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Google Adwords Can End Up Costing A Fortune But Here Are Some Tips To Reduce Your Costs

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

Google Adwords can end up being very expensive for many men and women, but the primary reason it is so popular is simply because it is actually an excellent way to get targeted traffic to your web page. Years ago you could wind up obtaining traffic from google, fairly inexpensively, but as the competition has grown over time so has the cost of targeting certain keywords.

Quality traffic does not need to cost loads of cash mainly because there are currently, keywords available on google that you could get relatively inexpensively. Choosing the appropriate keywords and additionally deciding which keywords you have to stay away from is what we are going to be talking about in this post.

The initial thing you ought to realize about choosing keywords is that there are specific key words which can wind up costing you a small fortune every time someone clicks on your advertisement. Actually you will probably find that you are investing much more than $4.00 or $5.00 per click for a number of these keywords, and if that is your spending budget for the day you’ll get one click a day. You are able to wind up going through your budget in a small number of clicks if you wind up choosing a few of the most popular keywords to target and we will be looking at the weight loss niche and some of the common keywords here The first keyword which can end up costing you a fortune is “Weight Loss”, so unless you are able to make 5 to 10 dollars every time somebody clicks on your ad you may want to avoid this key word.

When it comes to actually choosing different kinds of keywords something you should understand is that long tail keywords will generally have less competition, and as a result of this they will be less expensive. Choosing a keyword like “A Weight-loss system That is Simple to Use” is something that men and women will end up looking for in the major search engines and you’ll discover that it will run you a fraction of what the key word “Wight Loss” will cost. You’re additionally going to find that long tail keywords can also wind up generating considerably more sales than using a broad sort of a key word. Broad keywords like “Weight Loss” may not end up being very lucrative for you because these folks may just be doing research without possessing any inclination of purchasing any sort of product.

By utilizing a long tail keyword you will probably find that you may only be investing 5 to 10 per click, and that means you could get up to 100 visitors for the same $5.00 that one click may run you, if you use a broad term. It will be vitally important for you to make sure that you do all the research that is required before picking any type of keywords to target for your Adwords account. If you are looking to get going with google Adwords, you should realize that this can be quite profitable but not if you don’t know what you are doing, so make certain you do research before jumping in.

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How To Provide What Your Customers Want

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

The most important part of your internet marketing journey would be making sales. That is pretty obvious. Having more sales means you gain more profit but how do you generate more sales? My solution is through making your customers happy. To achieve financial success there are so many web marketers out there that are just out to make a quick buck so they try to scam people. Through experience you will soon learn that these people do not achieve financial success very well. To make your customers happy and generate sales, there are a few things that you need to know.

1. To help you gain credibility with your customer base you might opt to provide quality and relevant content. It is essential to build this trust so that you can be sure that your customers will keep coming back for more. Your sales can be generated if your customers keep coming back.

2. You can provide what your customers want through search engine optimization. Search engines have a good idea of what people are looking for when hey browse the web so they will be demanding you to structure your site accordingly. You will see much better search engine rankings once you complete your SEO the way you should. You will suirely get the customer attention and sales you deserve with these rankings.

3. It is also essential to focus on a specific niche. With this kind of niche marketing you will then be able to reach only the people that will be interested in your product or service. It is essential to get at people that will be likely to buy because people tend to get discouraged when they are marketing toward just anybody. Efficiency is also very essential. You will be able to keep moving forward with your financial success when you are efficient.

The key factor to your financial success with your online business is to provide customers with just what they want. Healthy sales comes from happy customers. You will certainly be successful by doing this and don’t forget to provide quality content, practice effective SEO, and to realize the importance of niche marketing.

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Internet Marketers Focus

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

When you begin internet marketing, there are many things that you must learn to master. There is seo, traffic generations, list building, branding, social media, blogging, and the list just goes on and on. More important than all of this however, is mindset. You absolutely MUST have the proper mindset before starting internet marketing. If you don’t, you most likely won’t succeed.

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself to have the proper mindset. You can start to change your thinking from negative thinking to positive thinking. This is the mistake many beginners make, is negative thinking. They begin to market their business on the internet, and then when they don’t see results after a month, they give up. Well I’m here to tell you that it can take much longer than a month to really get things going. For example, if you have a blog, it might take 8 months or more to really build up your readership. And that’s if you do things right.

But I’m not here to discourage you. If you do things SUPER right, you can be a success in no time at all. However, you must know for a FACT that you will succeed! You must not get an ounce of doubt into your mind at any time! If you start to doubt yourself, you will start to make many mistakes, and it will just snowball. Plus, you will just give up altogether, and we can’t have that!

You must have absolute confidence and a high self worth to succeed in internet marketing. Now I’m not saying you have to super outgoing or anything, but you must BELIEVE in yourself! After all, you CAN have anything you want, as long as you believe you will have it!

Internet marketing is no different. When you set foot into the arena, you must believe in yourself. You also need to set REACHABLE goals. The keyword here is reachable. Set goals that you for sure can reach, and don’t stop until you reach them! You must set goals and know EXACTLY where you want to go, otherwise, how will you ever get there? It’s important to be very clear about who you are and what you want to achieve. For most internet marketers, the ideal day would be sitting on a beach with a laptop watching the cash roll in! Wouldn’t you agree with that?

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PPC Advertising and The Competition

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Pay per click advertising can be the one thing that your site needs if your site has either been struggling to attract visitors or if your existing advertising methods are pulling in the wrong crowd.

Even if you exerted a good amount of effort on SEO, heavy traffic won’t really pour in until your website gets a pretty nice ranking and that can take a few months to reach.

There is nothing wrong with being patient and tracking your progress but don’t forget that your site is in a pool of some competition. There might be other sites that are similar to yours but are more aggressive with advertising. PPC can turn the tides if used correctly.

Using PPC for a competitive advantage doesn’t mean that you should abandon your SEO efforts. PPC and SEO can work very well together so keep working on that if you have time. In fact, you can analyze the performance of your SEO and see if you can apply the keywords that you have used to PPC.

Think of PPC as a turbo for SEO so if you are confident with your choice of keywords and the competition isn’t that heavy with those keyword phrases, you can integrate them with your PPC campaign and see some surprising results.

If the outcome is not what you have expected, you can always change both your PPC and SEO tactics and try something else. Success in both PPC and SEO involves a lot of trial and error but deeper research increases your chances of success.

Your research can go to the competitors themselves. These sites are certainly out there and you can discover them rather quickly if you take one of your site’s main keyword phrases and use it as a search query. Observe the first few pages of results and head to any websites that have similar descriptions.

Even if the site isn’t exactly the same, you can consider that site as a competitor if it is trying to target the people that you are targeting. Keep in mind that some people will stop searching for a site if they are contented with the site that they discovered.

By observing the sites that are in the same niche as yours, you can figure out how these websites made the rankings. Some sites have been around much longer than yours and they make good use of SEO to keep them ranked. But there is a chance that the site isn’t using PPC just because they are contented with their SEO.

The best thing to do here is to find any keywords your competitor is using and add them to your PPC campaign so your site will get better exposure if those keywords are used as a search.

This tactic can also help you on a financial perspective. You already know that these keywords work because your competitor uses them for a site boost. It is less likely for your money to be wasted on this type of investment. Once you take the lead on PPC, you can strengthen your SEO as well so you can widen your competitive gap. Repeat this with other competing sites and your site will flourish quickly.

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Always Do The Best Keyword Research For Free

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The latest news is that Google has upgraded the Adwords External Keyword Tool so that it now also shows Search Volumes for the Keywords it returns during keyword research. As Google is the biggest source of keyword search phrases, due to the fact that it is the dominant search engine used by web surfers, this news is extremely significant.

If you are an internet or affiliate marketer you will know that the tradition tools used for keyword research, like Wordze, Keyword Discovery, Keyword Elite and Wordtracker have always been thought of as inaccurate when providing estimated search volumes. They can only collect a very small fraction of the data that Google has access to. The Google keyword database must be massive when you compare it to those of the tools above.

These paid keyword research services try and predict the total searches for each keyword by extrapolating their data, but the numbers returned cannot be considered accurate in any way at all. But because these tools were the only way to get any significant data they were relied on by many if not most internet marketers.

Now Google has changed everything and the new external keyword tool for Adwords displays much more accurate search volumes for real keyword phrases that have actually been searched for in Google by users of their popular search engine. So now if you want to do keyword research you can get everything you want from Google and the search volume data you get will be so much more accurate then the paid keyword tools.

What is more Google provides all this keyword data for free! Although designed originally for use just with Adwords by affiliate marketer this external keyword tool, as it is known, is available for anyone to use totally free. Once you know the link or URL you can just go straight to the tool and use it whenever you want.

This is the biggest change in Internet marketing for a very long time and it is a very significant event. At last Google gives something back to the Internet community. However there are still many out there who cynically suggest that Google has a hidden agenda behind all this and some are not yet sure about the accuracy of Google’s data. However quick analysis of the new search volumes suggest that the accuracy is good, but more analysis needs to be completed before a final decision.

The other major aspect of what Google have just done is that there is a different free version of the tool so that geographically related data can now be discovered, enabling internet marketers to do keyword research specifically for individual countries such as the UK, France or even New Zealand. Thus this is now the best UK keyword research tool for keywords search for in only the United Kingdom.

Apart form the fact this new tool for Google is free this is also very significant and the paid keyword research services never provided any really useful keyword data for country locations anyway.

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General PPC Advertising Keyword Tips

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

A lot of effort poured into advertising will eventually make a website more popular as long as the advertising effectively targets the right areas. Targeting a certain crowd can be difficult if you do not have much knowledge in SEO.

Pay per click advertising is a more direct approach where you can get faster results than using SEO but you still need to use keywords properly if you want to attract the right people without draining your budget.

Pay per click advertising is designed to be risk-free if you know how to manage your budget and invest in the right keyword phrases. Here are some keyword tips that can help you with PPC.

Fast Keyword Research

The Google AdWords keyword tool is a great online tool to use especially if you are using the Google AdWords service for your PPC campaign. Just search for the Google AdWords keyword tool using Google to find the service and paste your website address there. The tool will scan the content of your site and come up with a list of possible keywords that you can use for your PPC campaign.

Take note that not all the keywords will be relevant so you get to choose from the generated list. The nice thing about this tool is that it shows how competitive the keyword phrase is so you can easily avoid those highly competitive entries. The global and local monthly searches are shown so you won’t have to execute the search query for every phrase.

Now that you know how this tool works, take this opportunity to develop more keyword phrases. Your objective is to find keywords that have the best ROI or “Return on Investment”. Don’t limit yourself with the keyword phrases that you see on the list. You have the option to modify these keywords and hope the competition shows a lighter result. You can try adding plural variations of words or make use of hyphens in between words.

If you want to spread even further, see what results different spellings of a word can bring. You can also try using complementary keywords which are basically keywords that are not directly similar to your main keywords but still fall in the same theme. Remember that different people have different search behaviors.

Creating a separate ad group can boost your chances of success even further. This allows you to do advanced targeting through the use of negative keywords. This allows you to prevent your PPC ads from showing up if the keyword phrase contains specific keywords. If done correctly, your clicks will be better spent for the right search engine users.

Even if you are not using AdWords as your main PPC application, keyword targeting is an important skill to practice. Once you get good at it, you can better adjust to the competition if ever search engine trends change. This also means that you should monitor your PPC campaign whenever you have the chance so you can prepare for developing trends.

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Easy Tips To Safe Internet Surfing

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

The world wide web can open up a world of entertainment, education and amusement for the entire family. Most websites are perfectly safe to surf and provide useful information or entertainment however a few sites may be less than safe. Simple precautions though, can make safe internet surfing easy.

The web browser on a computer is the first line of defense against spyware and unsafe websites. Setting the tools options on internet security to medium security settings is the minimum advised but high security is even better. Firewalls and virus scanners can help complete the protection of a computer and secure important personal information.

Email is a great way to keep in contact with friends, find sales and get news updates. However, do not open or run email attachments from unknown sources. These can contain malicious software which can harm your computer or compromise your information.

Using higher security internet settings in the tools section of the web browser can help secure a computer more completely for the net user. Assure yourself that background programs are not allowed to run from websites unless you know for what they are used. If a program tries to install unless you initiated the installation do not allow it.

Do not give personal information to strangers, or strange websites. Few people would give out their address, phone number to strangers on the street and the internet is in some ways nothing more than a very large neighborhood. Make sure you know who you are giving your information to and why it is required.

Wise consumer habits are as vital online as they are in the local stores and every surfer should read the terms, conditions and privacy policies of any program they download. There are many free programs online for entertainment or for information but some may also contain unwanted software such as toolbars or even spyware to track surfing or log financial information. Reading everything before installing any program and then running a virus scan before allowing it to execute is vital. Sites that offer illegal movies or songs may be free, but when downloading these you also risk downloading undesirable software as well.

Consider the online world much like a local street which is safe to cross if you know the traffic laws and look both ways. If you know what sites you are going to, avoid giving out personal information unless you know why it is required, you can be just as safe on the online as crossing the local street. It is important that you examine everything you download and scan it first for viruses or malware because removing them takes longer than checking them beforehand.

The last secret to safe internet surfing is to assure that the passwords used by you to access sites are all different. The most effective passwords use a combination of letters and numbers and usually won’t be found in a dictionary. Almost every password is case sensitive so it is important to write them down exactly as you typed them and then put them in a secure location to which only you have access.

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The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Monday, September 12th, 2011

The World Wide Web can be a scary place for a company. It is an open mic night for anyone who wants to say negative things about your company. Since there are so many chances for people to disparage your company it is important that you are constantly engaging in online reputation management to keep consumers from turning on your company.

Online reputation management involves monitoring what is showing up in regards to your company on search engines as well as looking for content that can be harmful for your company. When you find things that aren’t exactly ideal for your company you need to address the problem and get positive content at the top of search engine results while lowering the negative results. This is similar to when a company engages in search engine optimization, except the purpose is different. Search engine optimization involves promoting positive content and getting your pages to the top of a results page, reputation management seeks to drive content down the results pages and hide the content from potential search engine users.

The way a company responds and engages in reputation management can also shape how people see them. Often, companies pose as customers on review sites and give positive reviews to their own products so people will disregard the negative reviews. This is considered unethical and should be avoided because if your company is found doing this it will just lead to a bigger headache for you and more negative publicity.

A good way to respond to negative reviews is to contact the reviewer and see if there is anything you can do to fix the issue. Consumers like to see that a company cares about them and will appreciate that you listened to their worries and took the time to resolve the situation. Sending free products to prominent reviewers can also help your company because the reviewers are thought leaders and can help sway the opinion of your product dramatically.

Online reputation management is increasingly becoming more important by the day. When people are making a big purchase they will go online and look for product reviews to see which brand is right for them. It is important to make sure the things being said about your product on search engine results and on websites is positive, not negative.

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A Primer On Writing PPC Ad Copy

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Maybe you have experienced the frustration of composing PPC ads? In case you are not positive of the best way to go about it, then don’t worry simply because you happen to be not alone! We’ll cover a number of the far more critical items as it pertains to writing winning ad copy for PPC. The tactics beneath can raise your on-line exposure no matter whether you are attempting to market a single article optimized for “mario badescu acne kit” or perhaps a high-traffic weblog geared toward those interested in “Paper Dioramas”.

Get in Your Customers’ Shoes: Making the effort to think like your target audience will help you convince them to click on your ad and take some action. You need to keep the preferences of your target audience is mind while writing ad copy. When you’re clear about who you’re targeting, the next thing you need to consider is how you would target them with your ad. If you’re selling golf clubs, for example, then your ideal customers are golfers looking for new clubs. While creating your ad, keep the specific needs and wants of your prospect in mind.

You may be amazed at the power of “free” in an ad, but beware because you will be a freebie magnet. But if your offer is truly free, then by all means use it in your ad copy but just be aware of the quality of people you get. Your conversion rates will probably be higher, but think about the money you will be spending. When you’re utilizing a platform such as Google AdWords for your PPC campaign, it’s really important that you make yourself different from the competition, because ultimately your returns depend on how many clicks convert to a sale/lead.

Use Facts: If you can support your ad copy with some known facts then there’s nothing like it. Because people like facts, using them makes it easier to garner their trust. So if your product has already sold a thousand copies – then mention that in your ad copy to make it more effective and genuine. Doing this helps prove to others that what you’re offering really works.

Ultimately strong ad copy is what makes the difference between success and failure so it’s essential to being able to write it. While the above tips aren’t rocket science, they do require action and commitment to get it right.

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Reputation Management

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Reputation management is important to each company. It’s vital to keep track of your actions and what people are saying or doing about them. If your company begins to develop a bad reputation it can lead to a large backlash and a loss in revenue. Look at all of the problems cause by how BP handled the oil spill in the gulf. In this digital age reputation has become more important than ever as information spreads at an insane rate. If you are doing something people don’t approve of you are going to hear about it quickly and often.

Protecting your companies name in a search engine is very important. When someone searches the name of your company you don’t want the first search result to be a scathing review of your company that would make potential customers scared to even speak your name aloud. Consumer generated media is becoming more and more prevalent on search engines, for example blogs, so reputation management needs to be done often and tracked because new blogs are always going up. You can make 1000 people happy, but if you make one person upset you can be sure you’re going to hear about it.

It is important to make sure your company comes up first when a user types in certain keywords because if the first link is inflammatory you know people are going to read it. A study conducted by reported a number one search result attracted 50,000 monthly visitors while the number 5 result only attracted 6,000 visitors in the same time frame. Ricky Bobby was right, if you’re not first you’re last.

The only way to insure proper reputation management is to keep an eye on it every day and think ahead. You need to almost predict how people will react to the actions of your company. The best way to deal with backlash and negative consumer feedback is to not let it begin in the first place. Of course this isn’t always feasible so you need people devoted to going online every day and dealing with negative articles. Whether it is getting in touch with the disgruntled customer and fixing the problem or doing your best to try and make sure no one sees the public rebuke, something needs to be done.

Reputation management is absolutely necessary if you want your company to succeed. If all people see posted about your company is negative comments and blog posts they will not be too thrilled about purchasing your product or using your service. Word of mouth is a strong tool and the internet has made word of mouth spread quicker than ever, companies need to be ready.

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