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Market Samurai Keyword Analysis Tool

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Market Samurai is an incredibly effective keyword analysis tool for marketers that are looking for profitable keywords.

Market Samurai Keyword Research Tutorial

Market Samurai’s keyword analysis tool makes keyword research easy and fun to do. This tool helps marketers uncover the secret profitable keywords that will help them get their content to the top of the search engines. The problem that a lot of marketers are up against is that they don’t do proper keyword research before they submit content onto the internet.

A lot of marketers think that if they do basic keyword research their content will show up on the 1st page of the search engines. They have been severely mistaken. There are many other important factors that go into proper keyword research and if you miss even one of these areas you are wasting your time even submitting your content to the search engines.

Every marketer knows that proper keyword research is essential towards getting top search engine rankings right? So, what are the factors that go into finding these “golden nugget keywords?” We’ll get to that in a moment and I’ll show you why Market Samurai will teach you how to uncover them.

This is the typical pattern that marketers follow when searching for keywords.

First they use a keyword research tool such as Wordtracker or Google’s keyword tool and they search for a keyword. Let’s use the search term “keyword tool” for instance.

If you use Google’s free keyword tool you’ll notice that the term “keyword tool” is searched 823,000 times a month.

Now most marketers realize that they have no chance of ranking for this keyword and they use a longer tailed keyword instead. So let’s say that they use the term “keyword analysis tool search engine” which is only searched 880 times a month instead.

So now that that they know that they compete for this keyword they go and check out their competition in Google.

So they type in “keyword analysis tool search engine” with quotes around it and see that there’s only 33,200 results showing on Google. They think that if they submit their content out to enough quality sites their content should have a good shot of showing on the 1st page of Google.

Next they check Google to see if their keyword is profitable by checking the number of Google ads that show on the right side of the page.

So now they have a long tail keyword that’s profitable, searched a reasonable amount of times a month, and there’s not a lot of competition.

Now that they’ve done extensive research on this search term, they should rank on the first page of the search engines right? Wrong! This is where marketers end up failing and their competition is burying them alive.

There are a lot of other important steps that you need to take when doing keyword research. If you miss out on any of these other factors then you will miss out big time.

Market Samurai will save you countless hours of painful keyword research and will give you the critical info that you need about your competition. If you don’t know about your competition then you are just wasting your time submitting content online.

Market Samurai is a keyword analysis tool that’s used to find the golden nugget keywords that will exploit your competitors weaknesses. To find out more information about this keyword research tool visit Market Samurai.

The Quickest Methods Of Grasping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) On The Internet

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Search engine optimization (SEO) may seem like a difficult thing to understand by many people. Yet, this is one of the most important aspects to online marketing that many people use for their websites. What many people may not realize is that there are many ways of learning about SEO on the internet that might work perfectly for themselves. Perhaps even a mixture of many techniques may work best. This article takes a look at some of the main ways of learning SEO online.

Many sites allow a person to sign up for newsletters. These can be a great way of learning about SEO. With this method, one will provide a website that deals with optimizing of websites with his or her email address, and then, on a regular basis, that person will receive key information about on the subject.

Many people use their computer while offline, and thus may not always be able to read certain lessons that are on the internet when they want. This problem can be overcome thanks to the free eBooks that are available on the internet for learning SEO. Therefore, one is able to still learn about SEO while away from an internet connection.

Many websites make available tutorials that are created to help a person learn, in a step-by-step way, the main methods of SEO. These are often fantastic places to find the latest information on the subject.

Sometimes the information that is available on the internet does not quite seem to explain a certain concept well-enough. In such a case, it can be better to talk directly to a person who deals in such fields. This may be done by e-mailing a SEO professional who might be able to explain any miss-understanding more clearly.

As well as online tutorials, many websites offer the ability to actually join courses where learning material and other resources are provided, and perhaps even tests are given. This can be a great way to make sure that one learns all the key aspects of optimizing ones website for the search pages in a logical order and thoroughly too.

These were a few of the ways that one may learn about search engine optimization (SEO) on the internet. Such things as free eBooks and newsletters can be fantastic means of getting all the key information one would like to have.

This SEO ebook is pretty great and most of all, it is free SEO ebook that is packed full of valuable information that you can use right now.

Is Jaaxy Worth Your Efforts? Jaaxy Review

Monday, November 14th, 2011

There are many keyword tools available to aid you to find a profitable niche. A few are free of charge, others will cost you a lot of money. Regardless of the price, keyword research is crucial if you want to develop a prosperous web page effectively. In fact, choosing the suitable keyword can be the difference between building a a lot of money on the net, and throwing away your time altogether. Jaaxy is a brand new keyword research application produced by the masterminds behind the Wealthy Affiliate University. Yet, just how is it different from any other keyword research tool, and why should we give it any more attention than the others?

Firstly, as pointed out earlier, Jaaxy was produced by Kyle and Carson of the Wealthy Affiliate University education program. They\’ve spent years teaching people how one can properly build niche websites and do keyword research. Their expertise is undoubted, and they\’re highly recognized in the website marketing and affiliate communities.

Their keyword research tool was used only by them and their team, without letting the secret out. And, for good reason! This tool does much more than other keyword research tools. But, how is Jaaxy unique, and how is it better?

Regrettably, it has been found that Google has been providing us imprecise numbers when doing keyword research. When you type a search into Google, it shows a number quoting the quantity of web pages that keyword has ranked. But, if you go to the last page on Google for that keyword, chances are the number isn\’t nearly as large. A search generating a quoted 40,000 search results may only have 400 pages ranked. But why would Google do this?

There is only one purpose why you would want that number: for SEO research! Google understands that we use this information to find websites to create profitable websites for. But, that is not what they would like us to do. Actually, they favor we work extra hard to develop good content (which should be done, regardless). So, Google hides the true number of pages from us.

The people behind Jaaxy have found a method to accurately give us the amount of pages available for a search result, something no other keyword tool can achieve. Why? For the reason that they have produced their own specialized algorithm that does this, and only works for Jaaxy! Different programs, like Market Samurai, and even the official Google Keyword Tool, no longer give us accurate information, rendering them out of date and unusable.

That by itself should be enough to make anyone to use Jaaxy. But, they actually offer significantly more. The tool will give you the estimated amount of lookups that a #1 Google ranked site would likely get, and also provide you the SERPS of the top 10 positioned websites in Google for your keyword. They have got their own formulated \”SEO Power\” meter that shows you for sure if the keyword is worth your precious time, making it faster and easier than ever to produce a variety of effective keywords. Last but not least, they have a \”related keywords\” tab that effortlessly produces a list of keywords related to your first search, making it a lot simpler to do keyword research.

Have you had enough?

No?? Well, how about I reveal to you a step-by-step Jaaxy Tutorial guide on how I discovered a worthwhile niche keyword that produces over 1000 views every day, and has less than 500 search results? Find out how I discovered a number of lucrative keywords in only five minutes of research using Jaaxy, and learn of various ways I make money from home online at

Always Do The Best Keyword Research For Free

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

The latest news is that Google has upgraded the Adwords External Keyword Tool so that it now also shows Search Volumes for the Keywords it returns during keyword research. As Google is the biggest source of keyword search phrases, due to the fact that it is the dominant search engine used by web surfers, this news is extremely significant.

If you are an internet or affiliate marketer you will know that the tradition tools used for keyword research, like Wordze, Keyword Discovery, Keyword Elite and Wordtracker have always been thought of as inaccurate when providing estimated search volumes. They can only collect a very small fraction of the data that Google has access to. The Google keyword database must be massive when you compare it to those of the tools above.

These paid keyword research services try and predict the total searches for each keyword by extrapolating their data, but the numbers returned cannot be considered accurate in any way at all. But because these tools were the only way to get any significant data they were relied on by many if not most internet marketers.

Now Google has changed everything and the new external keyword tool for Adwords displays much more accurate search volumes for real keyword phrases that have actually been searched for in Google by users of their popular search engine. So now if you want to do keyword research you can get everything you want from Google and the search volume data you get will be so much more accurate then the paid keyword tools.

What is more Google provides all this keyword data for free! Although designed originally for use just with Adwords by affiliate marketer this external keyword tool, as it is known, is available for anyone to use totally free. Once you know the link or URL you can just go straight to the tool and use it whenever you want.

This is the biggest change in Internet marketing for a very long time and it is a very significant event. At last Google gives something back to the Internet community. However there are still many out there who cynically suggest that Google has a hidden agenda behind all this and some are not yet sure about the accuracy of Google’s data. However quick analysis of the new search volumes suggest that the accuracy is good, but more analysis needs to be completed before a final decision.

The other major aspect of what Google have just done is that there is a different free version of the tool so that geographically related data can now be discovered, enabling internet marketers to do keyword research specifically for individual countries such as the UK, France or even New Zealand. Thus this is now the best UK keyword research tool for keywords search for in only the United Kingdom.

Apart form the fact this new tool for Google is free this is also very significant and the paid keyword research services never provided any really useful keyword data for country locations anyway.

If you would like some free traffic tools then get on over to our website now.

Keyword Research Methods and Tips

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Understanding keyword research

Effective online marketing requires an understanding of the needs and wants of the purchaser, in the same way offline marketing does. Keyword research is the analysis of vocabulary and phrases used in searching for the items and services the customer needs and wants. In the case of content, or the information on websites, providing quality information that fulfills the request or need of the client moves a site higher in engine rankings. To move higher in the rankings, keyword research software can be used to help owners, publishers and authors develop quality, compelling content.

Authors and publishers are not the only users of keyword research. Any business owner, marketer or strategist that requires understanding what people are interested in can benefit. Keyword research indicates how people speak about and search for information on specific ideas and products. This information is useful when constructing marketing campaigns and product development.

Using SEO software in keyword research

Identifying the most impactful monetization method for a blog and creating SEO posts requires the use of keyword research. Software and services that provide keyword or keyphrase analysis vary based on calculation methods and sources of data. While the differences may seem minuscule initially, those slight differences may cause a major loss of data and blog revenue as marketing campaigns are not maximized for effectiveness.

If requiring short-term access to a software or service to create a highly targeted pay-per-click campaign or looking for a tool that provides details over a long period, there is a software to suit your needs. There are monthly payment plans available, such as that provided through Wordze. Keyword Discovery offers a complex and full suite of tools with more detailed traffic statistics. Combined or aggregated bundles of jobs requiring detailed results over a long period of time may be more suited for Wordtracker. There are alternative solutions available on the market:

Market Samurai



SEO Digger

Market Samurai

Google Keyword Tool

SEO Digger


Keyword Spy

You can learn more about Keyword Research and SEO by visiting Bobby Freiler, your online business mentor.

The Amazing Widget Real User Spills The Beans

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

We are a Platinum affiliate of The Amazing Widget and this release has got eight days yet to go and simply by uploading my personal affiliate widget to Facebook itself, Clickbank . com informs me this morning that i have 27 hops and also 14 purchase impressions. Genuinely is impressive because I haven’t really made an effort to showcase this yet. Seeing that I am a new member connected with Bring The Fresh per Travis Sago’s advice of tips on how to beat these tough economic times, I made the choice to pick out one of several make-money techniques and strategies. Since a couple of Bring The Fresh members have recently made immense sums of dough in just two or 3 weeks (one made $40,000 from his own Forex kick off and the other made $20,000 from a product launch), I made the decision to go to the Joint Venture website and select an upcoming launch that had the following conditions: (1) It appeared to be a product that would make actually make people money and (2) the item seemed to be easy to sell and not challenging so that plenty of people, like me a Baby Boomer, may possibly actually understand the process and not devote several weeks reading yet another manual of how-tos that didn’t make sense or that led to other sites where you had to pay to advertise (note: You can spend cash to promote the widget on some sites, but there are loads of Totally free strategies that work well very well too.) and; (3) that offered a authentic money-back guarantee if it didn’t end up what the particular person thought it was and that the return was simple (this works because Clickbank . com has a no-hassle return policy and a live chat room which gets your refund processing in minutes.)

I selected The Amazing Widget, by Bryan Winters. I viewed the training videos in Bring The Fresh pertaining to on-page SEO tactics and Product Launching. Utilizing the tactics I uncovered in Bring the Fresh from Kelly Felix, within 24 hours, my internet site was listed on the internet. I was delighted with these fast results from the on-page search engine optimization approaches that were so simple and easy all in one list in Bring The Fresh of do-this, do-that in this sequence. I have to tell you that I finally found the strategies of internet marketing in Bring The Fresh. I had portions of the puzzle, but Mike and Kelly pull back the curtain and give you the complete show. You’ll read it watching the videos and when Kelly suggests the secret to online marketing is ____________, you will go “Aha!” or “ahhhhhhh” or “lightbulb instant” or “I actually get it, I finally understand it!”

The Bring The Fresh approaches got my personal WordPress blog, Http://, listed so instantly that I began to publish articles, make videos and examine all I could find out about the product or service.

Several days of marketing and advertising later (view the comprehensive account on my blog where I tell you step-by-step things i did) page 1 Google results were impressive. It was like I had been having a look on the outside from the bakery window and smelling the aroma coming from all these home made baked goods with 1000s of dollars of bills nestled inside of them, and then finally I was handed one muffin with a promissory note. The Note guaranteed that if I followed all the steps in Bring The Fresh to showcase The Amazing Wizard, that I would succeed. To me, I created dominating the first page of Google for every key term associated with this launch. By the 3rd day of applying approaches which are specified step-by-step in my blog, I started to see my success scattered all over the place. Oh my goodness, this has been terrific, but I had even more work to carry out to get all the keyword terms that someone could type in to look for this system ranked in the number 1 place on the search engines, and I have only seven days to go, although I already had 1st page Google rankings on most of the words and phrases. I was in fact inspired to get the rest before the launch went live.

Why is it crucial to be on the first page of The search engines?

The trick is that the very best spots get almost all visitors and the other acquire some, but your listing should be at the top where the person searches. You’ve only a few moments to catch their eye, and then once the visitor to your site is on your webpage, you only have a matter of seconds to keep them there.

Once they stay and begin to read and you’ve got an incredibly excellent review, your next step is to create a really good bonus to offer them. It is the old adage of The Golden Rule and it really does deliver the results. Do unto others just like you would have them do unto you. Why would you buy a product from one person, if the other person advertising the identical product offered you a handbook on how to begin with the product, or some other missing piece of the puzzle? Makes sense, doesn’t it?See my blog for some amazing The Amazing Widget killer bonuses.

How might The Amazing Widget Make You Money?

I’ve bought many products in the past several years. I like new software, even though I am a Baby Boomer. The Amazing Widget is dead simple and easy , it is just a matter of clicking one button to make a new widget. Then the system lets you know where you can “promote” the widget all over the net. The widget has two clickable ads, one is suggested that you always maintain as an ad for the widget itself to point back to The Amazing Widget site itself so that you can continue to virally produce completely new income streams for your self. This is the way it works: when someone clicks on the ad on your widget for the widget itself, and buys the system, each time that person’s widget is clicked on and a purchase is made, you share in the profits because your affiliate website link will rotate 50% of the time. The widget is much like the online market place. It never sleeps and just keeps virally recreating itself time and time again each and every time someone buys one from your widget and so on. I had seen this viral concept in the form of videos and free viral ebooks before, but not in the shape of a widget. I was amazed at the attractiveness of the graphics with the widgets. It is going to attract the eye balls of your targeted traffic for certain. They actually are similar to an image ad, in some instances. This is so simple. You can also tailor-make your widget to be targeted toward the subject of your niche. There is a particularly beautiful widget to lose weight that I plan to use on my losing weight blogs.

Does It Work?

It is early yet, but the beta testers, according to the owner, Bryan Winters, were forced to close it down since they began

generating income prior to launch! With my own efforts and seeing that with just one widget the very 1st nights promoting it on my Facebook page (and I don’t have a great many friends yet), the widget was clicked on 27 times as well as form to invest in the widget was clicked on 14 of those 27 times. The launch is 9 days away, but I can not wait!

Why Am I Enthusiastic about This?

I just recently enjoyed the movie about how Facebook . com started out and it struck me when i was reading about The Amazing Widget, that it is oftentimes the most basic idea or idea that is picked up and goes viral which produces a steady stream and then a avalance of new interest and new cash flow. That is what I believe The Amazing Widget is going to do as soon as it hits. Just think about the implications of one’s widget as it reproduces itself and backlinks back to you growing and spreading virally across your state, america and then country by country until you are generating cash flow from Singapore, Australia and Canada. (Also i plan to place a translater option on my web page wherever the widget appears so that anyone from any place speaking just about any language may also understand the potential of a viral widget.)

Precisely how Is it possible to Make This Work?

Use it, generate it and refer to the instructions that Bryan Winters sets out for you. You don’t need a web site to make use of the Amazing Widget because the code is cut and paste and Bryan lets you know the best way to do it step-by-step. He has specific recommendations on his site about how and where and since they have tested the results, I say stick to the sweet crumbs of other peoples success. Success on the internet is about leveraging! Leverage the power of the internet. Leverage the power of the research, money and time it took the creators of this software package to make it work. The viral concept is a winner. That is what makes The Amazing Widget so amazing. Do your homework, read all you can about it, research it. In the event that you like it, buy it, create 10 widgets on a daily basis and watch your link multiply around the planet. It’s all choice. How hungry are you currently to generate your very first dollar online? Precisely how eager are you to make this internet thingey work? Just how much time have you spent learning and purchasing other products? I’m off that treadmill. I found the secrets to the only coaching I need and those tips for being successful are in my website. If you get an opportunity, go read it. If a fifty-something, Baby Boomer Momma can easily do this, just think about what you can do! You will find twenty-something year-olds, making bank online. You know what? No matter what your age, background, work background or training, you can easily use The Amazing Widget!

Georgia Girl Of The Amazing Widget Tells Everything She Knows So Far About The Amazing Widget Don’t read this… This article, The Amazing Widget Real User Spills The Beans is released under a creative commons attribution licence.


Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Keyword generator software is critical to maintaining a profitable internet marketing campaign. Done properly it will increase your return on investment. It will increase click through ratios, improve ad position and save you time and money.

With the right keyword generator software in your back pocket you will quickly find and dominate profitable niches that your competition may never even find. The trick to doing this is the amount of data that must be compiled to properly find and analyze your keyword niche. Most software packages will not have the legs to do this and only a select few do it so well that it becomes quick and easy.

Your keyword generator software should have the heart of a lion. It will smell the weak gazelle, your competition and untapped keywords, in the herd and take them down with determination. Good software tools will focus your internet marketing efforts into the strength and ferocity of the lion.

Good keyword generator software provides the detailed data you need to turn your keyword selection into a scientific process. With all of the critical data you need to make an educated keyword selection you will dominate your competition and increase your profits. Many software features are cool to talk about but the real test is if they are making your efforts profitable.

Since solid keyword generator software is based on the research that lays the foundation for your entire campaign it is important that the research process is efficient. For this process to be efficient it must provide you all critical data quickly and in an easy to use format. This is no easy task considering all of the information required to make a scientific decision can be scattered across a dozen or more sources.

With the right keyword generator software in your back pocket you will quickly find and dominate profitable niches that your competition may never even find. The trick to doing this is the amount of data that must be compiled to properly find and analyze your keyword niche. Most software packages will not have the legs to do this and only a select few do it so well that it becomes quick and easy.

Your keyword generator software should have the heart of a lion. It will smell the weak gazelle, your competition and untapped keywords, in the herd and take them down with determination. Good software tools will focus your internet marketing efforts into the strength and ferocity of the lion

When you select keyword generator software make sure to look for the time saving features that leverage your time and look for the profit building features that guide you to the right niche and keyword the first time every time. Don’t be afraid to spend a little cash as a good keyword tool will cost you at least $100. But like most quality tools it will pay for itself in time savings and profit generation every time you use it.

Quit losing your effort building campaigns around flawed research with free tools. Leverage your valuable effort into consistent profit generating efforts that dominate the competition with the best keyword generator software.

Keyword Research Services

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Keyword research services were my number one choice to do the selection process of keywords related to my business. However, it was too expensive. Many business owners like you and I don’t have any other choice. Most of us don’t have the required skills or tools… until now.

In the past, I used many keyword research services to increase my sales. But after doing some math, I realized that I was barely covering the research fees with the profits. Not a pretty good scenario I know. So, I went from working for somebody to give my money away to somebody else. That was simply not the way to go.

I am not complaining about keyword research services as they were doing a pretty good job. But since they were taking most of my profits, I kept looking for new alternatives. One day, a good friend of mine mentioned to me a great keyword research tool that did the exact same work for a very low price.

For keyword analysis, keyword research services where the way to go. I didn’t have the knowledge or the time to decipher how customers searched for my products and services. Guess what? You don’t have to be an expert when using this tool and you will still get highly relevant keywords that will convert into targeted traffic that will make you money.

Keyword research services seek to harmonize your keyword choices with the most used terms by potential visitors. But the price to pay for this service is usually higher than the profits from the expected new traffic unless you’re a big merchant. This tool does all this for you in a matter of seconds.

I stopped using keyword research services since then. This new tool does the same thing for me. Just write some content targeting the suggested keywords. You will be driving traffic that converts into sales to your site in days.

If you think keyword research services have the solution you need, think again. You might end up in their marking funnel and they will make you feel you cannot live without their high-priced services and keep you asking for more. Now you’re getting consulting, training, and private coaching; things which are sucking all your profits. I truly wanted to keep my profits and I guess you too.

After I found this great tool, keyword research services remain only in my past. You can still get relevant keywords with low competition generating a decent amount of traffic. It might seem as a tough task to you but this tool does it all for you in minutes. Get targeted traffic for almost nothing for something I used to pay hundreds of dollars.

The Keyword Research Services replacement is what you need if your current traffic is not generating the income that you want. Find out how to save thousands of dollars on Keyword Research Services.

Converting AdWord Traffic into Sales… The Role of the Sales Process in Your Online Business

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

When you sign up for Google AdWords, the only goal you must set your eyes on is converting AdWord traffic into sales.

It is a myth that the more people visit your site, the more sales you’ll have.

Fact: This is not necessarily the case. In fact, many studies of e-commerce sites suggest that a first-time visitor to your site will not buy anything even though 1-in-7 is prepared to make a purchase.

That’s why you have to understand the online sales process and what role it plays in converting Adword traffic into sales. If you want to get more customers without paying too much on internet marketing, then by all means use Google Adwords. Here is a list of what you can do to use Google Adwords effectively in converting Adword traffic into sales:

* Marketing – You must use Google Adwords to address your potential customers’ needs and lead them to your web site.

* Trust is a Must – Your web site should be very trustworthy and credible so that customers will feel more confident in availing your product or services. Otherwise, your customers will go elsewhere for a more credible site.

* Navigation – Even if your Google AdWords campaign is successful in driving traffic to your site, you will fail in converting Adword traffic into sales if you have a poorly structured website. The structure of your website should be designed so the visitor can navigate your site with ease and find what they’re looking for.

* Presentation and Motivation – You need to design your web site so it looks pleasing to the eyes of the customers. A well-thought out design will increase your chances in converting Adword traffic into sales.

* Sales Closure – To close a sale, you need to present a call-to-action, easy and secure payment options, and enough details on your products or services so that the visitor can justify their purchase.

About the Author:

Essential Tools for Keyword Analysis Research

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The search engines try to make sure they give the most relevant search results to the end user. When a user types in a certain keyword or keyword phrase, the pages that come up will be ones which have the most relevant content in relation to what the user searched for. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that your site is optimized as best as it can be for the terms your potential website visitor would use when searching. It is essential to undertake proper keyword analysis research.

Some choices are available for keyword analysis research. The first option is to use free tools. The second option is to use paid tools. The other option is to use the best bits of both free and paid tools.

Are Free Tools Any Good?

Most free tools give you very linear results based on the keyword you are researching. Whereas paid tools provide non-linear results. If you are doing research for pay per click, then free tools might not be the best option for you as you will need to know more about the competition.

For example, if you put cat into a free tool, you will get results back that feature variations of the keyword cat. However, another keyword that may be of benefit to you but which wasn’t displayed would be kitten. Some free keyword tools, may give you such a synonym, but then you would have to do a separate search for each one.

Apart from free tools not costing you money, they will cost you much more time in doing keyword analysis research. Output is usually one word deep, so you are likely to bypass key terms for your website.

What about Paid Tools?

Because the paid keyword analysis research software makes money, it allows the developers to add a lot of extra features and functionality into the software that the free software just can’t compete with. Most paid keyword software will give you large lists of keywords and related keywords quickly and efficiently, including the level of competition.

The advantage of the paid keyword tools is that you will get many keywords that you may have never thought of yourself. They will also help you to find low competition keywords and phrases related to your site content. They will also do all the extra digging at a fraction of the time that it would take you to do manually while doing your keyword analysis research by hand. The only real disadvantage of the paid tools is they cost money. However, if you’re serious about getting traffic to your site and getting excellent search engine results, than the cost is puny in comparison to what you get in return.

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