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Creating an Effective Social Media Campaign

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

If you have been involved with IM for a little while, then you are aware of how important social media is.

One of the trends that’s going in social media today, especially on Facebook, is to claim of giving away freebies like iPads and iPhones. The companies giving away these incentives don’t always warrant the attention they are generating. So rule number one – never male false claims and never promise something that you can’t deliver. You will end up making a bad impression on your target audience. Your focus should be on getting more from social media in an ethical way. When you use social media, it’s hard to tell a person or company’s integrity, so do your best to be honest with your target audience.

It is actually desired for you to appear to be all over the place, but you have to remember how important quality is. One thing is you can drive insane amounts of traffic to your site, but it will mean nothing if your site content is not up to the task. If possible, do some reading so you can get a solid idea about each site you deal with. Before you can connect with your target audience, you must do market research so you understand them. If you get that part right, then you will be able to appeal to the largest segment of your market.

If you want to have a solid campaign, then write down your goals that you want to accomplish. You should know the ins and outs of your campaign because this is how you make things happen within it. Your plan need not be the image of professionalism, but it does need to be concrete with your goals in mind. You know what a plan is, and for your business you have to know your overall goals. Once done, then that will help you make corrections if necessary.

Your success now will determine your long-term success. It’s easy to bypass this important step, so don’t do it. You will need this information to make your next steps. Putting energy into something that’s not going to help you in the long run is not a smart decision. Google Analytics is a great tool to help you track this. You’ll learn a lot from the data that you collect about your campaigns activity. Your progress depends on how well you’re reading your campaign.

The great thing about social media marketing is that it will be around probably for ever. You will find that having the direction provided by a set of real and solid goals will help you. Also do not forget that you can branch out in different directions, and it really just depends on what you want to achieve. Once you get everything in place, then you just need to do a little bit each day to keep it going.

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Spotify Brings Music To Golden Age

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Spotify is a popular music streaming service that has been launched in October 2008 in Sweden, it offers music from an extensive range of major and self-sufficient record labels, like Sony, Warner Music Group, EMI, and Universal. From the launch of the service till 2010, it has got ten million users from around the globe and now it is available in Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States. The popularity of Spotify is so high that it has been declared by the Spotify CEO that music is stepping into the Golden Age.

Spotify and Social Networks Bring Music Towards the Golden Age

The last decade was the era from the internet while the upcoming era is the era of social networks. Spotify is also entering in this social networking competition and offers access to Facebook and other popular social network sites. It is said that the particular integration of Spotify to social support systems is a huge step through the leadership and management team and will help fans engage with their favorite music inside your before. Now, they can share their favorite music with their relatives and buddies just in one click, this feature gives a huge part of music industry and now it’s going to grow faster than before.

Spotify Brings Music Forwards By Beating iTunes and Myspace

The claim of Spotify BOSS: ‘Music Is Entering a Golden Age’, is really true and is evident that Spotify increases results than iTunes and Myspace. Although, these all are quite different but dealing in the same music streaming services. Now, people love to listen in order to music on Spotify than any other services found on internet because you can easily use, along with access to an enormous music library.

Spotify Launches Other Applications

Spotify helped in sharing music to the world and helped people listen to music with convenience, now it is integrated by other applications within the consumers’ desktop. In November 2011, the company launched Spotify Advanced Apps that provide listeners a more immersive music experience than before. For example, when a user streaming a specific artist’s track; he can access a Songkick app and can also access the computer’s music library concurrently.

How Will The Golden Age Look

The golden age means the huge songs library is always available for the users, it will be free for all, it will be updated quickly within seconds of its release, and you can share that along with your friends. Spotify will offer the immediate access to millions of traditional, historical, classic and popular songs to the music lovers, so it will revolutionize the particular music industry and brings the music in its golden age. This is an all-in-one software software for music lovers that will bring them to the world where a common playlist is waiting for them anywhere anytime. By the above discussion, a reader can have envision a clear picture that ‘Music Is Entering A Golden Age’ from the advancement and development of Spotify.

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Difference Between Spotify And Pure Music

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

The Presence of Spotify

Spotify started being an unique online portal containing set demands for music streaming services. Spotify is probably the newest programs around. Spotify is now growing but in addition to it other small contenders want to compete.

Comparison between Pure Music and Spotify

Pure Music is built on 7 Digital’s song library, Pure’s hardware and software platforms. It’s essential but nevertheless requires some refinement.

Conversely, Spotify is a powerful music resource when it comes to hearing oldies as well as the brand news in a number of other ways. More accurately, Spotify can access 15 million songs. Employ this to your benefit by paying attention to the whole album a performer has. You might be able to pick up another big song before it is huge!

More About Spotify

Spotify has succeeded in rivaling other music retailers. They’ve purchased iTunes, jukeboxes including and some direct streaming competitors. Tons of radio apps, streaming apps, and playlists permit you to hear other artists you might like and never have to actively search heavily for the kids.

How to reduce the ads between songs?

Spotify has got ads sprinkling between your sound tracks but if you want to make them go away you are able to Upgrade to Spotify Premium for just a few dollars monthly! Receiving a premium membership allows your cellular phone to experience coming from a vast collection of songs and removes the ads. Additionally, it boosts the bitrate of your respective songs to 320 kbps, creating better audio quality. Plus, you’ll get exclusive content and early entry to new albums developing in the future. Different pricing options are available too if you want to have ad-free listening but do not require the extra functions.

Functions on Spotify

Sharing of one’s favourite songs could be the biggest advantage on Spotify. The sharing functions on Spotify permit you to share the songs and albums you like across social media platforms like Facebook. Actually, one of Spotify’s original goals in the design was social media integration. Friends and family will discover what you really are listening to right now, and the other way round. Furthermore, Spotify also permits you to gift playlists in your friends and household. You can drag and drop your playlist into an e-mail or perhaps instant message. A web link will likely be delivered to the recipient that will permit them to download the playlist quickly. Moreover, you could also carry your playlists together with you when out and about without having to download songs on your mobile phone. Spotify enables you to sync your computer’s settings in your smartphone. The Spotify app is run on most smartphone os’s, such as (for the I phone), Android, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, and Blackberry (which is in a limited beta release before this writing.)

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Spotify To Launch In Australia

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Introduction To Spotify

Spotify is an online music streaming service based in Sweden. It was founded in 2006 as a DRM or Digital Rights Management Company in the technology sector and was launched in 2008. The company provides select music records from various labels and makes these available to users at a fee. Some of the major music and record labels associated with this include Warner Music Group, EMI and Sony.

Spotify On The International Arena

Internationally, Spotify has become one of the most popular sources of good quality, reliable and efficient subscription music services in the world. It is respected and renowned across the globe and is highly regarded by many in the music and technology industry. They recently boosted its music streaming capacity by giving out free spotify premium for free and to improve its services to 320 kbps, or kilobytes per second, so as to match its desktop services which have similar speeds. Faster downloading and streaming speeds of music will definitely make it a much more attractive services provider to its customers.

Spotify In Australia

This Swedish online music services provider is now seeking to enter the growing Australian market. Australia has a growing online music services sectors and players have been seeking a slice of the pie in this lucrative market. Over the last one year, a number of new players have joined this sector, seeking to provide good quality music streaming service.

The communications manager of this Swedish based firm, Mr. Jim Butcher, recently visited Australia in the hope of establishing a strong presence in the country. While Mr. Butcher would not reveal specific dates regarding the exact launch of the service in Australia, players in the industry believe that it is expected to roll out pretty soon; certainly sooner rather than later.

Spotify is in the process of working out deals with local Australian record labels in an attempt to come to a mutual agreement in regards to having Australian records on its website. The company is focusing on providing a really great product to its Australian clients. The firm understands the importance of creating a good product for its customers. They are working on getting as much quality music as possible so that Australian customers may get all their favorite music from their favorite artists on the site.

Spotify And Piracy

It was also launched in an apparent attempt to curb online music piracy. Apparently, incidents of piracy have been very rampant across the world. Since consumers are willing to pay for music, Spotify reasoned it is better to provide them an opportunity of doing this legally. Consumers are happy to easily access their favorite music online the legal way. It is therefore offering a great service to its members who currently number over 3 million across the world. While it may not necessarily be easy to convert those used to free or very low cost pirated music to start paying more for their music, many customers will be happy to engage with a legitimate entity that provides them with a good service that’s also available. Spotify has had great success elsewhere around the world and it expects to do just as well in Australia.

Spotify is growing to become the world’s best provider of online music streaming. With Spotify soon to dominate the Australian market, you should get a get spotify invitation token while you still can. Millions have already joined Spotify and the online community is constantly growing as we speak.

Promotions Unlimited: Taking Advantage of Unlimited Press Release Distribution

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Promoting your business – any business – is not easy. The only easy part about the whole thing is getting frustrated when your efforts don’t go go as well as you hope. But don’t worry. Stop banging your head against the wall long enough to read this article and you’ll be armed with the tools necessary to effectively promote your business. Frustration, be gone!

It can be a dizzying choice to decide how to proceed on your marketing endeavours, what with so many choices available. But it’s important to make a good choice. If you don’t, you’ll have to go back and restart on a different route, which can be a pricey proposition, to be sure.

If you want to take the most powerful route toward marketing success, you may want to spread the word about your business via unlimited press release distribution. It’s the best way to get the word out to as many people as possible in a short amount of time.

Press releases are, by their very nature, a tried-and-true method of generating more sales. When you create, publish, and distribute a press release, you open the marketing floodgates – or at least that’s the hope. Being able to contact a large number of people in the media greatly increases the chances that a good percentage of those people will pass the release on to someone in their circle, etc., thereby increasing your exposure exponentially! The humble press release is as pretty hardworking piece of marketing communication, wouldn’t you say?

A good press release is, by nature, going to be able to reach more people than just about any other kind of marketing communication. Why is that, you ask? Simply put, the information you put in a press release can be reprinted over and over again by as many media outlets are they are. Your information may travel the globe and back again, and the journey may last for days, weeks, months, or even years. Not many other kinds of media materials have that kind of staying power.

To really get your company’s press releases into as many hands (or inboxes) as possible, it’s critical that you enlist the help of a company that offers unlimited press release distribution services. They will help you distribute your release to a huge number of media outlets in a very short period of time.

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What A PR Firm Can Do For You And Your Business

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The acronym ‘PR’, as in a PR firm, stands for public relations. The agents employed by these firms specialize in marketing people like actors and radio show personalities, as well as businesses. Their assistance is helpful in making sure that a business or person makes the most of their opportunities.

Well-written articles supplied by PR firms about their clients are sometimes published in local newspapers and magazines when they have a slow news day, to fill empty spaces. These articles can provide free publicity, and knowing that your PR firm wrote them means they are both well-written and will feature you or your business in a positive light.

If similar articles can be landed in national magazines and papers, they can make your company more popular both with customers and other businesses because of the perception of your popularity. PR people write and attempt to get these articles published, and they sometimes succeed because of pre-existing relationships with the editors and other company bosses. This is a good reason to have a PR professional do it rather than try to do it yourself.

Marketing your business is incredibly important — without advertising yourself somehow you won’t get any business. The most minimal advertising are signs on your business’ window, websites, and word of mouth, but can be up to and including television spots and billboards. A good PR firm can be responsible for performing or commissioning surveys that will inform you where your advertising will be the most effective.

The analysis of surveys can be tedious and difficult to do for those without experience. But it is necessary to get the best and most accurate data about where to target your advertising. If your PR firm does it for you, you can get all the same benefits without doing the work.

Because they are established in the business of promoting people and businesses, PR firms are invaluable assets in networking. By matching businesses and people together and talking up your business or skills, they can help you make connections in the your market that will lead to more connections over time. This is one of the best reasons to employ a PR person.

When picking a PR firm, remember to consider if what they can give you will meet your needs. Consider whether you need a firm or if a single person could do the job effectively (and for less money). If you need a PR person with experience within your industry, find out about their professional history in the field before hiring them. For some businesses this will be less of a consideration than for others.

Remember that the PR relationship isn’t one way. You’ll need to do your part in keeping the PR agent up to date with your company. It’s hard to market something that you don’t know enough about. You should also spend plenty of time with your agent, because the more personal your relationship with him or her is, the more they will care about what happens to you.

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Buy Facebook Fans Now!

Monday, December 26th, 2011

What kind of person are you? Are you the life of the party, happy to be the centre of attention all the time? Or are you more of a wallflower, blend-into-the-crowd kind? If you are going to be successful in your social media marketing campaign, you’re going to have to either continue to be, or start being, the former. You’ll get nowhere by sitting back and watching the other guys steal the spotlight. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to get out there.

What you’ll need to do this is a solid group of Facebook fans. But not just any fans. You’ll have to look for fans that have something in common with you, such as your geographical location, your industry, or similar interest group. It’s very critical that you find finds that have that point of commonality. Don’t just rack up fans for the sake of it. That won’t serve your business well at all and you’l be wasting your time.

It’s also extremely important to get those targeted fans fast. Marketing campaigns have a best-before date, and if your efforts to get Facebook fans push you past that date, your campaign’s effectiveness will wane. You don’t want that. There is little real difference between a stale business plan and a flawed one. In both cases, you won’t achieve your goal. And in business, wasted time is wasted money.

I know, you’re thinking that all of this is just making your to-do list longer, right? Wrong. Your to-do list is about to get shorter. Yes, it’s true! Web promoters will take care of the details for you. All you have to do is tell them what kind of Facebook fans your business needs, and you’ll soon see them delivered to your Facebook page. Just like that!

You have too much to do to worry about having to get Facebook fans. Buy Facebook fans instead! Let take over and let them bring the Facebook fans to you. Simply buy Facebook fans from them and they’ll do the rest.

When you buy Facebook fans, you quickly and easily take the first major step toward a very successful marketing plan.

You’ve got the information you need, now go out and use it!

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Put The Spice In Your Social Media: Why Social Media is a Great Idea

Monday, December 12th, 2011

If you enjoy Starbucks, and enjoy social media, it will soon be your time to shine (August 22nd, to be exact). Starbucks has announced a plan to gather their large fan base on Facebook to celebrate the coming of their autumn flavor, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. So if you’re wondering why social media matters, now you can see that even the largest brands are working with an online marketing firm.

The Pumpkin Spiced Latte is a treat that has a large backing, and because it is seasonal, there is a large amount of excitement associated with it. When October comes around, everyone looks forward to the smell and thought of pumpkin, spices, and Halloween. The fall festivities this year for Starbucks will be revolving around the integration of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte and social media. But, why social media? Why did Starbucks decided to work with an online marketing firm?

What do they plan to do? Starbucks plans to incorporate an application with Facebook, that will challenge the intellect and creativity of their following. Within this application, there will be a point-based game that users may follow to garner the most points. Of course there has to be an fun objective to achieve with such points. The goal is to win. And with winning, comes the Pumpkin Spiced Latte Beverage to the city with the most involved and zealous users on August 30th, earlier than any other Starbucks store.

Within the application, there will be 3 different objectives to complete in order to collect points. For the people who have the gift of gab, there will be shout-outs for each city. For the people who have the gift of logic and problem solving, there will be daily trivia challenges and the sort to test their knowledge. Last, but not least, for minds blessed with the power of the muse and creativity, there will be an opportunity to obtain points through daily creations, using the application itself to design and create their mind’s imagination. Although with all these sorts of people, as long as you are competitive or love Starbucks, you will like this application, as there are Scoreboards will real time updates on who is at the front in the race for the delectable Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

By using this application, Starbucks strives to achieve a wonderful result. Bringing their community together through bonds and getting them involved in the decisions of their actions brings them much closer to the company itself. Not only that, but Starbucks hopes that they will be able to nurture their fans’ creativity, and giving them a chance to express it. In the end, their campaign with the Pumpkin Spiced Latte isn’t just a competition; it’s a gathering for Starbucks lovers everywhere. Now do you get why social media is so great? Maybe you should get in contact with an online marketing firm tomorrow!

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Facebook and social media sales

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Why is it that social website systems are so powerful for internet marketing? The social media network systems are accessible and easy to use by everyone. Even people with little knowledge or IT skills can adapt themselves to social media. Internet marketing across the social platforms is free but if you are unaware and don’t know what you’re doing, it can be as severe personal time management burden. With over 50 million users worldwide face book is the best social networking media website for subscriptions and activity. Mark Zuckerberg has produced a primary sensation on the Internet. This interface enables real time communication and can create fan pages and new groups within a short time. The web 2 . 0 applications that exist within facebook or twitter are some of the main reasons for its immense popularity. The social networking applications which have been engineered in the facebook or twitter advertising strata offer avenues of business internet marketing optimization within the social networking frame or model.

Publishing marketing and advertising messages on facebook or twitter may not give you the conversion process ratio that you’re looking for in your network model for marketing and advertising. In the avenues of promotional material there is a set guideline as to what will work and what will fail in the web 2 . 0 model of marketing and advertising. Publishing over and over about your organization services will switch users and prospective clients off. There comes an etiquette with the socializing in facebook or twitter that can result in recommendations of your company services in a successful manner. You need to build up your followers on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to discover the correct momentum to begin with publishing messages about your organization. This socially aware system continues to be carefully moderated by many large companies seeking an optimistic results of their ROI with the web 2 . 0 networks.

Can the social networking networks be an successful advertising device? The response is a booming yes, the issue lies in navigating the social networking network sea using the correct language and a sound strategy with the final result being real conversion. If your social networking awareness factor only means you’re submitting on facebook . com and twitter with random mentions of your business enterprise services you may indeed be wasting your time. Large businesses have learned to analyze and monitor user interaction with in their social networking platform. The time frame that has gone into this research means that your business enterprise can adopt the same approaches to employ the social network to gain conversion that will play in your favor. The simple measures of adding obscure friends is no longer a viable commodity for your effective time management plan within the social networking networks. The opportunity to have a fruitful dialogue with customers which might be potentially needing the services you provide lies within organizing planning and outlying procedures.

As in the real world, making the most of your networking time and connecting to prospective customers that have a complimentary or similar interest is the approach to take. Your expertise can produce a mutually beneficial relationship between potential client leads and new customers. When the social network giants like facebook or twitter limit your friends to say only five thousand, you need to make sure that it is that right five thouand people you wish to address. Following the incorrect people just creates a cloud of haze and confusion with people that will never turn out to be clients just simply random web 2 . 0 users.

The realization is about obtaining the right connections exactly like in the real world advertising model. You wouldn’t normally waste any valuable company time on individuals or people who are not relative to your online or offline business services. One aspect of web 2 . 0 media interaction could possibly be talking and engaging other companies like yours. This could seem like an oversight as you’re dealing with potential rivals, however, you may both interact and discover that by economics or location you have fact helped each other, not really contending.

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Make More People Like Your Small Business On Social Media Sites

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

In the previous issue of Facebook For Business, you learned the best way to build a business Fan Page from Facebook. In this issue we are going to talk about getting people to like your business on Facebook.

Before anything else, it is crucial that you know the principal issue in making your page noticeable online. Awareness should be your primary goal when using a Facebook Fan Page.

In order to make people aware of your business, you should look for other ways that will allow you to display your URL address. As its core group, the company should tap their employees and close contacts. Send business newsletters that publicize the launching of your Fan Page. You can expect to get a number of ‘Likes’ in just a short while if you’re running a large-scale business and has been around for quiet a while already.

Do you know that there are also a number of companies that require their employees to include their Facebook account in their e-mail signature? With this, it will be easier for the company to connect with personal and professional contacts of their employees. The company can also tap other web vehicles such as their official website, their Twitter and LinkedIn account and even through SEO articles and press releases.

On the whole, the impact of social media management is remarkable when played right. Because it’s highly effective, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use Facebook as a business tool. To put it simply, any Facebook page needs a good amount of unique visitors for it to become profitable.

Now that you know this, let’s move on to the difficult but not impossible task of getting as much ‘Likes’ as possible when using Facebook for Business. Getting Likes on Facebook is a verification of a company’s popularity. But more than this, Likes are an effective gauge of your online presence. The more ‘Likes’ a Fan Page has, the more effective it is in attracting potential customers. In order to get more Likes, the company must be like a well-oiled machine. It should give out continuous updates, upload photos that will entice potential customers and use applications that help share its promos and sales.

If you need help in doing this, then tap a group in your company to serve as moderators. Make HR or Marketing the primary group in charge. If however, you’re running a small business with a limited amount of employees or if you’re running it yourself, consider outsourcing the task and use applications like Hootsuite which sends out updates on a regular basis.

This may sound too complex and time-consuming but you should keep at it. The work will pay off if you stay consistent and organized. The standards in using Facebook differ from one company to another. You can post more or less frequently compared to another business but one thing that should always stand is this: Professionalism when posting any content.

View your Facebook page as you would if you are running newsletters and your Facebook fans as your subscribers. Post updates that are always benefit-driven but not full of hype. A lot of nonsense will ruin your trustworthiness online. Credible news such as photos from seminars, featured employees of the month, helpful links from close affiliates and etc.

Furthermore, effective Facebook marketing means that you should make use of incentives, promos and other activities then promote them exclusively on the site. This way, customers are easily led to the account and you will garner positive associations from it. Understand that word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising despite the powers of social media. That is why it’s important to take good care of your present customers as this will determine your level of “share-ability”.

Be sure to look for our next issue of Facebook For Business. We will talk about using special offers, contests and special gifts to generate fans.

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