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Online Marketing Strategy Planning And SOSTAC

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

PR Smith, a well known author has patented the model known as digital marketing strategy planning with SOSTAC. The letters SOSTAC are also an acronym standing for the essential elements of any marketing plan. They are Situational analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Action and Control. This model is widely used in many contexts, worldwide.

Managers will find it useful to access the website and obtain the free templates that are available. These may be regarded as instruments which will help to reduce costs and aid efficiency. It is the aim of all marketers to increase sales, and the SOSTAC model is designed to meet this aim.

Educationist, Psychologists, Marriage guidance counsellor and of course marketers find situational analysis useful. It is an attempt to establish what the present, or current, situation is. Information about external and internal factors is gathered and applied to an assessment of where a business or plan is at the present. As an initial step in a campaign situational analysis is very useful in clearing away any assumptions that might have been on place before a plan begins. If they are false the whole campaign could be built on shifting sand.

The second step, after situational analysis is to articulate and record the objectives of the plan. After deciding exactly what it is that is hoped for, planners must decide whether the objective is realistically feasible. In deciding this hard facts such as the budget need to be taken into account.

Tactics need to be considered after the first two steps have been taken. In this step the market could be divided into segments, and the position with regard to each segment established. The question needs to be asked how the market segment may see the product, and how such perceptions could best be managed.

For a plan to work well in action each person involved should have a clear idea of his responsibilities and job description. The parameters within each person operates should be clearly defined so that he or she can work efficiently and economically. For example, the amount of money allocated to particular aspects of the plan should be defined so that everyone understands where he or she stands.

Once all other aspects of a plan have been clearly delineated it is important to control it. This can be done by relating action performance measurements to the established objectives. Performances of all team members will have to be measured and appropriate steps taken when targets are not met. An important aspect of control is dealing tactfully and sensitively with problems. In any human enterprise relationships between protagonists can make or mar the whole endeavour.

The digital marketing strategy planning with SOSTAC template offers managers contemplating either terrestrial or virtual campaigns an ideal opportunity to work within a structured framework that has been tried and tested and proved effective on all levels.

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