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Why a website can destroy your brand

Friday, January 27th, 2012

To build an internet site is one of the most important things that a company has to develop in its online marketing plan. Their public image, the door to the world, is opening to visitors, customers thru the Internet.

Hence when developing an internet site and a SEO strategy, the owner of the company, the marketing director or the responsible of communication has to have some clear ideas about what is what they are trying to find.

Brand strategy

First, marketing director must believe that an internet site is one of the key inversions that a company must do. That seems that everything must be correct and adjusted to the brand company standards. A horrible designed internet site can destroy the brand image offline and this may be a big problem.

Second, it’s necessary that brand colors, typography and other elements respond to a unified policy. It's not a brilliant idea to develop a different color strategy online and offline because that kind of actions will bug and confuse the visitor.

Colors and their importance

It has been proved that colors have an important role in visitors ‘ actions. A domain should have the brand ones but also others that will be acclimatised to the sort of visitors we'll have. If colors aren't the rigt ones, the visitor won't convert into buyer and shoppers will nor convert into clients.

A bad choice of our internet site colours can mess up a inversion and give a bad feeling to our visitors, so pro guidance is really advised when a company is going to develop a presence in Internet or in social nets

Some little tips

It has been said that if sites have a telephone number in the top right of each page and a tiny contact form to each page where it’s wished to capture a domain conversion, leads from internet site visitors can go up by at least 5 times.

Abel Pardo Fernandez is CEO of Aigen Digital Marketing and Professor of Posicionamiento en Buscadores at the University of Leon

Useful Pointers When Shopping Online

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Just a few years ago, nobody did their shopping online. Well, some people did, but most people wouldn’t trust their credit cards to an online vendor. Nowadays, it’s still a burgeoning marketplace, but the internet is the way million of people shop everyday.

What was completely unthinkable just a few years ago is almost the norm now: Millions of products bought and sold over the internet almost every day. Delivery is a cinch, and so is payment. And many many people are making lots of money on all sides. It represents a real revolution in the way merchandising is done. In fact, some people are calling it a new industrial revolution.

Despite the 1990s dot com bust, online buying and selling has grown at a rapid and rapidly fluctuating rate every year. It seems that as soon as any site goes down, a dozen more pop up to take its place.

The online marketplace is really the buyer’s paradise, as e-commerce sites all vie for the most consumers. Competition traditionally drives the price of similar goods and services down, while websites try to differentiate themselves by providing the best service.

Of course, there is the concern over the security and privacy of financial data such as credit card and bank account numbers. Can the web be trusted? Well, many people are afraid of just such a possibility. They say fraud and ID theft is a deterrent.

But it is also important to take into account the professional opinions of professional experts. They indicate that these sorts of crimes, while frequently blown out of proportion on the media, are actually remarkably rare or unusual. While it does happen, they say it is really very easy to keep yourself protected. Just shop like you would in the real world – with people you know you can trust.

You can also take solace in the fact that your credit card statements do not reveal important data that could be used to track your sales. They will show who you buy from, but not what you buy.

So, if that doesn’t convince you, you don’t have to do your shopping online. But the safeguards do exist, and the lure of online shopping is sure to win you over eventually.

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Data Information To Find Matthew Moody

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Finding Matthew Moody, your long lost friend, might seem like an overwhelming challenge. However, if you approach it correctly, it can be done easily and quickly. By starting with a few simple details, you should be able to look him up in a variety of places, each offering a different point of view.

Networking sites offer ways to contact someone immediately if they have posted their cell phone or home numbers. Otherwise, you can post a message on their wall asking them to contact you at their earliest convenience. One of the nice things about this is that other people see your request, and may pass it on if they talk to you first.

Text messaging is the fastest way to send news anymore, and an announcement that you’re looking for someone is no different. You can send out a mass text to all of your mutual friends, and ask them to please send your message along. By doing this, you get to talk to many people at once saving yourself more phone calls and time. It also may get you some contact information you would have liked to have, but were not searching for at that moment.

Professionals and executives ranking highly in large corporations will also have a social profile page, usually based on the corporate site. These profiles will contain their bio, various awards for professional achievements, and contact information regarding the company. Email addresses and phone numbers are common in this data, and lets their colleagues contact them in a convenient manner.

Email has also become the new form of mail, overtaking regular postal mail in a major way. Since people stay connected in various ways, you can send an email and reach someone on their computer or on their cell phone. Because wifi service is so common, it is important for business executives to stay in touch with their teams at all times. However, many people not in a demanding business subscribe to this service as well, giving almost everyone constant access to their email.

Certain groups of professionals will form a database of all such people in their locale and will list their contact information. Their phone numbers and emails will be listed, as well as how long they have been in the business. Since a small detail will often give you enough data to confirm you have the right person, this might be all you need to finish your search.

Friends of friends are a low tech way to find people as well, and if Matthew Moody is a mutual friend, you may find that talking to them is faster than trying to find him on your own. When people work as a team, they can use all kinds of sources and contact methods to find someone in a hurry. Technology has improved this ability and will continue to grow as our electronic and social networking needs do in the future.

Matthew Moody

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