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Is Jaaxy Worth Your Efforts? Jaaxy Review

Monday, November 14th, 2011

There are many keyword tools available to aid you to find a profitable niche. A few are free of charge, others will cost you a lot of money. Regardless of the price, keyword research is crucial if you want to develop a prosperous web page effectively. In fact, choosing the suitable keyword can be the difference between building a a lot of money on the net, and throwing away your time altogether. Jaaxy is a brand new keyword research application produced by the masterminds behind the Wealthy Affiliate University. Yet, just how is it different from any other keyword research tool, and why should we give it any more attention than the others?

Firstly, as pointed out earlier, Jaaxy was produced by Kyle and Carson of the Wealthy Affiliate University education program. They\’ve spent years teaching people how one can properly build niche websites and do keyword research. Their expertise is undoubted, and they\’re highly recognized in the website marketing and affiliate communities.

Their keyword research tool was used only by them and their team, without letting the secret out. And, for good reason! This tool does much more than other keyword research tools. But, how is Jaaxy unique, and how is it better?

Regrettably, it has been found that Google has been providing us imprecise numbers when doing keyword research. When you type a search into Google, it shows a number quoting the quantity of web pages that keyword has ranked. But, if you go to the last page on Google for that keyword, chances are the number isn\’t nearly as large. A search generating a quoted 40,000 search results may only have 400 pages ranked. But why would Google do this?

There is only one purpose why you would want that number: for SEO research! Google understands that we use this information to find websites to create profitable websites for. But, that is not what they would like us to do. Actually, they favor we work extra hard to develop good content (which should be done, regardless). So, Google hides the true number of pages from us.

The people behind Jaaxy have found a method to accurately give us the amount of pages available for a search result, something no other keyword tool can achieve. Why? For the reason that they have produced their own specialized algorithm that does this, and only works for Jaaxy! Different programs, like Market Samurai, and even the official Google Keyword Tool, no longer give us accurate information, rendering them out of date and unusable.

That by itself should be enough to make anyone to use Jaaxy. But, they actually offer significantly more. The tool will give you the estimated amount of lookups that a #1 Google ranked site would likely get, and also provide you the SERPS of the top 10 positioned websites in Google for your keyword. They have got their own formulated \”SEO Power\” meter that shows you for sure if the keyword is worth your precious time, making it faster and easier than ever to produce a variety of effective keywords. Last but not least, they have a \”related keywords\” tab that effortlessly produces a list of keywords related to your first search, making it a lot simpler to do keyword research.

Have you had enough?

No?? Well, how about I reveal to you a step-by-step Jaaxy Tutorial guide on how I discovered a worthwhile niche keyword that produces over 1000 views every day, and has less than 500 search results? Find out how I discovered a number of lucrative keywords in only five minutes of research using Jaaxy, and learn of various ways I make money from home online at

Make Extra Cash Online Doing Data Entry Work

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

The increase in data entry positions online has increased dramatically. Data Entry positions have always been popular, but the emergence of the internet has created an increase in jobs available.

Data entry positions used to be associated with jobs such as medical billing professionals, and legal secretaries. This is no longer the case. The demand of the internet has altered the look of data entry professionals totally.

The new data entry professionals do not have to be tied to an office. Many people doing data entry are currently working from home. This change has made it easier for companies to outsource some to their work and save on office expenses.

There are several websites online where you can go to and post freelance jobs or bid on jobs that companies or entrepreneurs offer on a daily basis. Companies like Elance or Rent A Coder head the list for jobs for writers and data entry personnel, but there are several more business opportunities available.

Survey sites are examples of an online opportunity that does not require bidding on jobs or waiting for a company to post a job that suits your qualifications. The good part about survey sites is that everything is communicated to you via email so you never have to leave your home to earn an income. There is also enough survey opportunities that you can literally pencil down how much money you want to make.

There are some survey companies online that require a fee to get started, but for the most part most of them are free. Both of the top two survey companies, Cash Crate and Inbox dollars are free to join. Taking surveys require that you give your opinions on products that companies need your input on in order to provide better service.

Making money online however is not limited to data entry professional only. Anyone can make money with other opportunities like affiliate marketing. Marketing other people products online is actually way more lucrative and can be achieved by simply working a couple of hours a day. The only catch to making a lot of money with affiliate marketing is that you are going to need the proper training.

Making extra money online an easily be achieve by taking on freelancing jobs and surveys. If your are not a data entry person or you would like to increase your income potential, the proper affiliate marketing training course can help you to achieve your goals.

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Due To Massive Job Losses, People Are Looking For Other Ways To Make Money

Friday, June 12th, 2009

The majority of people would love to work from home a few hours a day, rather than being confined to an office eight hours every day. Wouldn’t it be great to be your own boss? You can with Your Net Biz / My Internet Business.

First, what are the advantages of owning My Internet business and working from home? There are actually a lot of reasons to work from home. No commute, no traffic, no more co-workers you can’t stand, and the list could go on and on.

Next, you can work in your favorite tee-shirt and shorts and no one will be the wiser. How about making a few hundred or more a week, while feeling comfortable and, well, at home, in your work environment? This is probably one of the greatest benefits you can enjoy with YourNetBiz / MyInternetBusiness.

What about being your own boss? Yes, that is one of the greatest reasons to own My Internet business and work at home. You don’t have to get permission to take a day off or even a week for that matter. It’s all up to you.

So many people actually hate their lives because they are so caught up in the rat race of getting to work, doing a job they dislike and rushing home to face another family crisis. Does this sound familiar? If so, it is time you changed your life, and found your way out of this rat race with the help of YourNetBiz / My Internet Business.

Due to a sluggish economy, many people are struggling because they do not have the money they once did. How great could it be to make the money you deserve without killing yourself day after day? This could literally change your life if you are happy doing what you do rather than hating your job. You can make money online with the use of Your Net Biz / My Internet Business.

Did I mention financial freedom? How great would it be to actually buy what you want without counting every penny? You can do this wit the use of My Internet Business. When you begin using this program, you can make easy money online in a short period of time. It won’t take years to do so, you can begin making money in a few weeks or less.

Nothing can compare to not having to worry about money and you can do just that by working at home. My Internet Business gives you the opportunity to make an income you will love. It offers some great tools to show how to generate traffic to your website. There is a wealth of knowledge in the digital library alone, which you will receive with this program.

If you want to take charge of your life, pay off your debt, and start living by making a lot of money, you need YourNetBiz / My Internet Business to get you headed down the path of financial freedom and off the road of agony and debt. You can quickly take charge of your life and control your destiny when you being making money online with the use of this program.

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The Economy Is In The Toilet So Why Do Small Online Businesses Thrive?

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

The majority of us would do most anything to avoid the morning traffic jams and the constant complaining of our Co-Workers, while working in our most comfortable attire and our plush slippers. This can be entirely possible if you are devoted to making a living like me with My Internet Business.

First, let’s discuss some reasons why you should work at home. There are quite a few and one of the top ones may easily be the short commute. How great is it to have no commute? Just imagine all the money you will save on the wear and tire of your car as well as on gasoline each month.

Next, you can work in anything you want. No dress code which doesn’t allow for this or that. How uncomfortable is a suit all day? It can be very uncomfortable. Wouldn’t you prefer tee-shirts and flip flops? Most people would and that’s exactly what can happen when you make money online.

What about being your own boss? Yes, that is one of the greatest reasons to own My Internet business and work at home. You don’t have to get permission to take a day off or even a week for that matter. It’s all up to you.

There are millions of people that hate their lives because they are doing a job they hate with people they dislike as well. Does this sound similar to your situation? If so, take charge of your life and start a new life working at home with My Internet Business.

Due to a sluggish economy, many people are struggling because they do not have the money they once did. How great could it be to make the money you deserve without killing yourself day after day? This could literally change your life if you are happy doing what you do rather than hating your job. You can make money online with the use of My Internet Business.

The advantage of having financial freedom can free you from stress and worry. My Internet Business can give you that freedom by allowing you to make money online. When you use a program such as this, you can shortly start changing your life, from one of constant worry to one of having anything you would like.

There is nothing like having your finances in order and having the money you need to not only live but enjoy your life as well. You can do this with My Internet Business. It will aid you in generating traffic to your website, as well as offers many other great tools, such as a digital product library that exceeds even the greatest expectations. You have an endless supply of software to not only aid to educate you but also to make your job much easier.

The best way to thrive while others are trying to survive is to control your own destiny. When you start with My Internet Business, that is exactly what you are doing, controlling your own destiny.

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