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Internet Video Advertising’s Effective, Two-Tiered Strategy

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Online video advertising is found that it is one of the easiest approach to advertise your business online. Many companies have learned the significance of internet promotion to get your company successful.

Keywords are the primary factor that must definitely be provided in the video’s title, description and tags. Keywords are set of words or phrase used in Google look-ups, as well as other search engine websites. In making the video advertising effective, proper keywords must be used. One or two primary keywords in a single video must be focused, together with rich and suitable title, description and tags will make your video marketing successful.

One way to quickly create videos for your advertising campaigns is to re-purpose any written material, like articles or blog posts, and use your written article to easily narrate a couple of PowerPoint slides. Because the content already exists, you need to create optimal use of it by way of placing it into video format for all the visitors that frequent the video sharing sites where your video will be located.

After finishing videos, submit them to different websites that host videos. Select the most beneficial category closest for your subject and theme to make it less difficult for the viewer to locate. Viewers can leave certain reviews on your video, this will help you increase website traffic.

One more juicy tidbit is to submit your video podcast directories, as there are millions of users who consume podcast content every day. The quality of prospects will find your content in a podcast will typically be significantly much better than someone looking into videos at YouTube or other popular sharing sites.

In addition to being one of the overall ideal approaches in maximizing free traffic to your sites, the video marketing is also the source of high-quality leads and extremely result-oriented when it comes to giving high rankings in search engine websites.

Internet video marketing is only getting bigger, and it is medium that helps build trust and engagement with your prospects that is incomparable with other methods. Video in the internet is the most useful method to your business promotion.

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How to Drive More Traffic to your Internet Videos

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

And CUT! That’s a wrap people. Great, now you put your video online and no one sees it. Well, it looks like the work isn’t quite over yet. How do you get people to find your video? That’s what we’re going to tell you right now. Check out these quick tips on getting people to see your videos.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure your video is easy to find. That not only means getting it up on the web but also putting in keywords, descriptions and tags. All of this added information will make your video easier to spot not only in the search engines but also via the video sharing site itself. By using only a choice selection of appropriate keywords and a proper description it will help people find your video themselves. Additionally the search engines will be better able to classify your content so when people search for your keywords you’ll float to the top like the cream of the crop.

Another thing you need to do is to tell the search engines that you’ve got new content out there. Using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds you can do just that. Each time you upload a file the RSS feed will automatically be updated and the search engines and those of your viewers who are using an RSS reader will be able to find that you’ve uploaded new content without even needing to go to the site (they will go when the content is there as generally it can’t be viewed through the readers). Blinkx, Truveo and Yahoo accept RSS feed submissions while Google Video requires a video sitemap.

If you’re more interested in having people view your video but don’t care where it’s done then it’s a good idea to upload it to multiple video sharing sites. By uploading it there and linking back to your sites you can create your own network of links which will help people find your content. Some people don’t like YouTube, some only use it. In order to hit all of them you need to put your content on multiple sites. Not sure where to look? Check out this big list of video sites at

Another great way to get your video out to the masses is to let the masses do it for you. Numerous ways to do this now exist. Entire services like Stumbleupon and Delicious are geared at helping you do that and with a simple plugin for your CMS your viewers are a click away from sharing your content with your friends. Digg might not be the best place for your content but other sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace also provide links via these plugins (or a small bit of code to drop on your site).

Have a Facebook profile? What about a fan page? If not then that’s something you need to get to work on. There are companies out there like R2 Relations that will build your presence out on the social networks or you can do it yourself. Another great idea is maintaining a periodic newsletter to alert people or remind them about your content every so often. At the very least you need a presence on the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

In the end, a combination of your hard work and great content will not only inform and entertain your viewers but motivate them to tell others about your work. Every link to your content will help your cause and make your content easier to find. The more links you have to your stuff the more likely someone is to see that link and find your content.

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