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Astronomical ROI for Online Advertising

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Online advertising is still a relatively new form of marketing compared to traditional forms of media such as print or television. Being such a new medium some web marketing professionals are having trouble using online advertising to its full potential. Here are a few tips to make sure your next marketing campaign makes good use of online advertising.

First thing is first; get your point across quickly and effectively because it’s known that online consumers have short attention spans. You must be positive you’re getting your points across in a concise manner. If the bulk of your online advertising is long-winded and it takes more than a few moments to fully grasp the ideas put forth then you are doing something incorrect. Remember; the longer the message the greater the chance to lose the attention of the consumer.

The ad should embody your company- you want a consumer to be able to look at your online advertising and determine exactly what your company is about. Are you a hip and laid-back company or an uptight corporate, company. It is important to consider what the voice of your marketing is. Every word is important so take time to get it right.

Always be sure to establish original landing pages for your products. Marketing a particular object requires a landing page to where the consumer should be directed. If you direct the customer to merely the homepage and from there they are unable to find what they are interested in then you’ve failed at your objective. Not only does the landing page promote sales but can also be informative. They drifted to your page and clicked your links for a reason so you should give them all the info they are searching for simply and effectively.

Something else to be acutely aware of is to make changes as necessary to your content. One of the great things about online advertising is the metrics available to you. You can easily see stats such as how many people are clicking on the ad and how many people have seen it among other things. If something doesn’t seem to be working you can change it. The beauty of online advertising is that changes can be made quickly unlike with print or television which takes advanced timing to make changes.

Always remember to keep these tips in mind the next time your marketing team begins their next ad campaign. Online advertising needs plenty of attention but the return can be ten fold.

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Saturday Night Live’s Web Marketing Usage

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I am a fan of both Will Ferrell and Saturday Night Live, so it was clear that I had to see the recent episode where Ferrell returned to host. It was an episode that felt familiar yet brand new at the same time. He played his old characters to perfection, as if he had never left, and this is surprising coming from someone like me who’s been indifferent to recent SNL episodes. I was surprised and I think this episode’s success can partially be attributed to the show’s focus on web marketing.

Since it aired, the Will Ferrell-hosted episode of SNL has gained more than its fair share of notoriety, being reported on news channel after news channel. It actually surprised me to see just how much coverage the episode it got after it aired. Then again, there were many sketches that I genuinely laughed at and that is surprising, considering how infrequently I chuckle at the modern SNL bits. I believe that the inclusion of the Internet came from one sketch in particular.

It was, essentially, a compilation of the many shorts that the band put together in the days of the past along with new content. Recurring Lonely Island characters like Andy Samberg’s “On the Ground” character and Shy Ronnie. Guest stars like Michael Bolton and Justin Beiber also made appearances. I would not be surprised to see the video or music track available for download soon through web marketing via fish bat.

I think that when the Internet is taken into account, the Lonely Island is used to help Saturday Night Live. They have brought in a huge following on YouTube due to their comedic videos and their albums have sold in boatloads. They have talent and it’s especially obvious when they are, in essence, a comedic band. They don’t have any specific competition, per se, and this is especially well-known when people like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have appeared in Lonely Island productions.

Saturday Night Live definitely stunned me when I saw the newest episode which Will Ferrell hosted. It was almost like I was viewing an episode from the 90’s, which I more than enjoyed. To me, some of the most enjoyable sketches came up during that time. The Lonely Island, in terms of web marketing, can only help SNL since the band is so well-known on the Internet.

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Utilizing Facebook Advertising

Friday, May 18th, 2012

With Facebook taking the lead in the social media race thus far, it makes sense that so many businesses are opening up accounts to promote themselves. The majority of people have some sort of accessible social media account and are more likely to simply click on an ad and possible purchase the product online than they are to see a television commercial and then physically go out to the store. Gone are the days of street promotions and huge billboards. Also gone are the days of conventional marketing via television, newspapers, and radio.

Now it’s all about creating the need and having the right products in place to satisfy that need. The consumers will then follow through by searching for those companies that cater to those needs. They will also note if a provider of those products or services does so ethically and according to standards and specifications. So as a company that is looking to the internet and at web marketing solutions to increase sales, you need to be in with the trends and have a good understanding of how it all works.

Relevant information regarding your consumers’ locations, interests, and activities is essential when determining the best marketing strategies. A good web marketing solutions provider will be able to retrieve the information and in return, place your product ads to the right social media accounts. Without an online marketing company, it could be quite tricky determining this information on your own.

With all this information in place, your web marketing solutions provider will be in a position to come up with a strategy and a marketing plan that lets you reach the targets and goals you have set through Facebook ads. Of course using web marketing solutions and related services come at a cost and you will need to evaluate the cost aspect and the revenue and profits such an investment would entail. However, given ground realities and an ever changing business environment, one thing is for certain and that is the importance of using the internet as a sales tool.

However, before you contract such a service, consider their past track record and how they have delivered on their promises. Look at how companies such as Facebook have done things differently as innovation is a key part of staying ahead in the competitive jungle we call the internet.

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