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Take IM Skills Offline With Offline X Factor

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Affiliate and CPA marketing, though some of the best ways to make money on the internet, have become increasingly popular and more competitive in recent years. Affiliates are competing harder and harder for the same keywords, using the same offer and methods of promotion, and even running the very same ads. Because of that, making money with affiliate and CPA marketing has become very difficult.

That being said, a lot of affiliate marketers are looking at different avenues in which they can promote their business and that means going out in the offline business world to do online marketing. There is a lot of money floating out there in the offline segment for people with experience in internet marketing and affiliate marketing. Because these marketers realize that there is an untold amount of money to be made marketing offline businesses online, they are now going out and getting new customers and clients by learning new methods of marketing in an area where they don’t have to fight for ground.

That’s where the Offline X Factor comes in to play. The Offline X Factor is a new course offered by professional online marketers Eric Louviere and Jack Mize, and includes a membership type website. Offline X Factor offer its members instructions, mentoring, and support for those who are trying to get a grip on the complicated world of internet marketing, so that they too can make money by working for an offline business. Louviere and Mize will teach you easy ways to make a five-figure-per-month income by providing internet marketing knowledge to service various nearby businesses.

The methods that you use to give offline businesses internet marketing power are outlined in the course that they provide. You can’t find an easier way to make a business that makes money online, thanks to the innovations and discoveries that are shared with you in the course.

Offline X Factor is broken up into seven different comprehensive modules. Here is a summary of what those lessons will cover:

Module 1 is a very comprehensive series of lessons on getting customers for your business. This module gives you all the marketing materials, business cards, postcard templates, and PowerPoint presentations you’ll need to get great clients.

Module 2 will show you about the best free tools you can get from search engines, and how they can help your business.

Module 3 shows how to take advantage of the most effective local directories that will allow your clients the ability to grow and expand their current business.

Module 4 teaches how to dominate the online classifieds. You’ll learn how you can help your customers gain exposure with the use of classifieds and, therefore, get more sales – all without spending hardly any money!

Module 5 demonstrates how you will source social media and blogs that will give your local clients new prospects.

Module 6 shows the power of videos and what they can do for your clients in terms of increasing their business. No other course will show you exactly how to use these particular strategies as effectively.

Module 7 shows you all the technical computer expertise needed for this business, taught in a way that makes it easy for even the most inexperienced internet marketers. You can use this module to save money on a dedicated IT professional, as you can easily do it all yourself.

If you want to learn how to continue to make money as an internet marketer then you should take the Offline X Factor course. This course will teach you how to generate more streams of income by showing brick and mortar businesses how to properly market their businesses so they can make more money. A nice caveat to this is then you can reproduce your results with other people so you have a large list of clients making you money!

To learn more check out this Offline X Factor Review so that you can get a leg up on the competition. Once you get there, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of Offline X Factor, outlining all the pros and cons of using this new strategy.