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How To Publicize Your Book With Annie Jennings PR’s Tips

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Writers and authors want their work to be read by many; it will mean that they can keep on writing for a living and not as a side-line. Starting out is always hard for any first-time writer. You do not know what to do or how best to market your work. You will probably not be able to afford a high-quality, big city P. R. Firm to do your marketing for you. You may not even have an agent. So how do you get your work known? Is publicity the answer?

Many authors have had the smart idea of writing books about how to promote their books. They are serving their own needs by catering to others just like them. Some books are better than others and some may be just scams. However, you should look at what these authors are doing to get their books bought in the first place. They use new technology which can be free. Use the internet. Create fan sites. Try to link yourself up with as many search engines and online retailers as you can.

Authors living in rural areas may actually sell more copies. It is nothing for someone from New York city to write a book and be published. Hundreds do it every week. But when you are from a small village in New England, people in your area will pay attention. You will get interviewed on local channels and by local papers. Use all of these opportunities, especially because it costs you nothing. Being a mysterious, reclusive writer should be saved for once you have actually become well-known. Then you can pick and choose your public appearances.

You must think about your own image when you promote yourself. Be a professional, above all else. Off-color or non-funny jokes will hurt your image, as well as if you dress like a slob. You also need to know just how much you should tell about your book. If you reveal the whole story, no one is going to bother reading it. Speak intelligently but do not alienate people with intellectual babble. You must be personable and just a tiny bit mysterious while still forcing yourself onto people’s radar.

Dress well, too. If you do not dress professionally for public appearances, what makes anyone think that you can write professionally? Play up your contacts, you affiliation with local schools or business or sports teams. Make people proud that you came from their area. Keep in mind that people know your parents or remember you from high school. They want to see what you have done with your life.

You cannot be shy when it comes to advertising. Do absolutely anything you can (without making a negative impression of yourself). Do commercials, be in local magazines, even put up fliers yourself. You must be a business person. Sign autographs at a local book store. Make deals with companies who promote you and give them a cut of books they help you sell. You goal is to climb to the next tier of celebrity and then the next, as selling your book is your livelihood.

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Annie Jennings PR On How To Create Competitive Advantage Using Publicity

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Well fellow business men and women, the recession is not over yet. Let’s get in the game big time and reach the clients that are still able to purchase services. How do you reach them? Stay visible in the media. Get lots of media attention from appearing on radio shows. This attention includes getting major TV bookings that give you exposure to being booked as the quoted expert in newspaper and magazines. Oh, and don’t forget to get lots of big bookings on the internet media sites as they have strong rankings and this can help your search engine optimization as well.

Use publicity, promotion and marketing strategies to stay visible to your target market. Demand your competitive edge by appearing in all the media that targets your market. Sure, this takes a lot of work but you can streamline the process by working with publicity professionals, at least for the big media. Businesses that are in a position to hire you are investing in outcomes that is, actually deliverable, you know – the ole “what’s in it for me”? Tell them what’s in it for them. Show them you are the only one they should hire as you are all over the internet and media as your industry’s pro. Now, this is competing to win!

How should you spend your public relations and marketing dollars? For the individual building a career or running a consulting/service oriented business the answer is to become known as an expert in your field, branding yourself as a thought leader and influencer. You want to be known as the person whose voice and opinions matter.

How do you get the kind of publicity you need to out-compete everyone else? Lots of radio appearances, lots of TV appearances, quotes in newspapers and magazines and on news sites. You get to show listeners or readers what you know. Although, be sure to stay cutting edge and understand the challenges of your marketplace so your commentary is both insightful and brilliant. Stay out there in the media and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Here’s how it can work for you. Let’s say you wanted to hire someone to help you invest your nest egg. Do you start looking in the yellow pages? No, you ask for referrals and you start to notice the leaders in the investment management firm. One day, you see a financial pro on your cities morning show who looks good, well dresses, good appearance on camera and everything he says seems to resonate with how you feel. Hmmmm. Should you give him a call? Of course, to land on that TV show the expert has to jump through quite a few hoops and pass the media’s scrutiny. He must be good or he would not have been invited on the show. Now, the new business is his to loose. If so much is coming through the door and he can’t get back to you, well then, you have to keep looking but he did get the shot at your business.

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Become A Top National Expert Using Publicity For Career Success With Annie Jennings PR

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Being seen as an expert in your field will create a competitive advantage for you and your business. One of the ways to create expert status is to appear in the media as an expert in your field. Here’s how! Make a list of all of the topics you can discuss as an expert or analyst and include sub-categories for each one. For example, a Workplace Expert can create a topic list that includes how to deal with gossip in the workplace, the dos and don’ts of asking for a raise, workplace etiquette, tips for traveling with the boss, harassment, climbing the corporate ladder, handling burn-out. Create five talking points for each of your expert topics you listed. Talking points are statements in sentence format that present a concept or commentary. Example of talking points on the topic of “tips for traveling with the boss” are: “Do not drink alcohol and if you do, never become intoxicated” or “Being on the road with the boss is not a time to ask for a raise” and so forth. Under each talking point create several lines of discussion or commentary.

Your professional and expert BIO is the first thing you need to create. Pack it with evidence that you are an expert in the field such as your education, awards, recognitions, accomplishments, associations you belong to along with a list of any previous publicity or media placements you have received. Your bio should support your area of expertise and leave out the personal information that does not matter to the media such as hobbies or how many kids you have although you can mention the location of your nearest major city as sometimes the media likes to know where you or your business is located. Create a list of the shows you want to on, or the media you want to get into and build a list of contacts at the media outlets. You will introduce yourself to your media contacts and then once a story hits the news where you are qualified to provide talking points you can connect with your contacts. They already know you and it will be more likely they will choose you for the opportunity.

Make contact with your media targets in advance to let them know you are standing by for them the next time they need for example, a Workplace Expert or a Legal Analyst. Send your expert status qualifications and topic areas, BIO and your complete contact information including home and cell phone. When the media moves, they move fast. Experts are well-read. Look for articles in major national newspapers and magazines that tie into your area of expertise. TV shows get ideas for programming everywhere. Once you spot a national article that you can expand upon or offer commentary on, you will want to contact the media using your contact database. Then send your talking points, bio, phone numbers, and of course, mention the article or breaking news event to which you are pegging your pitch.

When news happens where you are the expert and can comment send out a notice to your contact database. Include your contact info and availability so they can connect with you quickly. Be completely ready and able to drop everything to talk to the media, appear on a radio show or go down to your TV studio for an interview. One thing is true; the media moves very fast and appreciates immediate access to you.

Be sure to invest in media training so you know how to talk to the media. They want clear concise commentary without meandering or long-winded answers. Quick and accurate analysis is key. You want to work out certain trouble spots in advance of your TV appearance such as talking with your hands, blinking your eyes too much or talking slow with a lot of distracting and annoying “ummmm’s”.

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Public Relations To Empower Your Business & Your Career FAST!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

By definition, Public relations help build awareness of companies, products, services, technologies, people and issues among key audiences and influencers, and as budgets shrink for advertising and marketing, Public Relations is the answer to making sure you help build awareness of companies, products, services, technologies, people and issues among key audiences and influencers. Along with your marketing, advertising, internet and social networking, Public Relations can give you an advantage in reaching critical markets.

Failure to use Public Relations to enhance other aspects of your outreach is important you are to succeed. By understanding how to best use Public Relations to your advantage you will be making the decision to be successful and to fully utilize all the tools at your disposal. If you want to increase your market share, increase your Public Relations efforts.

Public Relations is very much about helping you define who you are to your audience, to the media, and will give you needed credentials. Public Relations is an outreach to editorial channels like newspapers and magazines. Also it is an essential way to get to television and radio broadcasters and to get booked as a guest on shows. And like any business, Public Relations should be a part of your organizational structure, like manufacturing, or human resources. And, like every aspect of your organization the way you outline your Public Relations goals are essential to your success. You must have goals and methodology. When you break it down, the better you understand your market, the better you can communicate to that market.

The better you can convey your message, the better your chances are that you will get noticed, and unlike marketing and advertising, Public Relations can and should be more personal and identifiable to you, your company, or your product. There are many ways to reach target the audiences that you need to see you. Some of them are: news releases, public service announcements, guest editorials, media tours, broadcast/print interviews, video news releases, special events, sponsorships/contributions, press meetings, speaking opportunities, and bylined articles, to name some.

Public Relations gives a legitimate voice to your product or service and is much less expensive then traditional advertising and marketing. It can also assist you to test demand for new products, or to help you refine a message. Overall, Public Relations is relevant in getting you to a new and higher visibility and will help focus buyers and create new markets.

Find additional information regarding public relations and how to use a public relations firm to your advantage. Achieve outstanding success in your business and in your career using publicity and public relations. You can Find started fast!. This article, Public Relations To Empower Your Business & Your Career FAST! is released under a creative commons attribution license.

Things You Should Understand Regarding Book Marketing Strategies

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Being a writer certainly has its ups and downs. While there are certainly a few important things to focus on, getting your latest projects off the ground will be among the forefront things that you will need to accomplish. This means getting people to not only recognize that you have written something, but to come to the conclusion that what you have written is worth purchasing. This is all relative to book marketing.

Through the course of the paragraphs in this article you are going to get a look at some of the foremost strategies to achieve this goal regarding your own literary work that you want people to acknowledge. You will also get a good look at how some of these strategies being employed can benefit you.

The very first thing that you are going to have to understand is that there is no mistaking how important this step is in the life and growth of your literary work. You will find that this is not only going to get people to know that the work exists and that it is worth their time, but it will help them to remember this work and your name when they are setting out to purchase new literature.

You will find that there are several different strategies that one could employ to get this process started. The first of these would be to set up an email campaign telling all of your fans about your upcoming release. The most effective method of doing this is to develop a way through former release sales or press events to have those interested in your work to fill out a line on a chart detailing their email address.

The next thing that you might consider to get your name out there would be to purchase some online ads to pop up when people are searching the internet for items related to what your literary work is about or similar authors or pieces relative to what you wrote.

Engaging in speaking events is a great way for you to connect with the audience. This way, they can ask you questions regarding your writing or specific characters that you have created. If you are engaged in speaking events, you will find that you can set up a table for people to purchase new works or some of your former works on their way in or out of the event.

These are just a few means of book marketing out there. While there are certainly other ways to do this, you just have to put in a little bit of time regarding what would be the most effective routes to reach your specific demographic and audience.

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The Mindset & Sercrets Of Success For Success And Happiness

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Want to find out how to be wildly successful in your business? How do others achieve their optimal potential? What do successful speakers, experts and business consultants have in common? Let’s find out. The first thing is that successful people, in business and in life use their many resources to the max. They find out about and use publicity, promotion and branding strategies so they can create a competitive advantage for themselves. They, in turn, get new clients, land lucrative speaking event and earn big money.

Want success? Get ready to take action and take responsibility for your own achievements. Keep in mind that people are only limited by their committment to their success and their knowledge how to make it happen. You can have tons of committment but without the knowledge on how to get the things you want you will only be half-baked. People who make it big know this and never stop learning new strategies. They are ready to invest in their learning, both in time and money as they know they are their best investments. To make it in business, one of the secrets is to create a set of services and a business model that is optimized to deliver the outcome your target clients want to buy. To be successful, you need to pursue it each and every day, all day long.

Use the media, marketing, publicity and promotion to showcase your knowledge. You client will love that you are successful and they will be drawn to work with you. Success generates success and just the opposite is true. If you project failure, who would want to invest in you or your services? Your clients want to invest in a sure thing, so become that sure thing for them. They won’t care so much about how much you cost but they’ll care more about how many benefits you can bring them.

Be content driven in your communication with your prospective clients. Content that is king in marketing and promotion. Your goal is to share your message and do an outstanding job on your media interviews and in your newsletters. Pack your website with information to enrich people’s lives. Have a bigger vision. Focus on sharing your knowledge responsibility with respectful marketing and your new clients will come. Take responsibility for your success. Use media placements such as radio interviews, TV appearances and commentary in newspapers, magazines and online to drive your marketing. Do not blame others for anything. Be accountable to yourself.

Enjoy yourself! Listen to your intuition, your instinct and your feelings. If something seems wrong to you, don’t do it. If your gut says yes, go for it. Consistency over time yields the best results. Take action, do it everyday and watch your success roll in!

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Proof That Obstacles Can’t Hold You Back

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Failure will come walking right to your door anytime you begin to hold back. It does not matter what level of success you have achieved. Put your heart and soul into something or failure will surely follow. Try this exercise to help you learn not to hold back. You will experience a new level of life.

1. What in the past have you wanted to achieve, made a couple steps toward it and then, pulled back? This is the area that you could succeed in if you would allow yourself to stop holding yourself back. This is the area or thing that you are not putting your heart and spirit into all the way.

2. Write a short statement (3 or 4 paragraphs is enough) about what would happen if you went all the way for this goal and did not hold back.

3. Make a list of three things that you in the way of you accomplishing this desire.

4. Write three action steps toward your desire that you could accomplish right now.

5. Make a commitment to do at least do these three things. No more and no less-just these three things.

Observe what happens to the obstacles that were in your way. Sometimes they will diminish or change. Sometimes they will completely eliminate themselves. These obstacles are replaced with other seemingly impossible and impassable things.

You will come to realize two things once you experience the “changing of your obstacles” in this exercise:

1. Challenges, problems, and desires will continually be in the way of your desires.
2. Should you continue to not hold back and to give it your all; obstacles will disappear, change or diminish on the way to accomplishing your desires.

All of us who are upgrading our lives to the next level will tell you that we faced obstacles, challenges, and insurmountable odds. This is the same for all successful people. But, we just keep going. Eventually, our success few bigger and bigger.

One of my personal sayings that I share with my audiences is, “The level of success for any person is directly proportional to that individual’s level of courage.” Please remember that courage does not relate to a lack of fear, but to doing things regardless of fear. You are giving your all and not holding back.

Amelia Earhart was the first pilot to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean. She proudly stated, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

Don’t hold back in your life or with your dreams. Don’t hold back at all and see what happens. You’ll amaze yourself at the new power and level of success you’ll achieve rapidly.

Sincerely Yours,
Dr. Michael J. Duckett

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Due To Massive Job Losses, People Are Looking For Other Ways To Make Money

Friday, June 12th, 2009

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The Economy Is In The Toilet So Why Do Small Online Businesses Thrive?

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

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Next, you can work in anything you want. No dress code which doesn’t allow for this or that. How uncomfortable is a suit all day? It can be very uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you prefer tee-shirts and flip flops? Most people would and that’s exactly what can happen when you make money online.

What about being your own boss? Yes, that is one of the greatest reasons to own My Internet business and work at home. You don’t have to get permission to take a day off or even a week for that matter. It’s all up to you.

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