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Ten Tips On How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

The personal blog is the marketing center for many in Multi Level Marketing and Network Marketing. The blog serves a variety of functions including, advertising products and affiliate programs, providing information, and most importantly, attracting associates to our business. Therefore, the success of our business is greatly determined by the amount of visitors to our blog. The following ten tip are proven ways to increase traffic to your blog.

1. Post Content That is Unique Original content is a must if you want to be seen as different from everyone else in your field. New material is valuable to your readers and it is what brands you as an expert in your field.

2. Request An Action From Your Reader The article should be motivation for the reader to take action. You want the reader to do something when they finish reading. This could be to go to your site for additional information or receive tools to assist them. The request may be for them to go to a capture page where you provide some material in exchange for their name and email address. Whatever it is, they should be instructed to take action immediately.

3. Write Like You Are Talking To A Friend
 One of the important functions of a blog is to personally brand you and allow your visitors to get to know YOU. Include articles that are conversational, as though you are speaking one on one with your reader. Let your personality shine through in your writing.

4. Be Authentic Endorse products that you truly believe in. It is important that you have actually used and like the things you promote. It would be unfortunate to loose a potential associate because of a commission that earned you a few dollars.

5. Frequent Posts Search engines and other sites will keep your site ranked higher when you post often. You need to have new material at least once a week but 3-4 times a week is better. This will also keep visitors coming back for fresh material.

6. Become A Niche Market Expert 
If you’re in Network Marketing; learn all you can about one or more aspects of that. It might be pay per click, article marketing, or social media, whatever you enjoy and are naturally drawn to. This is what will brand you as an expert.

7. Contribute To Forums Forums are an excellent way to create back links to your site. Post on forums concerned with your business and your area of expertise. Your URL or RSS feed can be included in the posts as well. Forums related to your business can be found by Googling “your business forum”. You will attract visitors to your site that already have an interest in your business.

8. Link The Pages Of Your Blog 
Search engines will index your content faster if you link pages and material within your site. Every post and every page should link to other posts and pages in your site. This is a free and easy technique to increase traffic. The cumulative affect of these ten steps will be significant.

9. Post Comments On Other Blogs
 Go to other sites and blogs, preferably ones with high traffic and related to yours. Post relevant and informative comments. These will provide links back to your site.

10. Visit A Value Calculator For Your Site Website value calculators give you an estimate of the effectiveness of your site. The search engines visit these sites regularly and it will give you valuable back links to your site. Two such sites to try are and http://

Start now applying these ten steps and your traffic will certainly increase.

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