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How To Effectively Use Twitter For Business

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Business transactions are increasingly done online. A successful business today must have an online presence to disseminate information to its consumers. Companies should exploit Twitter for business purposes as well as other social media websites like Facebook and Google Plus. Companies that use Twitter for business and community outreach can target unique consumers for particular products and services. Businesses should also enlist a marketing firm for online advertising and promotion.

It is awesome to use Twitter for business because millions of people use Twitter everyday. The ascendancy of smartphones means consumers are constantly connected and can be reached where ever they are at any time of the day or night. Companies that effectively use Twitter for business can smack their clientele with promotions, advertisements, and business updates whether they are at work, school, or in bed. Social media websites are an incredible outlet for pushing products and services because these websites are almost always free of charge and have a huge following. People have a tendency to check there social media profiles several times a day and are eager for updates and news.

A company Twitter profile should contain relative content and media. The material on the profile should be up to date and to the point. Many people have short attention spans and a penchant for skimming articles rather than reading them thoroughly. Long and verbose articles may not get as many readers as a short and concise article will. Make sure that your company Twitter profile has no spelling, grammar, punctuation, or syntax errors. These types of errors will come off as amateur and unprofessional.

A marketing firm can help your agency become popular on search engine websites. A marketing firm will write content and media about your business and send it to online directories. A marketing firm can also publicize your products and services in traditional ways like on television and in print. Marketing is a huge industry with many different niches. Instead of employing a marketing firm an alternative is to hire your own marketing staff. A company with its own marketing staff can work strategically to promote its bottom line.

The best part about social media is that it can be used to provide the same services for free that a marketing firm would charge fees for. Marketing firms frequently use Twitter and Facebook as primary advertising tools anyway. The ways that social media can be used to promote your business and reach consumers is limited by your imagination only. Effective business leaders understand the importance of using Twitter for business and online advertising. Just remember that the social media profile is a representation of your company’s integrity and quality.

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Tips For Using Twitter For Business

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

So, you run your own company and you would like to dive into the thrilling world of Twitter PR. This is good, but if you really want to be the best at using Twitter for business in addition to a marketing firm then you really need to get the best ways that you can grow your follower base. Here are some simple tips to grow your follower list.

Before you do anything with Twitter, fill out your bio and make it pop. A massive follower list doesn’t mean much if they don’t know what yourbusiness is all about! Your bio is just about the only place you have to tell persons who you are in your own words. In addition, please keep in mind that your bio will sometimes be featured on Twitter’s Suggested Users page. If you can’t grab people then, how can expect persons to add you?

Now that’s settle and on to the meat of matter. To begin, explain to your follower list what retweeting is and tell them why it’s great for them to retweet your links. Retweeting pushes your @username into foreign social graphs, causing people who you wouldn’t have otherwise met clicking on your profile. Make sure that you track your retweets using a computer program, of which there are tons.

Put links to your Twitter profile every single place that you are capable of: do it on your website, in your email, on Facebook, on blogs, anywhere that people could see you.

Make smart use of the hash tag (#). This is why twitter users can search for tweets about a certain topic. If you have a deal, write #deal into your tweet. Don’t just use hash tags though; people want to see actual in every post.

And, most important of all, follow the top twitter users and observe what they tweet. Observe what they tweet. Send them messages. If you fully join in the conversation, then you can’t go wrong.

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Twitter For Business: Commerce At 140 Characters A Second

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The whole world is chatting about how to use Facebook for their companies, but the buzz has died down a bit about how to utilize Twitter for business; now there is quiet when once the world was atwitter about Twitter (and, yes, I do loathe myself for making a pun of such epic proportions; I should truly be pun-ished). With all that past us, Twitter truly is a wonderful way to use social media for business, and it is particularly great to working with bloggers, monitoring the conversation, alerting consumers, and for public relations. In fact, Twitter PR is in a special place in my heart.

Twitter is a wonderful way to keep in touch with other bloggers and media groups. There is also a great chance that if you follow someone, they will follow you back. This is more likely to occur in the professional world as persons are using Twitter to network and learn. It is a direct connection to someone without calling or emailing them.

You can also figure out Twitter as a way to observe discussion about your company and brand on social media. You can work out the keyword search function and search for your brand name to see what persons have been tweeting. Twitter is a huge reason why social media presence can be a key tool to recognize feedback from customers.

Twitter is a great way to alert consumers about specials, deals, or sales. This will provide a direct update to an audience that already has interest in your brand. The best component is that it is a free place to promote your company! Just be sure that promotion isn’t all you are doing or folk will lose their interest and Unfollow you.

Twitter can also be used as a PR tool to promote blog articles, webinars, relevant news, or anything on the web that your company wants to share. information can be shared by through Twitter PR are best kept as short titles along with a link to another page. It is a fantastic way to share any good PR that you might find and share with clientele who otherwise wouldn’t have read the news.

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How The NHL Uses Twitter For Business Effectively

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Generally when someone thinks of a professional hockey team (or any professional team) they don’t initially think of the business behind that team. In the end, the NHL and the teams representing the league operate as a business, because that’s what the teams are at the end of the day-a moneymaking business enterprise. The NHL, knowing that they need to use social media to target the younger audience (and the more technology-savvy older demographic) uses Twitter for business and Twitter PR successfully to market the league to today’s fan base.

If you look at the NHL’s Twitter page, you can instantly see that it is continuously updated. This is the first way to gain a following in the Twitter world. There is a new tweet at least every hour, but generally that is the minimum. Having a place for the fans to go to see constantly updated information is a great way to draw an audience. Everyone loves to see new information, and keeping fans “in the know” and using Twitter PR will keep them coming back to their page.

Besides the rate at which it is updated, the content on the page is just as essential. On the NHL’s Twitter page, they have an abundance of information on not only the league, its schedule, fan contests, and news related to the league, but they have links to articles related to the NHL as well. This is great for the fan that wants to have one place to be updated on the news on the league concisely and in one 140-character tweet as well as the fan that is looking to find an article to read related to today’s NHL news. And anything that gets the fans looking at NHL news, NHL contests, or team schedules posted on the Twitter page means more income for the league. Using Twitter for business by keeping in mind that anything that attracts fans to the site means more income is something that the NHL is aware of.

Pictures of players in NHL (or non-NHL) related situations is another way the league uses Twitter PR to their benefit. Fans respond well to pictures and with one click can see for themselves what the hype is all about. The NHL also re-tweets individual players’ posts, again making the page a one-stop place for NHL news and rumors. Fans can also become a follower of a team or player from the league re-tweeting information. Again, anything that gets a fan to their site is a advantage for the NHL and they use this in a Twitter for business mindset, knowing that the Twitter site is another business tool they can use to gain revenue for the league.

Twitter for business and Twitter PR are tools the NHL uses to attract fans and followers. The league knows what they have to do to keep their information fresh, informative and appealing to their current and possible followers. The NHL Twitter page gets it right on how to use this social media tool to enhance their power over both the casual and die-hard fan base, and in turn, increases their own profitability.

So, do you think you would like to learn more about how to use Twitter for business? Do you think you would like to find out more about Twitter PR? go to to learn more!. This article, How The NHL Uses Twitter For Business Effectively is available for free reprint.

Tips To Use Twitter For Business Effectively

Monday, December 19th, 2011

With so many companies and corporation joining the social network madness is easy to see that social networks are a great way to promote your business. Twitter is the second largest social network in the world and one of the top choices for internet marketers to use for business promotions. If you are able to use Twitter correctly you can dominate your niche and blow your competition out of the water with no problem. Learning the right tactics for marketing that can be use with Twitter is the key to having a profitable business.

With that said, getting established is not everything as far as your business or brand is concerned. Any good business is vulnerable to various external threats, but what about the ones from our side by mistake? And that hampers all our authority and reputation that we created by working hard all these years. Let’s look at some of those mistakes or the so called “DONT’s in Marketing” while using twitter as one of your platforms for promotion.

Don’t Use Corporate Style Updates – This is one of the biggest misconceptions of business owners, tweets that are too promotional will not get the attention you want from your followers. Instead mixing fun tweets with mild promotional tweets can bring you much better results, opinions, ideas and recommendations are the best way to grab your followers attention. If you can make your updates interesting you can turn your followers into potential customers.

Don’t Leave Your Profile and Account Un-customized – If you have a business to be established in twitter and you are engaged in the same, then it would be foolish if you fail to customize your entire account. Including the trade name, trade mark or logo, enterprise slogan, etc. as all these would be wise enough to go about it. Even when your followers drop by your profile page accidentally or in purpose, they must know what your account is all about, at a mere glance.

With the techniques mentioned you can now save some time and money on other promotions, since twitter is a very active platform you have an incredible opportunity to find new customers or partners for your business. The key to building a successful campaign with twitter is understanding how the general public uses the social network. With a little research and testing you can achieve great results for your business.

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Twitter: Business Ideas To Make Money

Friday, October 28th, 2011

It’s an understood fact that twitter is something beyond sharing fun. In fact, it uncovers the great business potential that one can make use of from such a micro blogging site. It’s a usual thing that people see fun and business as two different entities. We use to label twitter-like sites as social networking or bookmarking sites and treat them differently from the commercial ones. But when you look at the internal aspects of twitter, you would realize that fun and business go hand by hand and thus twitter is more than just sharing. It’s not just a micro blogging service, its a marketing platform that can be used in many ways.

Implementing a new business idea can be a bit frustrating and despite the competition and depending on what type of niche you are in, practical practices of social marketing can bring great results. If you have no experience with social marketing and you want to start your very own online business then with the proper techniques it can be achieved. Using twitter is one way to implement social marketing, but its also a good idea to know what type of businesses work best.

Affiliate Marketing (Internet Marketing in common) is the most successful category of business which best suits twitter as the platform for promotion of products as well as services in many forms. Affiliate marketing is not a unique idea, in fact, it is the most saturated industry online. But how you set it up and go about makes it unique and promising. There are lot of ways you can make use of to achieve the same and those include setting up of small or mini niche sites, also known as micro-niche sites.

If you want to start an online business through affiliate marketing its better if you begin small first, build yourself a nice following list, create a reputation and engage with your followers more. Learn to familiarize yourself with internet marketing and promoting products is not as easy as it looks because people can easily get discouraged. Getting the right pace with twitter its crucial to understanding its many uses.

Keep up your dedication and work consistently to develop and generate success with your business, not only with affiliate marketing but any other type of business you will do. With twitter you can take any business to a whole new level and really unleash an endless flow of customers that you didn’t even know where there. Social marketing has its advantages, and if they are used correctly it can work in a positive way with any business.

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Tweet Better With Twitter For Business

Monday, August 31st, 2009

If you want to tweet better to promote your business then you need to learn to be proactive. Find some articles that are neat, interesting, and helpful online. When you find an article like this and post it to twitter someone might re-tweet the article and it will be seen by many users because of this viral action in twitter.

Twitter is a great place to share personal experiences and business opportunities. Make sure if you’re using twitter to promote your business that you also offer constructive and useful information and not sell all the time.

Make sure you do not overdo it when using automatic updates. More is not always better. Think about it, if you are watching TV and the same commercial ran every two minutes you would become very annoyed very quickly, or you would just tune the commercial out of your mind.

It is also possible to take your business to the next level by marketing on twitter. This is not as difficult as you might think as twitter allows 140 characters to get your followers attention and possibly link to your business. However, in order to ensure your success you must follow the twitter rules.

Once you begin to follow other people on twitter. You’ll find that your contacts will grow by meeting people with similar interests. It’s very easy get lost in the conversations so you need to maintain a discipline. But you can gain a lot of stories and you can see different perspectives. Make sure you use twitter, appropriately that your information is informative and clean at all times.

Some users use automatic posting, which allows them to post twitter many times during the day even when they are not signed on. This twitter robot will post messages as directed by you. This can be from an RSS feed, messages that you made in advance, or other forms of information such as directly from your blog.

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Can it Be Focused on Business

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Twitter seems to be growing in popularity every day. Most people have heard of twitter either on the news or sports channel or even in print media. It’s quite easy to build a large network of followers on twitter in a very short period of time that can include friends, associates, business partners, or even people that might be potential customers to your brick-and-mortar business. Twitter seems to be taking the social networking section of the Internet by storm.

Twitter allows 140 characters maximum for each post they call a tweet. This ensures that twitter stays fast moving, exciting, fast-paced and forces you to be short and concise with your messages. This is a good thing, because of the readers are more inclined to read a short message in a very long post. With hundred 40 characters is a limit you need to make sure that you get right to the point. Don’t waste time with extraneous conversation such as this is what I referenced all of this and I’m about to do now but it really doesn’t matter.

Unlike a webpage or a blog this can result in quick relationship building and even quicker dumping is you are not on point with the conversation. It’s very easy to get unfollowed. The good thing is you can spice up your message with audio and video if you know how. This is what makes Web 2.0 so much different than Web 1.0. Web 1.0 would be a webpage updated itself perhaps at bats once a day. Using Web 2.0 social networking sites updates themselves constantly. Most of the time is updating is around one time per second.

If you have friends, acquaintances, or relatives that use twitter you might want to invite them to follow you. These people may not be able to help you build your business but it’s a good way to get started, it’s simple, and if you make any mistakes in the beginning, this group will be most forgiving.

Other applications include things to show pictures and send video messages with. And that’s only listing the applications that are directly related to the message in twitter. There are other applications that allow you to find like-minded twitter users easier.

When promoting your business you should follow experts in their field. You should focus on the most powerful users of twitter. Marketing on a social network is different than marketing anywhere else including webpages, blogs, or e-mail. You have to be less in-your-face and offer beneficial information which leads your follower to the place you want them to go to see what you have to offer.

The second thing you need to do, which will help your marketing efforts is to meet more people. Retweet is a great way to make new friends. The original message is repeated. Whenever you receive a new message make sure you reply right away or as soon as possible. This can become a challenging task as you get more followers. However, it is good etiquette to reply when someone sends you a message.

Twitter relies on each other treating each other with respect and decency throughout the community so that people that are following you will want to continue to follow you. And if they decide not to with just the quick press of a mouse button to unfollowed you.

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