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How to Get Top Seo Rankings

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

If you’re looking to achieve top seo rankings then it’s important to learn how to do search engine optimization the right way from seo experts. The term seo (search engine optimization) is often highly debated, widely controversial, and completely misunderstood by most in the industry. There are a lot of so called “seo experts” in the industry but only a select few truly know what they are doing.

If you want to achieve top seo rankings then you need to learn the proper techniques from seo experts. Search engine optimization takes time and is a step by step process. There’s no easy solution to achieving top seo rankings however there’s some simple seo techniques to follow that will help get your content on the first page of Google quickly.

So which seo experts can you trust and what are the proper search engine optimization techniques that you should follow?

You can do a search on these “seo gurus” at places such as Warrior Forum and Better Networker. You’ll see if these readers are legit by what members of these sites have to say about them.

The legit seo leaders have a lot people writing testimonies and articles about them.

Sites like Better Networker and Warrior forum will give you a lot of information about who these leaders really are. If you see the title “instructor” on their profiles on Better Networker then you could be certain that they are reputable.

On Warrior Forum you can do a search on these seo experts under the section titled “Warrior Forum Special Offers.” The true seo gurus hang out in that section and provide valuable deals to other members. Read what other members have to say about these seo experts in this section.

You can also do a Google search on these seo gurus and see if there are any articles or press releases written about them.

When you type the name of the company or leader into Google, check out the top 10 sites that pop up. If you see sites with the companies domain name included in them like (company name) bonus, review, plus,.net, then chances are they are a legitimate company because these sites are probably run by their affiliates who are capitalizing on the original company’s success.

If you are looking to promote a company or product that’s legitimate make sure that you check to see if their domain name is available in .org, .net, bonus, or review. Reserving these types of domain names and putting up a WordPress site with these domains is a great way to skyrocket your website to the top of the search engines. Just think of all the affiliate commissions that you could make if you optimize your site properly.

So what are the steps that you need to take to achieve top seo rankings?

The steps below are just a few of the important factors that go into achieving top search engine rankings. I really recommend picking up an seo course called Traffic Cipher if you want to learn all of the in’s and out’s of search engine optimization.

Traffic Cipher is one of the top seo courses in the industry and this course comes highly recommended by Mike Dillard. The creators of this course are Ferny Ceballos and Raymond Fong and they are very respected seo leaders in the industry.

How to Achieve Top Seo Rankings:

(This is only a highlighted version of what it takes to achieve top search engine rankings.)

*Reserve a domain name with the keyword in the prefix of the domain.

*Run your website on a self-hosted WordPress platform.

*Make sure that your keyword is in the description, site title and keyword section of your website. A good WordPress plugin to use is the “All in One Seo Pack.”

*Proper keyword research is essential for every piece of content that you submit on your blog.

These are the important factors that go into proper keyword research:

*The Age of the Domain

*Google page ranking

*Google index count

*Number of page back links

* Number of domain backlinks

*The number of .gov and .edu backlinks

*DMOZ directory listing

*Website listing in the Yahoo directory

*Keywords in description, header, site title, and url

(Is your heading spinning yet? Don’t Worry! I highly recommend using a tool called Market Samurai, which is one of the best keyword tools on the internet. This keyword analysis tool makes keyword research easy to do and will save you countless hours of having to do painful keyword research on your own. If you are looking for top seo rankings then this keyword tool is essential.)

Make sure that every blog post includes:

*Proper header tags which include h1, h2, and h3 tags on every post

*Set alt tags for all images

*Add rel=”nofollow” to external links

*Add an internal link to every post

*Have a keyword density of 1-5%

*Have the keyword in the first and last sentence of your post

*Your keyword should be set with proper font decorations

Does all of this information overwhelm you? Don’t worry. There’s a WordPress plugin called Seo Pressor that will make all of this work so much easier to do. It actually make seo fun. Don’t even think of running a blog without this plugin.

Seo Pressor Training Video

Achieving top seo rankings takes a lot of time and hard work. It’s not an easy process and don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that it is. However, if you partner with the right seo leaders that will teach you how to do it the right way from the start, then the process becomes easy and achieving top seo rankings quickly is realistic.

If you want to dominate the search engine rankings then you need to have patience, give seo the time that it deserves, and set realistic expectations. If you follow these steps you’ll dominate the search engines in no time.

To achieve top search engine rankings you need to give it the proper time and patience that it deserves. If you’re looking to accelerate the process and want to learn seo the right way from seo experts visit Top Seo Rankings. (On this page you’ll see banners for Traffic Cipher, Seo Pressor, and Market Samurai). Make sure that you pick up all three tools.

How to Add Alt Tags to Images

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Alt tags aka (alt text) is used to specify text when a particular image isn’t able to be shown on a website. When a visitor comes to your site and the image isn’t able to be displayed, then you need to have your keyword assigned as the alt text so that users know what the image was referring to.

Where to Add Alt Tags

There are visually impaired people that surf the internet so it’s especially important to make sure that you have an alt tag set to every image. There are also a lot of users that surf the internet with text only browsers and have their graphics turned off. If you don’t have alt text assigned to your images then they won’t know what your image was all about.

How to Add Alt Image Tags to Html:

*Find your image in the html tab and look for the code that says alt=” “. In between the quotes is the place where you want to input your keyword for the alt image.

How to Add Alt Image Tags in Your WordPress Back Office:

*In your WordPress back office you’ll notice an icon that says upload/insert and this is where you’ll be able to upload an image.

Important: When you upload images from your computer to WordPress, it’s important to insert your alt tag in the box that says “Alternate Text.”

*If you forget, don’t worry. You can also manually input alt tags under the html tab in WordPress.

Alternate tags are just one of the major factors to proper on-page seo.

Other critical on-page search engine optimization factors include:

*Keyword in description, keyword in url, keyword in title, keyword in header tag, internal links with in your site, proper site font decoration, and proper use of alt image tags.

Off-page seo is just as important as on-page search engine optimization.

Critical off-page search engine optimization factors include:

*DMOZ directory listing, Yahoo directory listing, domain age, page rank, Google index count, page backlinks, domain backlinks, and .edu/.gov backlinks.

It’s critical to know that both on-page and off-page search engine optimization techniques are important factors to achieving top seo rankings. If you miss one of these steps then you could really be missing out on getting your content on the first page of the search engines.

Alt tags are just one of the important ingredients to achieving top seo rankings. To find out the other crucial elements to achieving first page search engine results, including simple video tutorials on how to use header tags, alt image tags, and rel=nofollow visit top Search Engine Rankings.

How to Include H1 Tags

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

How to Setup H1 Tags to Achieve Top Seo Rankings.

Where to Add H1 Tags

H1 tags are one of the many important elements to go into achieving top search engine rankings. Header tags carry a lot of importance with the search engines because it let’s them know the proper layout of your website pages. When search engines are crawling through your web site, they need to know the most important content on your site and header tags provide them with what they are looking for.

The best place to input your h1 tag is in the header above your content.

It’s very important to include your keyword in all three of your h1 tags.

To start off you’ll want to input an h1 tag with your keyword phrase in the first sentence of your article. Then in the middle of your article you’ll want to include and h2 or h3 tag with your keyword. In the last sentence you want to make sure that you insert your keyword with an h2 or h3 tag.

It’s very important to make sure that your keyword phrase is in the first and last sentence of your article.

When inserting heading tags into your article, make sure that they aren’t too close together. It’s important to break them up.

Where to Locate H1 Tags in WordPress:

*In your WordPress back office you’ll see a drop down menu that says heading 1, heading 2, and heading 3.

A great tool to use for your seo efforts is called Seo Pressor. This WordPress Plugin makes using header tags and search engine optimization so much easier. It will let you know if you forget to add header tags on any of your content and prompt you to fix it.

H1 tags are just one of the many important factors that you need to achieve top seo rankings. Other factors include internal links, backlinks, alt tags, keyword in the first and last sentence of your article. These are just a few seo techniques that need to be followed in order to achieve top seo rankings. To find out these techniques in more detail visit the resource box below.

H1 tags are one of the many essential factors that go into achieving top seo rankings. To find out the other factors that go into top rankings visit top search engine rankings.

Why Setting Up Internal Links is So Important

Friday, January 28th, 2011

How to Setup Internal Links.

Internal links are hyperlinks that link to related pages on a website. It’s important to set up links within your website because it gives your site more credibility and exposure to your visitors. Your website will look more legitimate to visitors if you have multiple links going to different pages within your site.

Where to Add Internal Links

Setting up links within your site is very easy to do. Just take several of your different keywords that are in your articles and create a hyperlink that links to other pages within your website that relates to those keywords.

Url’s don’t carry as much weight with the search engines as hyperlinks do. That’s why you want to take your keyword and make it into a hyperlink rather than posting multiple url’s in your articles. Google takes special notice of the amount of hyper linked keywords that point to keywords on your site.

Even though internal linking within your own site is important you’ll also want to set up links to other sites as well. If you have additional websites then you can set up links that point to that website as well. This will help to promote and create credibility within you other sites by creating backlinks.

The search engines put a heavy amount of weight on the number of links that point to a website. If there’s a lot of backlinks that point to a particular website then that shows the search engines that the website is important and relevant.

Make sure that you link to other sites that you want to promote on top of setting up internal links.

I highly recommend purchasing a plugin called Seo Pressor if you’re running your website on WordPress. This tool will remind you to setup an internal link within all of your posts. Seo Pressor will also make sure that you setup alt tags for all of your images, add rel nofollow to external links, add h1, h2, and h3 tags to every post, and it will automatically font decorate your keywords. If you want to achieve top seo rankings then all of these steps are very important to follow.

Just remember that your site will look more credible with visitors and the search engines if you have multiple links going to the different pages on your website.

Internal Links are just one of the essential ingredients to achieving top seo rankings. To find out the other crucial elements to achieving first page search engine results, including simple video tutorials on how to set up an internal link, header tags, alt image tags, and rel=nofollow visit top Seo Rankings.