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Why websites need on-page optimisation

Monday, February 20th, 2012

On-page optimisation is one of the first steps of search site optimisation that every web-master or site developer should look into and implement when building and adding content to an internet site.

If you can do the on-page optimisation of your site properly not merely will it help your ranking in the search engines but it will also make your website simpler to read for your visitors below are a few on-page optimisation tips you want to add to your site.

Title Tags –Doubtless the most important on-page optimisation component. The title tag should be short around 60 characters but descriptive so people know what your enterprise or service is about. The title tag is the first thing shown and indexed by the search engines so when people do searches this is your chance to grab their attention as it’s the first thing they see in the search results pages so you would like it stand out more and must be appealing enough to the search site so as to rank you above thousands of other similar internet sites like yours.

Meta Tags – Not as significant as they where before but still worth doing they are quite not dead yet. Your meta outline should be a short description of your service or enterprise and what you have expertise in around 160 characters. If your meta description isn't well written there's a high possibility that your internet site will get ignored.

HTML Tags – It’s necessary that you highlight particular bits of your page, there are a few tags that may do this, the most vital of these tags is your header tags the text inside these tell the search engines what your page is about and they see that these are important sections of your internet page.

Keywords – Your content needs to be optimized in just such a way that it suits both the search engine and folks reading your page. Over doing your keywords can make your page incomprehensible. You'll need to have some kind of balance between your keywords & your content.

Image Tags – If your website has plenty of images you will need to optimise these as well so that the search engines can read them. When a person looking at your pictures can figure what it is but for the search engines when they crawl your website they can’t. The search spiders can only read text and not photographs so itss important to add these tags to your pics so it gives them some meaning.

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Leveraging Facebook To Earnings On The Internet Is Something Which Men And Women Don’t Think About

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

The direction of social networking has reached the majority of us over recent years and there is little doubt that Facebook has emerged as the giant of the industry. Six million users could become one billion in the not too distant future if you take into account it was only 2004 when this all began. It is no wonder therefore that business owners realize this has to be part of their marketing mix considering the amount of people their message can reach. So let’s have a look at why this is now seen as an essential element for marketing on the web.

Friends chatting and trading photos is a description you will often get from people when you question them about what Facebook is used for. The social side, nonetheless, is where marketing opportunities can be found since people will often give positive or negative reviews of being a consumer themselves. The sheer amount of time that people spend on the network is an critical element to this and if your promoting message becomes part of the conversation, you have a potentially powerful business application.

We are accustomed to seeing a company’s website URL in any advertising material but you will now in addition see their Facebook details. The truth is, this is often now given priority and this address is actually the business page for that corporation which is different to what we currently have as a personal profile on Facebook. Facebook pages will frequently gain momentum through individuals successfully passing the details onto others and this will be beneficial to the business. The process of liking a page is just how this can happen and the fact a page has been liked can then feed through to other folks in that person’s network. Facebook can for that reason take a business right across the world wide web and this is why social sites are seen as so important.

It is apparent to see that a well designed page can give you lots of options. As an example if you are looking to build a list of subscribers it may be that somebody needs to like your page to have permission to access a free report. As such, as well as gathering email addresses, the page is becoming liked on a regular basis. This marketing and advertising approach can definitely speed up your financial success on the internet.

Shelling out for traffic is also an possibility with Facebook as opposed to the free strategies generated through online business pages. Google ads have become expensive and so the Facebook alternative has become more desirable especially in the way their advertisements can be set up. The need to monitor the performance of your ads in terms of money spent and the profits made, is something you would need to do.

If you are involved in any sort of internet business, Facebook can supply the tools to take you to a greater level if used in the correct way.

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SEO Techniques For Creating Backlinks

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

The Internet is growing day by day, but it is unclear whether there is a higher percentage of surfers joining the Internet or a higher percentage of web sites. My guess is that the Net is fracturing so that there is a Chinese Internet, and English Internet, a Spanish Internet and so on, but the number of people creating web sites aimed at the English-speaking market is growing the fastest, which means that competition is increasing.

There are a number of SEO techniques for building backlinks. (By the way, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization). In fact there are many, but some of them are not very good. The basic principle of building backlinks is that search engines rank sites according to their popularity. So, if you type a search phrase into a search engine it will return a list of web sites.

That list of web sites will be ranked according to popularity and the search engine judges popularity by the number of web sites linking to it. Therefore, the objective of all web masters is to create enough backlinks to rank on the first page of Google and if possible in the top six.

Here are some techniques for building backlinks.

The number one best way of acquiring backlinks is writing helpful articles and adding a link to your web site in the by-line at the bottom of it. This article ought to be posted to piece databases. Most piece databases need the article and the link to be on a similar topic, but others do not.

Another decent technique for building backlinks is to contribute to blogs and forums which are on a subject related to your web site. In this case, you ought to make a signature file (sigfile) and attach the sigfile to all your posts to those blogs and forums. If you try this, the posts should be relevant and helpful and not at all pushy or you run the danger of having your account closed in which case you will lose all the links you have already built.

You could try using traffic exchanges to get backlinks. Surfing traffic exchanges does not work effectively for most forms of web sites, but if you open an account and enter your web sites in to your account, search engines will find your links and credit you with a backlink. If you do this with a hundred TE’s that is 100 unreciprocated backlinks, which is a quite valuable leg-up.

Links ought to be from web sites that are related or relevant to yours to be of the most use. Some web masters exchange links with the web masters of related sites. The concerns here are: 1] you have to continuously monitor whether they have taken your link down 2] you have to know the popularity of the page that holds your link (does anyone or any search engine ever go there?) 3] you will ‘leak’ visitors out of your links to the others’ sites. Will you get more that you lose?

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Why Do So Many Web Masters Fail At Affiliate Marketing?

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Affiliate marketing seems like an simple option to those who would like to make an income from the Net. After all, there is no requirement to pay for or even to control stock and in some cases there is not even a requirement to have a web site. The job of the affiliate is to encourage surfers to click through to the suppliers’ sales pages. It sounds so simple.

More and more people are giving it a whirl every day. However, most of those will end up being disappointed. The fact is that affiliate marketing is definitely not as easy as it seems and some firms use subtle techniques and provisos to make certain that most web masters do not get paid out.

However, we will come back to that aspect later. Let’s suppose for the moment that affiliate marketers are treated well. So an affiliate marketer builds a web site and then puts some creatives (adverts) on it in the hope of earning some money.

That approach will not be effective, because the tactic has to be to find out what people require or would like and then offer it. So, you find out that surfers are searching for holidays to Thailand and you realize that you can satisfy some of that desire.

OK, now you have a plan. You create a web site which has details of places in Thailand and you add creatives about Thailand. This is a huge step further in the right direction than the previous situation. But, you are still not there.

So, you have a web site about Thailand with affiliate marketing creatives offering vacations in Thailand and perhaps a few Thai items as well, but do you have any visitors? Probably not that many. It is a fact that the search engines will find you eventually, but how long are you prepared to wait and where will you be in the search engine rankings? Page one or page six?

If you are not on page one of Google for your keywords, then you will not make much money. Sorry, that is true. So, the next thing to do is attract visitors – loads of them, because not all visitors click ads. You can work out your click-through-rate (CTR), but let’s assume that it is about 2.5%, let’s say 5%, but that is rather high. How much do you earn per click or per sale?

Let’s say that you get $1 a click or sale. You will require at least 1,000 visitors a day to earn $25-$50. OK, that may sound okay to you, but it is not actually, considering all the marketing you will have to do in order to get 1,000 visitors. And what about your overheads?

The real killer for me is that the big companies like Clickbank and Commission Junction put restrictions on paying you out too. Clickbank will charge you for not making enough money, so that even if you do sell something, they will claw money back if you do not meet their sales targets.

The moral of this article? Do not think that affiliate marketing is going to replace your day career unless you have a weighty stream of visitors.

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Do’s And Don’t’s Of Facebook

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The Internet, as a whole, has opened the doors to a varied range of contact possibilities with customers. The interactive characteristic of the medium also makes it possible for a customer to relay his response to a vast audience. Social networking sites, particularly Facebook, which are getting increasingly common around the world, have given customers an equal opening to communicate as loudly as you about your brand, in a public forum open to the whole world.

On the brighter side, there is a great opportunity to attain direct and unadulterated feedback from customers, without the requirement of costly and time-consuming surveys and research processes. Directly redressing customer queries on the medium itself can help increase brand loyalty. However, as a brand owner, you must be aware of the speed and potential of the medium to do good as well as harm.

There are enough reasons for a brand to be on one of the most trendy mediums. A major amount of conversation that happens on Facebook, or for that matter on other social platforms like Twitter, specifies brands, with customer’s attitude toward these clearly seen through them. Social media marketing can produce raw information that has not been spun, modified, or adulterated.

The fact is that whether you are there on Facebook, it’s very probable that someone or another from your customer base might be referencing you. Your brand presence during such a time is crucial to either thank the customer for any accolades or gracefully respond and address any grievances posted by the customers and win back their confidence in your brand.

On a proactive note, sustained brand presence on Facebook also helps you create your own group of customers, including those interested in you. This gives you one point access to disburse any firsthand brand information in a single click, without paying out a cent more. Today, brands – both little and big – have a presence on Facebook. Many of them utilize it with more innovation than the rest.

Conventional marketers are used to broadcast, which is a formal means of communication, where customers’ opinions are barely heard back. Coming from this experience, many a time, marketers find it hard to adjust and converse in the language required by social networking sites, which are much informal in nature.

There have been instances where brand owners trying to enforce rules and guidelines of discussion on Facebook fan pages have faced the immediate wrath of users, which had a negative impact on the brand. The moral from this is very clear, the brand must try to avoid any pitfalls on Facebook; marketers must know the responsiveness and energy levels of the users and be one among them, rather than one above.

For every horror story of a brand mess up on Facebook, there are many cases of success, where even small household brands have grown in reputation through effective use of the medium. Two golden rules to be obeyed while using Facebook and social media marketing in general, which can yield good outcomes in the long run, are as follows: Do not be a big brother – be a cheerful friend to your consumers. The big brother attitude, which worked fine in standard media, can hurt your brand on Facebook.

Any showdown of brand arrogance or one-upmanship is given a harsh response by its customers in the same medium. For a brand to succeed, it has to be a friend, who is fun to speak with. Do not advertise, converse – Blatant advertising, or use of social networks for incessant spamming with interruptive advertising, is a sure recipe for disaster. You will find your brand page getting isolated on Facebook.

There are many ethics to be obeyed with Facebook and social media marketing, which can be easily realized through active participation in the medium itself. A company must ensure that its trained representatives have a marked presence on Facebook and social networking avenues as true online custodians for the brand. For many companies, it also makes sense to engage an agency that is experienced in handling brand reputations on Facebook and online avenues, both to get more visitors and generate more revenue.

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The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The World Wide Web can be a scary place for a company. It is an open mic night for anyone who wants to say negative things about your company. Since there are so many chances for people to disparage your company it is important that you are constantly engaging in online reputation management to keep consumers from turning on your company.

Online reputation management involves monitoring what is showing up in regards to your company on search engines as well as looking for content that can be harmful for your company. When you find things that aren’t exactly ideal for your company you need to address the problem and get positive content at the top of search engine results while lowering the negative results. This is similar to when a company engages in search engine optimization, except the purpose is different. Search engine optimization involves promoting positive content and getting your pages to the top of a results page, reputation management seeks to drive content down the results pages and hide the content from potential search engine users.

The way a company responds and engages in reputation management can also shape how people see them. Often, companies pose as customers on review sites and give positive reviews to their own products so people will disregard the negative reviews. This is considered unethical and should be avoided because if your company is found doing this it will just lead to a bigger headache for you and more negative publicity.

A good way to respond to negative reviews is to contact the reviewer and see if there is anything you can do to fix the issue. Consumers like to see that a company cares about them and will appreciate that you listened to their worries and took the time to resolve the situation. Sending free products to prominent reviewers can also help your company because the reviewers are thought leaders and can help sway the opinion of your product dramatically.

Online reputation management is increasingly becoming more important by the day. When people are making a big purchase they will go online and look for product reviews to see which brand is right for them. It is important to make sure the things being said about your product on search engine results and on websites is positive, not negative.

It is important to use reputation management to keep individuals and companies engaged in your business. Using a search engine marketings tool is also very important. Contact fishbat on how you can make this happen!. Unique version for reprint here: The Importance Of Online Reputation Management.

Marketing- Thinking Beyond The Link

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

When you being searching for ways to market your website you soon become convinced that backlinks is one of the most effective ways to increase your search engines rank and bring traffic to your website. Soon after, you will also realize that you cannot escape writing articles for that purpose. However, because the path that leads you to write articles comes from the fact that you need backlinks, you most likely will end up writing articles for backlinks only.

Yes backlinks are very important and they will increase your position in search engines. In this you have to realize that building backlinks takes lots of effort and patience before you begin seeing any results. That is even truer when you do not want to spend too much money and you’re doing it a link at a time. Backlinks results and real traffic might not come until after months and sometimes years. If you see the point here and you are doing it anyways, you should not ignore what an article can do for your website marketing efforts beyond the backlink, before and after the backlink results.

Know that your article on its own can also become an additional source that brings decent traffic to your website if well researched and written. In addition to bringing traffic to your website, a great article will help you sell your product or service by pre-selling you as a trust worthy source of information and therefore an quality source of products and services.

If you want your readers to get to the link that is commonly at the end of the article in a reference box, you have to keep them reading to the last paragraph. Otherwise, it takes seconds to click back or click any other link of the many that are commonly found on article pages such as related articles, categories and web navigation links – that’s not to mention advertisement links.

You will see that traffic that comes from your articles will have the highest conversion rates. A quality article will prepare readers to become a client of yours because it demonstrates what you know and the quality of business that your website offers. This in addition to the fact that this traffic is free!

Furthermore, a quality article won’t only bring you quality traffic but will also make the link on the article more valuable. Web surfers will usually link to quality articles. This will maximize the rank of the article and therefore the rank of the link. They’ll bookmark it, refer to it, add it to favorites, rate it higher, comment on it etc. All this will bring more traffic to your article and to your website.

Yet another thing that works to the advantage of writing only quality articles is the approval rate. Article directories and content publishers will want to publish your articles if it adds quality. Your approval rate will be higher in article directories and therefore you will not waste time and loose a potential link on a high rank article directory. Even more, publishers will want to take your article and publish it in their ezines and on their websites which in return will keep creating more links to your website.

The purpose of any website marketing campaign is to bring traffic to your website. One good article can bring you tens and maybe hundreds of quality traffic. Reversibly speaking, it takes hundreds, even thousands of links to reach the same goal.

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Using Social Media For Internet Advertising

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

We’re not talking about purchasing ads on Facebook here, even though that’s a great idea too. One of the best parts about social media is that it’s a free way to reach a large number of interested, engaged customers and tell them all about the great products and services that you have to offer.

First off, let us discuss why social media is so great for internet advertising. The primary advantage that social media has over other forms of communication-such as, say, television advertisements-is that you can be sure that the people you are talking to are actually interested in your products. They chose to follow you, so you know they want what it is that you are selling.

Secondly, social media offers real time metrics that will tell you how many people you are talking to, where they are located, and what they’re saying about you. When you once had to shell out for an expensive market research agency, you can now figure out everything that you need to know with a few clicks on your keyboard.

Social media is a practical godsend for internet advertising, and its applications are pretty much limitless. So, let’s go through the most popular social media applications and discuss what would be the best ways to use them in order to make sure that you are doing the best you can to hype your products.

Facebook: Facebook works best as a fan page with information that has some staying power. So, if you have a sale or a contest that’s going to last for a couple of weeks, you should tell your friends online all about it. If you have information or some pictures, this is a great place for it too. Facebook is also great for establishing a community of fans that can talk to each other about your products. This way you can have your fans advertise for you!

Twitter: Whereas Facebook tends to hang out for a bit, Twitter updates come and go pretty quickly. If you have more timely information, or perhaps a one day sale, Twitter is the best place for you.

YouTube: If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. If you do not have a YouTube channel, I would suggest starting one. YouTube is a great way in order to really make a connection with your customers.

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Why Link Directories Are Perfect For SEO

Friday, August 12th, 2011

How much do you know about SEO? Did you know that the more links you get to your website the more popular your site will be with the search engines? What most people don’t understand about SEO (search engine optimization) is that the amount of links don’t matter, the quality of the links do. With that in mind it is not a natural process to only get links from article directories, blog comments, forum posts, and things like that, you need to mix it up.

Something that a lot of people do not understand is getting links from very diverse locations will result in getting traffic from a wide variety of places as opposed to getting the same visitors over and over again. In many people’s opinion it is best to use link directories to help get your SEO campaign up and running. One of the greatest things surrounding a link directory is they don’t take that long to submit to and there are a ton of them that you can use.

Advantages of using link directories for SEO purposes

Quick submissions – One of the benefits is that the submissions are very quick to do. The biggest problem with most link building methods is they take a while to do and that is why link directories are so beneficial to you. What you must understand is that link directories are very easy to do but the problem with fast submissions is if you do too many in one day then your site will look spammy and it will possibly get flagged by the search engines. Just know that when it comes to link building you need to build links at a steady and consistent pace.

Easy to understand – One great benefit is they are very simple to understand. Have you ever tried to submit a link to an article directory and they keep denying you simply because you don’t have enough words, you didn’t provide tags, the title was in all caps, and things like that? This is one thing that will not take place in regards to link directories.

Good results – Link directories might not be the best links available right now but the good thing is they still have some power in the online world. What you must understand is a link directory is not going to send you thousands of visitors every month. The main reason a link directory should be used is for SEO purposes, not for traffic directly from the link directory.

Good start – As I said before, links should be built naturally and over a number of different methods. Something that I highly recommend is that you use blog comments, article marketing, forums, and link directories in order to get the most out of your link building campaign.

Just remember that you will have to get out there and see which web link directory will work best to start with. Remember that there is more than just one website directory out there so hurry and get started so your link can be on each and every one of them.

Keyword Research Made Simple

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

To achieve top search engine rankings you can gain an advantage by focusing on effective keyword research. After working with dozens of clients on competing effectively in a given niche, I’ve discovered how powerful the right type of keyword research can be for creating improved rankings and traffic. When competing in a difficult niche, the keywords you select can make the difference between long term success or failure.

In addition to focusing on a keyword phrase that doesn’t have strong competition, you need to find search phrases that are frequently searched on. I recently finished a project for a foundation trying to optimize their website. They had top rankings for a keyword term that seemed to be somewhat desirable. However, keyword research proved that the term received less than 100 searches per month. As a result, top rankings for this keyword phrase were nearly meaningless.

Once you have found a keyword phrase that isn’t all that competitive and receives an adequate number of monthly searches, the next step is to take a look at your competition. Google the keyword phrases you want to optimize for a run a back link check on the top three ranked web sites. This will show you the strength of those web sites relative to their search engine ranking. The more inbound links, the more difficult it will be to rank higher than they do without some type of sustained link building campaign.

After doing your research and confirming your choice of keywords and keyword phrases, it’s time to focus on improving your web pages. Enhance your meta tags, titles, and web copy to include your keyword phrases. This helps to tell the search engines what your web site is about so it can rank your site appropriately. In addition to the on page factors, Google weighs off page factors to determine web site ranking. Off page optimization requires a sustained effort that uses new content and additional links from third party websites. The most effective strategies are the most basic. Begin with a link building plan. Focus on article directories, web site directories, blogs, social bookmarking sites, and other resources where you can establish in bound links.

Your optimization strategy should include a plan for consistent link building. Build links too slowly and you’ll never get the authority needed to achieve the number one ranking. Develop links too quickly and search engines may think you’re up to no good. If you want to improve your organic search engine results, begin with keyword research before link building. Having the right keywords can make the difference in your overall optimization results. Update your meta tags and web pages to integrate your keyword phrase, focus on building links over the long term, and you’re sure to achieve search engine dominance.

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