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3 Erroneous Beliefs In Niche Marketing

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Like the medical profession, business has taken the route to specialization. With the introduction of modern business practices, catering to the general public has gone the way of the dinosaur.

To make money in today’s Internet Marketing environment, one must specialize in well defined niche topics.

Before anything else, it is necessary to set the record straight on some erroneous niche marketing beliefs.

You do not have to be an expert in the Niche field you choose!

It is not correct to say that you should not dabble in a Niche that is not within your field of expertise.

In the internet, you can create the perception that you are an authority in a specific field without actually claiming that you are. The key is to appear as an expert. How to do that? You can be a broker and create a website with little or without the need to interact as in blogs, purchase and reselling. You can take your pick of niches that offer the best promise.

Niche markets should be created one at a time.

Not true! You can have as many niches as you can effectively operate, and the more niches you have the more income you will earn. If you want, you can use a pseudonym which is perfectly acceptable.

In niche marketing, the more you have the better for you. What you do is open a niche market and once it can operate by itself, you open another, and so on.

It would be easier and more convenient if you establish yourself as an affiliate in the niche market.

That is misleading. Representing other niche products is indeed profitable, but in doing so you are setting a ceiling in your earning capacity.

You need to promote your own landing or squeeze page where you collect the e-mail address of the visitor, and then sending him or her to the niche product you are promoting. You can perk up the visitor’s interest with useful and favorable data about the niche market that you are promoting product. Once you have established your credibility, you will find smooth sailing in convincing visitors to repeatedly patronize your niche markets.

The foregoing discussions center on the three erroneous beliefs in the niche market. The information gleaned above should afford you better chances of doing well. Remember, it is important to find a profitable niche, set it up so it is on auto-pilot, then move on to the next niche. The niche market like any business can fail, so you should persevere.

The good thing is that even a low batting average of one in ten will already justify your time and effort.

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