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How To Search For Suppliers

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

With the removal of country borders, global trade has never been more dynamic. This has brought more choice for buyers but has also created much confusion as well. In this article, we will give tips on how to search for suppliers that meet your business requirements.

If you are in luck and already know the country where you want to find suppliers from, simply contact the corresponding embassy or consulate. They always have very valuable databases or list of manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors that can sell the products you are looking for. They can also help with custom procedures in order for your products to arrive at destination smoothly. Unfortunately, the level of service you will receive will always depend on the person in charge of the economic development department.

Tradeshows are really good ways to meet potential business partners in person. Some events are more important than others so make sure that you do your research before making any travel arrangements. This venue will give you the possibility to meet a wide array of suppliers where you can better negotiate your prices. The disadvantage to this option is high travel costs that can be associated with attending this event.

I personally like browsing online b2b trade portals to find the suppliers in different countries. In a nutshell, it is a website where companies can promote themselves and their offers by listing their contact details as well as their products and services. It is a great online tool for buyers as the search engine allows you to search for potential business partners by different filters at your convenience. It also has a built in email system allowing you to send message and start communicating with a company of your choice.

as you can see, you can easily find suppliers by getting in touch with embassies, participating in tradeshows and browsing on b2b trade portals.

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Definition Of Trade Leads

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Trade Leads are basically selling and buying offers. This comprises of any business opportunity that a company can actively pursue.

What are the best ways to find trade leads?

1. Embassies and Consulates

One way to search for trade leads is to call or physically show up at embassies of the country you are interested to invest in. Their role is to guide you and give as much information as possible in order to help your company expand to new markets. In theory, this is a great resources but not all embassies will help you unfortunately. This really depends on the person responsible for the economic development present at the embassy. For me, I had both good and bad experiences. My good experiences involved getting a wealth of business information and advice which made me extremely optimistic about investing my time to search for opportunities. On the other hand, there was also times when the person in charge had no business experience and knowledge and was unable to help me.

2. Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of commerce are local networks and associations of business people working toward increasing their opportunities. They do this by voting for a board of directors who in turn will represent their voices in the community. They also organize networking meetings which allows its members to interact with new people and sometimes create some business transactions. Another big advantages is that local chambers sometimes partner up with international chambers allowing you interact with more people in other countries.

3. B2B marketplaces and trade portals

The internet has become a vital part for doing businesses thanks to B2B trade portals. These sites basically help companies sell their products and commercial services by allowing them to promote their buying and selling leads. You can also find priceless global trade resources to help you expand to new markets. The most important advantage of these marketplaces is that you can continually search for business opportunities 24 hours a day whenever you have time.

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