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MLSP Internet Marketing System

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

MLSP is the #1 online attraction marketing system for entrepreneurs in the home based business industry.

MLSP provides members with all of the essential tools that they’ll need to build a successful online business including, custom built capture pages, cutting edge marketing training, and free weekly training calls with top industry leaders.

Members are allowed to promote up to 3 business opportunities behind My Lead System Pro. Their marketing system focuses on promoting your businesses on complete auto-pilot and specializes in branding you into a leader in the process.

My Lead System Pro started in September of 2008 and it’s quickly become the go to training system for entrepreneurs that want to learn all of the in’s and out’s of internet marketing and personal branding.

Some of the biggest internet marketers in the world are members of My Lead System Pro and every Wednesday night they come together to reveal their top marketing secrets on MLSP’s free weekly webinars.

Every Wednesday night the MLSP community meets to receive free and exclusive trainings from the most sought after internet marketers in the world. These leaders give exclusive trainings on topics such as social media marketing, blogging, article marketing, video marketing, ppc marketing, and how to brand yourself into an internet marketing rockstar.

Members of the MLSP community will be able to invite prospects onto these free weekly trainings each week. As your invited guest, they’ll be able to learn all of the most up to date marketing strategies in the industry.

My Lead System Pro provides the most value and cutting edge training of any marketing system in the industry and your prospects will be excited that you invited them to join your team.

MLSP offers significant affiliate commissions for any member that joins their system. They will pay you a monthly affiliate commission for any member that your refer to them.

You could make thousands of dollars in additional income every month just from the 19 different affiliate income streams that their system promotes.

My Lead System Pro was created by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer, all of whom had tremendous personal success in the network marketing industry.

They started My Lead System Pro during the height of their success in their previous business ventures and now it’s become the premier internet marketing training system for entrepreneurs that want to learn internet marketing.

If you’re an internet marketing newbie, MLSP will give you the tools that you need to create a successful online business. Their system will walk you through the basics of internet marketing all the way up to advanced marketing techniques that are being used by the top marketers in the world. Just go at your own pace.

If you’re a successful network marketer and don’t know if My Lead System Pro would be right for you, then I’d encourage you to think again. They will teach you the top marketing strategies and techniques that only a select few marketers in the world are using. You can use these strategies to take your business to the next level.

If you’re dying to know what it takes to become an internet marketer that makes a 6 figure a year income running an online business then join MLSP today.

My Lead System Pro is the number 1 attraction marketing system on the internet for entrepreneurs that want to learn how to become an internet marketing expert. To become a member of this elite training system visit MLSP.. Also published at MLSP Internet Marketing System.

Marketing Systems ” What You Need to Do to Focus Your Marketing

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Having a good marketing system is essential for every business. From dry cleaners to major fortune five hundred companies, they all need to have something in place to plan out their marketing tactics and strategies throughout the year. Not only does a marketing system lay down the structure of how their marketing campaigns will function throughout the year, but it will also allow a company to look back on their plans from previous years to see what worked and what did not.

The foundation of any good marketing plan starts at actually getting an idea of what your company is. Are you ultra luxurious home builder, or someone who builds quality average sized homes? You can only market to people what you are, not what you wish to be. You need to be fully aware of what your business is so you can target you’re the people in your actual marketing. Going back to the example above, an average home builder should not be trying to sell to people who plan to be spending a million dollars or more on a home, just as a high end home builder should not be trying to sell to people who only plans to sell to people who will be spending $200,000 on a home. Targeting your market place will allow you to focus all of your marketing efforts on a precise group of potential customers which in return will result in more sales. If you are targeting too many different groups and spreading your marketing to thin, it will have poor results.

Once you have figured out what your company is, or what your company does, it is time to develop a USP. A USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) was first described more than 50 years ago in the classic book by Rosser Reeves, Reality in Advertising. While given much lip service, the concept of USP is seldom understood or operationalized well. Reeves said that your USP must meet three criteria to be complete and powerful. It must say to your consumer, “Buy this and you will receive this specific benefit.”

Your USP must be one that your competition does not, or cannot, offer. It must be strong enough to attract new customers to you.

Your USP is the basis for your marketing and advertising efforts. It is the unique advantage you use to sell your business. Your USP should be dramatic and memorable. It needs to make, stand out and attract new business. It should also generate word-of-mouth to drive referrals.

And now to finish off the base of your new marketing system, we will once again talk about target marketing. You need discover how to recognize perfect customers and how to segment your market into demographic and psychographic categories for greater response.

What types of people make up your customer base?

Where do they live?

What entices them to buy?

Few businesses ever take the time to answer these – and other – significant questions in any detail. (Which is good news for you!) Once you have answered these straightforward questions, you will be in an fantastic position to redirect your online and offline advertising and promotional efforts, refine the sales methods that your company is using, and alter your marketing to the explicit segments most likely to response. This will give you a massive advantage in the marketplace.

The more specific your target audience, the more effective your marketing will be. This is one of the most difficult concepts for most people to grasp. After all, don’t you want all the business you can get for your company? The answer is, “No!”

You should be much more interested in pinpointing your best customers so that you can target market to them. The more you can segment your market into key target groups, the higher your responses will be!

The groundwork to your marketing system is now complete. There are many “marketing speakers” who have already done all the work for you already and offer step by step guides on exactly what you should be doing with your marketing plans for your company. The prices for good ones usually start around $2000 and I’ve seen some plans cost $100,000 or more! To quicken up your process of building a good marketing system I would do a search online for one that fits your needs.

Travis James is a successful business owner and has sold 10 businesses before the age of 40. He now specializes in business consulting and marketing systems for small businesses. His new marketing systems will be available in January of 2010. He can usually be found at many marketing conventions. Travis also reviews internet marketing books on occasion.