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Tweet Better With Twitter For Business

Monday, August 31st, 2009

If you want to tweet better to promote your business then you need to learn to be proactive. Find some articles that are neat, interesting, and helpful online. When you find an article like this and post it to twitter someone might re-tweet the article and it will be seen by many users because of this viral action in twitter.

Twitter is a great place to share personal experiences and business opportunities. Make sure if you’re using twitter to promote your business that you also offer constructive and useful information and not sell all the time.

Make sure you do not overdo it when using automatic updates. More is not always better. Think about it, if you are watching TV and the same commercial ran every two minutes you would become very annoyed very quickly, or you would just tune the commercial out of your mind.

It is also possible to take your business to the next level by marketing on twitter. This is not as difficult as you might think as twitter allows 140 characters to get your followers attention and possibly link to your business. However, in order to ensure your success you must follow the twitter rules.

Once you begin to follow other people on twitter. You’ll find that your contacts will grow by meeting people with similar interests. It’s very easy get lost in the conversations so you need to maintain a discipline. But you can gain a lot of stories and you can see different perspectives. Make sure you use twitter, appropriately that your information is informative and clean at all times.

Some users use automatic posting, which allows them to post twitter many times during the day even when they are not signed on. This twitter robot will post messages as directed by you. This can be from an RSS feed, messages that you made in advance, or other forms of information such as directly from your blog.

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Can it Be Focused on Business

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Twitter seems to be growing in popularity every day. Most people have heard of twitter either on the news or sports channel or even in print media. It’s quite easy to build a large network of followers on twitter in a very short period of time that can include friends, associates, business partners, or even people that might be potential customers to your brick-and-mortar business. Twitter seems to be taking the social networking section of the Internet by storm.

Twitter allows 140 characters maximum for each post they call a tweet. This ensures that twitter stays fast moving, exciting, fast-paced and forces you to be short and concise with your messages. This is a good thing, because of the readers are more inclined to read a short message in a very long post. With hundred 40 characters is a limit you need to make sure that you get right to the point. Don’t waste time with extraneous conversation such as this is what I referenced all of this and I’m about to do now but it really doesn’t matter.

Unlike a webpage or a blog this can result in quick relationship building and even quicker dumping is you are not on point with the conversation. It’s very easy to get unfollowed. The good thing is you can spice up your message with audio and video if you know how. This is what makes Web 2.0 so much different than Web 1.0. Web 1.0 would be a webpage updated itself perhaps at bats once a day. Using Web 2.0 social networking sites updates themselves constantly. Most of the time is updating is around one time per second.

If you have friends, acquaintances, or relatives that use twitter you might want to invite them to follow you. These people may not be able to help you build your business but it’s a good way to get started, it’s simple, and if you make any mistakes in the beginning, this group will be most forgiving.

Other applications include things to show pictures and send video messages with. And that’s only listing the applications that are directly related to the message in twitter. There are other applications that allow you to find like-minded twitter users easier.

When promoting your business you should follow experts in their field. You should focus on the most powerful users of twitter. Marketing on a social network is different than marketing anywhere else including webpages, blogs, or e-mail. You have to be less in-your-face and offer beneficial information which leads your follower to the place you want them to go to see what you have to offer.

The second thing you need to do, which will help your marketing efforts is to meet more people. Retweet is a great way to make new friends. The original message is repeated. Whenever you receive a new message make sure you reply right away or as soon as possible. This can become a challenging task as you get more followers. However, it is good etiquette to reply when someone sends you a message.

Twitter relies on each other treating each other with respect and decency throughout the community so that people that are following you will want to continue to follow you. And if they decide not to with just the quick press of a mouse button to unfollowed you.

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