree when considering a purchase. Your best bet is to develop a communication vehicle that doesn’t over or under communicate. As always, proper process should be followed for opt outs. Regardless, don’t email and stop unless someone opts out.

If you’re not that far down the path of building a list, I advise you to start today. Using this list effectively will improve conversions significantly, generating a nice income stream over the long term. Be sure to utilize your list properly to be effective.

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The Power of Quality Content

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Website content is more than just words on an html page. Content is comprised of all the elements users see and interact with when visiting your website. This includes more than simply words on a web page. Quality content includes words on a page as well as pictures, images, audio, and video. Content may also include RSS feeds, tag clouds and other elements like social media and forums.

By developing content that is well designed and thought through, you can create compelling content that your users value. Whether your content is developed by you or professionally written and designed, when done correctly it can pay huge dividends.

There are many benefits to writing and designing powerful content. This is especially true when focusing on the value of search engine optimized content, images, and other on-page factors. The outcome of good optimization is a steady flow of targeted website visitors.

Producing quality content that is easily seen by search engine spiders can result in much higher search engine rankings. Be sure that your web content involves your audience and creates a dialog with them. The bottom line is that you may have the best optimized content in the world, but if it’s hard to follow you can loose your audience in a heartbeat. Think about where you want your visitors to travel on your site. Your content should draw them to where you want them to go.

As you build relationships through quality content, the likelihood of website visitors becoming customers increases significantly. In addition, these customers will be interested in referring others to your site to share something they value. These referrals are essential for building website traffic and growing your customer base. Think about your website as a viral marketing tool that can make or break your business.

Build links to your site with engaging content. This is how top ranked sites reached the top of search engine results. When content is engaging other sites will link to you creating value from the perspective of search engine optimization. These inbound links improve rankings and traffic over time.

As your quality content delivers more links from third party websites and results in higher search engine rankings, you will receive a nice increase in website traffic. With the right amount of traffic, your opportunity for increased sales and conversions grow exponentially. Good content is worth the investment because you can engage your visitors an determine what elements provide the highest ROI.

The bottom line is that a website without quality content wont survive given today’s competitive market place. consumer have too many choices and aren’t going to waste their time on website that provide no value. Not only does quality content build a loyal following, but it also provides a viral marketing component that sustains your business.

The next time you add content to your website in the form of an article, image, or other elements, do not underestimate the need for quality. It takes very little to generate quality content and it always pays huge dividends.

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Unique Article Wizard Is The Way To Affiliate Marketing Success

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Why do some people succeed in affiliate marketing and some don’t? Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to earn a full-time income on the Internet. Both the merchandiser and the affiliate benefit from each sale.

In the affiliate marketing industry, the competition grows every day. Affiliate marketers must use effective and unique ways to convince potential buyers to purchase or use the services offered.

Affiliate programs are more effective, risk-free and cost-efficient compared to traditional advertising practices. Why then do many people fail in affiliate marketing? The most critical aspect in the affiliate program is advertising.

Like every type of business, advertising, promoting and selling strategies are important. They can make or break the business. One way to advertise your affiliate business effectively is with Unique Article Wizard. Article marketing is a great way to build credibility in your niche and bring visitors to your site.

It is great to be lucky, but you cannot rely on it. Affiliate marketing isn’t as simple as directing customers to the business site. If you want to earn a good income, you have to invest time and sometimes some money in promoting the products.

Lack of preparation is also a reason for failure in affiliate marketing. Part of the preparation is researching. The affiliate marketer must do some research before signing up for an affiliate program. He can get valuable information by joining affiliate forums and comparing different affiliate programs. Also reading articles on affiliate marketing to get tips from experienced affiliate marketers on how to choose the best merchants and products with high conversion rate.

The affiliate website is a very important tool. Some people will not read through the content if they find your site ugly even if your site has many things to say and offer. As an affiliate marketer, you should plan how the site is going to look. Such things as domain name, design, lay-out, content, and ads.

There are people who are looking for information more than anything else. Affiliate marketers with “rich-content” web sites are usually the ones who prosper in this business. Content improves traffic to the site. Unique Article Wizard will send “rich-content” articles to your site.

Affiliate marketers sometimes fail because they don’t grow in the business and they are merely concerned about earning a lot of money quickly. Always be willing to learn more. Continually improve your marketing strategies through education.

Don’t give up if your first attempts fail. Thousands are attracted by the possibility of generating skyrocketing incomes through affiliate marketing and when they don’t get instant results, they quit and sign up for another program. Don’t expect to get rich instantly. You’ll never have success if you don’t persevere.

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Video SEO Strategies – How to Leverage Video Search Optimization

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Everyone knows that online video is the fastest growing online medium. As of Oct. 2008, not only is it popular, but on the major 5 search engines,video has now passed search as the most popular online activity, according to research released by comScore and covered by ReelSEO.

Because online video is so popular right now, it presents a unique opportunity for online marketers to leverage video content as an effective means for marketing brands, products, and services. Because online video marketing is in the nascent stages, there is much that is not well understood. For content producers as well as internet marketers, it is important to learn how to produce and publish video content in a way that users can easily discover your video content on the search engines. For this, one must learn and understand video search engine optimization, or SEO for video content.

In order to leverage the power of online video with search, one must first answer the question, “what is video SEO, or video search engine optimization?” Simply stated, it is the art and process of creating online video content in such a way that it is easily discovered and indexed by search engines. Doing this will help to drive maximum exposure to your video content. When we talk about video SEO, there are really 2 separate and distinct strategies for optimizing video online.

“Posted” video SEO is one strategy whereby the goal is to get as many viewers as possible to your video content. “Posted” video is basically when you optimize video content that is uploaded to video sharing websites. The benefit with this strategy is that you can leverage the massive viewing audiences that already exist at these major video destinations like Youtube and metacafe. Additionally, by uploading videos to these video sharing websites, you can leverage the pre-established page rank and authority that these sites have in order to assist you in ranking well within universal search.

With posted video SEO, it is important that you pay close attention to the keywords that you include in fields entered upon upload like the title, tags, descriptions, etc… We recommend utilizing tools and services that help you to automatically upload your videos to multiple video sharing sites at once. Although it is not impossible to do so, the major downfall with this strategy falls into place when your goal is purely to drive traffic back to your website.

While “Posted” video SEO is a great strategy for getting video views, “Hosted” video SEO is a good strategy when your goal is to drive users to your own website. Essentially, “hosted” video SEO is the practice of optimizing your own website video content. Another benefit to this strategy is that it allows website owners to leverage video content to generate high rankings within the major search engines due to the proliferation of universal search

With “hosted” video SEO, it is most important that you follow best practices in general for search engine optimization. Because search engines can not yet read within video content, it is important that you optimize the HTML pages that contain your video content much in the same way that you would with regular SEO. Although there are many detailed tips and techniques for “hosted” video SEO, most can be summed up with the following tips:

1) When including video on a web page, make certain that you populate the page with relevant on-page text.

2) Consider publishing a transcript or captions for your video.

3) Publish all your videos within the same directory or subdomain and keep each video on its own unique URL.

4) Create a video sitemap and offer an MRSS feed so that search engines can more easily find and index your video content.

5) Create inbound links to your video pages and encourage linking and sharing of your video content.

Whether your strategy is to drive visits to your video or to your website in general, video SEO is an effective way to leverage the power of online video. If you are interested in learning more advanced tips and techniques for either “posted” or “hosted” video content, ReelSEO is the website to visit. They are the only site completely focused on providing resources and information for Video SEO.

Good luck and happy optimization. Get on board with Video SEO today.

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Does Auto Submission Damage Your Rankings?

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Wondering how you might be able to get ranked on top for a specific keyword? Thinking there may be a short cut or two? Recently I had the opportunity to work with a client who was also in search of ways to automate much of the search engine optimization process. I started the assignment working with him to improve his website design and architecture. Soon there after, we focused on building links to his site.

Building your web site’s popularity is essential for improving your search engine rankings. Major search engines like Google apply an algorithm to define the value of your web site or web page. This in turn drives your search engine ranking for specific keywords. One way to think about the process of web site ranking is like a voting machine. The more votes you get the better your site ranks.

The very first thing to do is to evaluate a web site for the criteria that would make it easy to spider. Search engines spider need to access quality content to better classify each page on the web. After applying navigation that allows users to easily find content and search engine spiders to categorize content properly, its time to identify effective link building strategies.

One particular link strategy is related to directory submissions. Essentially you find directories that are well established and relevant to the subject matter of your own web site. The site I was working with had about 300 directories that would be ideal for a site like has. As a result, and due to the urgency by which he wanted the work done, we chose an automated directory submission service.

In as little as forty eight hours of the website being submitted through an automated submission service, rankings for particular keywords were negatively impacted and significantly. We lost anywhere from ten to thirty spots on search engine rankings. One might be able to argue that the auto submission was not detectable and therefore could not have had this effect. I disagree as there were no other factors related to SEO that we were working on at the time.

The team was not working on any other form of link building and as a result, what happened seems to be directly related to the automatic submission service. The challenge with these types of services is that you really can’t tell what type of activity they are engaged in when submitting to directories. All that I know for sure is that our rankings dropped significantly after the submission date.

My recommendation to anyone building links to their web site of blog is to simply stay away from automated services that promise results. Google and other search engines appear to be catching on and know what you’ve used an automated service to do your link building. You can still submit to directories to build quality one-way links to your web site. However, I recommend that you do so manually.

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