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Getting Facebook Fans Is Easy

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Social Networking is officially the way of the future. Chances are almost everybody you know has at least one account somewhere. Currently the most popular website is Facebook. The popularity is all down to the features. Firstly it is free to use which is always an advantage. Another reason is the wide variety of features. If you have a product to advertise then you can create a group, or special page and then gain some Facebook fans.

Facebook is free to use and has millions of users all over the world. Start out by creating a profile page for yourself. Quickly add a few friends, preferably people you know. Then create a fan-page for yourself which you will use to advertise your talents or products. All your friends will be informed of this so already you will have some Facebook fans without even trying. Send a reminder message to your list just in case they have not logged in recently.

Start by creating a fan-page about yourself or company. Upload a few high quality images and write in detail underneath about each one. Then the next step is to tell your family, friends, and work colleagues about your page and to join up. Millions of people from all over the world are connected through Facebook, so just one person can quickly turn into hundreds in a short amount of time.

Keep your page fresh. To do this it needs to be updated as much as possible. Start some interaction between your Facebook fans. This can be achieved by posting a daily joke, news announcement, or question that will get people talking. Try to do this at least once a day, but hopefully more.

Join a group, or page that is in someway similar to your product or page. Become active, but avoid spam or you will be removed. When the time is right, mention about your fan page and always include a link so interested people can join up.

YouTube gets billions of hits each day, from people uploading and viewing clips. Join in and create a video of yourself advertising your products or talents. Remember to include the link to your fan-page. Then sit back and watch the followers start to increase.

Finally, there is advertising. Put some money aside and invest in some adds on social media pages, or simply just Facebook. This will help to put your name in peoples minds and build an active fan-base that keeps growing.

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Get More Fans On Your Facebook Page

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Facebook is the new frontier in marketing, with a vibrant and growing population. Just about every business today has a presence there, and they are reaping the benefits. Here are a few tips on what it takes to create a successful presence and get more fans.

Whether you have just started a page for your business or it is already well established, suggesting the page to your friends is a great way of getting new followers. Suggest it to everyone, and add a short message encouraging people to share the page with their friends. This is a great way to build your user base.

Your website is an important facet to successful marketing. Equally important is your Facebook fan page. Make sure that your page is easy to find by adding a link to it in every page of your website. This way, people who check out your website can then also keep up with what’s going on via the fan page.

Facebook’s photo tagging feature is a fun way to increase your follower base. Ask your existing fans to take their picture at your business and then tag your page and themselves in the photo. The image will show up on your wall but also in their activity stream, which means that their friends will see and check out your business.

Ad campaigns are another relatively inexpensive way to reach more people. You can set a cap to the amount you want to spend, so you stay within your advertising budget, whether it is fifty or five hundred dollars. Don’t forget to put a hook in the ad. Asking them to like it will add them as a fan of your page without them even visiting it.

Don’t neglect other social media sites just because you have a page on Facebook. Make sure that your fan page is accessible from every place you have a web presence, and that there is a link in every message you send out. Whether it’s a press release, an email, or a blog entry, each is an opportunity to bring more customers to your page.

Most importantly, don’t forget to update your page regularly! Interact with your fans, run promotions and show them that you’re glad they’re there. If you prove that they are valued members of your community by actively communicating, they will remain loyal and recommend your business to their friends. Keep these tips in mind, and you will have a thriving fan base in no time.

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Get More Facebook Fans Without Work

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Facebook is a very important social networking site for you and your business. People use fan pages to promote everything, from products, albums, books, movies, services, or blogs. Making a fan page is way to gain more interest and share the latest news about you, your products, and business. This article is a step by step guide to get more Facebook fans.

Before you gain fans, you need to have a fan page. You can start creating a fan page by using the Create a Page for My Business link. Choose Official Page. Click the box when you are asked if you are the official representative for your page to be able to represent your business. You need to choose the name for your page carefully since you cannot change it later on.

When someone sees your page, the first thing he or she sees is the profile picture and the short bio on the top left corner of the page. Your photo must stands our and represent your products, blogs, services, or anything about your fan page. Next, introduce your products or services through the Info page. You will have a lot of space to describe your products and services here. Do not use language that is too formal or promotional.

People like to see pictures. You can add more pictures to the Photo section of your page. Adding photos is a good way to showcase your portfolio or products. It is useful to tag your profile on the pictures. This way, Facebook will send you notification if someone comments on the photos.

After you are finished with the page, you need to invite your personal friends to be your fans. Your newly created fan page has a Suggest to Friends link, under your profile picture, to make this step easier. Suggest your page to all of your friends. Do not forget to attach a brief message to ask for their support to your business. You can also ask your friends to share your page to people on their friend list.

You need to update your page regularly to keep people interested. Updates can be news about your business or products, photos, events, or special offer. Aside from updating the page, you also need to interact with your fans. Always answer their questions and respond to their comments.

You also need to give special incentive for people to be your fans. Perhaps you can offer special discounts if you are fans. Some people offer giveaway. You may also use Facebook ads to gain friends. These are some basic steps you need to do to get more Facebook fans and maintain their interest.

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