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Article Writing Is Really A Skill And Something That You Can Make Loads Of Cash From

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

With regards toIin relation to making cash online, a lot of folks don’t think about all the different techniques that they could wind up making cash by simply writing articles. This is actually a thing that can be quite profitable when you understand the best ways to start bringing in an income from this specific skill. For those of you that are wondering how this can be carried out, we are going to be going over a number of the strategies that can be used to be able to create an income from articles.

Just about every person knows that they need content for their sites to keep them updated, and you could possibly sell your article writing skills to these individuals for generating the content they require. For those of you who develop premium quality articles you are going to discover that men and women will be happy to pay you between $10.00 per article all of the way up to $50.00 per article, for unique articles that you generate for them. There’s a lot of different sites right now that connects article writers with individuals who need content, and that’s one way the you are able to begin marketing and advertising your service, or you can just build a web site of your own.

I’m sure you’ve heard that blogs are a great way to make money, and when you can develop your own premium quality content you’re going to see that this can be very lucrative selection for you. Although you can use affiliate programs in order to produce an income, you should also be aware that you could sell advertising space on your blog or even make cash with Google Adsense. When you are creating high quality, unique content for your blog, you’re going to find that the various search engines may wind up sending you free traffic making it very easy for you to make cash.

For people who have not heard of article advertising you are going to see that this is the process of creating an article and submitting it to article publication sites, and leaving some type of link to a page where you can make cash. If you decide to write an article about fat loss, a good sort of product to market at the end of the article would be a program or product which can help individuals lose weight. This is probably one of the most popular ways to make cash with articles since there are hundreds if not thousands of men and women doing this exact same thing every day.

The Internet is filled with seo organizations which are willing to pay men and women to generate content for them so that they can use this content for building backlinks for their clients internet sites. You and simply do a search in the major search engines for “SEO Company”, visit their site and see if they have a way for you to contact them about composing articles for them. A few of these businesses may try and get you to work incredibly cheaply, but you should never end up working for less than you understand your work is worth.

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Outlining Main Features Of Web Copywriting

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Web copywriting refers to the way a website is composed, especially in terms of the content that is included in it. This is done with a number of aims. Common ones include promoting a product, a service, an organization and its work, or a particular concept. Copywriters are being sought after a lot nowadays, as there are so many websites online. They will help to provide suitable content according to the client’s needs, while ensuring that duplicate content is avoided.

The job of a copywriter is concerned with using specific techniques which persuade the reader, listener or viewer to act in such a way it benefits the creator of the content, whether it is to buy a product, subscribe or adopt an opinion. A copywriter therefore may be employed to increase the web foot print, promote business popularity, increase sales, promote an idea or organization.

Copywriters will make use of various methods to attain such goals. Some of the most common ones include banners, blog posts, adverts, direct mail, and SEO techniques.

A good place to start in making the website more relevant in cyberspace is to improve the content on the webpage; this is known as content writing. An experienced copywriter will conduct research to know what appeals to the target audience and therefore know how to formulate the page so that it is more persuasive and interesting.

Besides content writing, the copywriter may actually utilize professional website developers to provide the site a facelift, so that it provides an increased visual appeal for the projected audience. Various characteristics like loud and obnoxious music as well as excessive graphics tend to be the first to be eliminated.

The next step would be to utilize a variety of SEO methods so as to increase the website’s ranking. This will in turn increase web traffic. An integral part of this is the use of plenty of relevant tags and keywords. Typically these keywords and phrases are usually determined by means of interviews as well as analysis performed by the copywriter.

Many copywriters today form themselves into marketing teams with traditional advertising agencies such as public relations firms, large stores, newspapers and book publishers. This diversifies the reach of the website to include persons who would never have gone on the internet in search of the particular content contained in the website.

Copywriters make use of diversified methods to reach their goals. They also utilize various internet based techniques. With the popularity that social networking sites are enjoying nowadays, many copywriters are making sure to utilize them properly as part of their strategies. This includes Tweeting as well as Facebook adverts and subscriptions.

A copywriter is worth his keep if he/she can get traffic to your site and thereby achieves the aim of the website. A good copywriter will first do his research and determine which set of techniques will work for your particular site, because not all techniques are equally effective.

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A Primer On Writing PPC Ad Copy

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Maybe you have experienced the frustration of composing PPC ads? In case you are not positive of the best way to go about it, then don’t worry simply because you happen to be not alone! We’ll cover a number of the far more critical items as it pertains to writing winning ad copy for PPC. The tactics beneath can raise your on-line exposure no matter whether you are attempting to market a single article optimized for “mario badescu acne kit” or perhaps a high-traffic weblog geared toward those interested in “Paper Dioramas”.

Get in Your Customers’ Shoes: Making the effort to think like your target audience will help you convince them to click on your ad and take some action. You need to keep the preferences of your target audience is mind while writing ad copy. When you’re clear about who you’re targeting, the next thing you need to consider is how you would target them with your ad. If you’re selling golf clubs, for example, then your ideal customers are golfers looking for new clubs. While creating your ad, keep the specific needs and wants of your prospect in mind.

You may be amazed at the power of “free” in an ad, but beware because you will be a freebie magnet. But if your offer is truly free, then by all means use it in your ad copy but just be aware of the quality of people you get. Your conversion rates will probably be higher, but think about the money you will be spending. When you’re utilizing a platform such as Google AdWords for your PPC campaign, it’s really important that you make yourself different from the competition, because ultimately your returns depend on how many clicks convert to a sale/lead.

Use Facts: If you can support your ad copy with some known facts then there’s nothing like it. Because people like facts, using them makes it easier to garner their trust. So if your product has already sold a thousand copies – then mention that in your ad copy to make it more effective and genuine. Doing this helps prove to others that what you’re offering really works.

Ultimately strong ad copy is what makes the difference between success and failure so it’s essential to being able to write it. While the above tips aren’t rocket science, they do require action and commitment to get it right.

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How to create Online Content for Your Blogs or Site

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

The success and failure of a website is on its content and most of the webmasters know this fact. That is why the webmasters spend hours together to create an informative content. Even though there are few things has to be added to your content to make it fit to compete in search engines, without quality content you cannot achieve it. Now, in this article you will get tips to choose an attractive topic and valuable content.

The topic of your content is going to decide the traffic of your blog. The topic you choose to write should not target a small group of people who are in search of a particular niche. Instead, when you choose a topic that can give solution to thousands of people, your site visibility in search engine will improve.

Give priority to the topic that is trending in the industry. No doubt a website that provides new information will always hit the market. When you choose a topic that is currently popular in the industry, definitely your content is unlikely to be repeated in so many sites. The current and fresh news will increase the number of visitors to your site. Choose the topic which can be easily conveyed to the reader. There are certain topics that really bring out the feeling of the readers. Who knows they may be experiencing a similar crisis in their life and your content will be solution to their problems.

Once the topic is ready, you should move on to the content. Make the content more valuable and this definitely drag more visitors to your site. If any of the reader feels your content as good, they may even recommend their friends to visit your site. Thus, you will get more followers for valuable content. When your site gets reputation, the one time reader will become your potential customer and will be visiting your site frequently to get the updates.

Updating the Content! The webmasters who have experience will never miss to change their site information. You will get repeated visitors to your site when your site updates the content weekly/bimonthly or monthly. Also search engine spiders give best ranking to the site that provides fresh information.

The body of the content should speak only on the topic you have chosen. Writing invaluable matter in the body of the content will force your reader to move to some other site. Some people are likely to be your regular visitors, so providing matter irrelevant to the topic will lead to loss of a valuable client.

Some webmasters will not have current information on certain subject. They should avoid giving untrue information. If you copy or give any incorrect news to the audience, then your reputation will be under debris. This may irritate your long term customers too.

When you provide new information, you should be very careful as readers expect quality and accuracy in content. Giving false content will not only spoil the reputation of your site but also some of your regular readers have chance of quitting your site once for all. The delivery of the content should be smooth and soft. Since most of the readers who visit websites are highly qualified, the tone of discussing the content is very crucial. Some time you may write a matter for fun but it may be irritating to others. So, make sure that your content does not hurt any of your respectable readers.

The website or blog that choose the best topic and write a valuable content will be rewarded. Apart from the topic and content, you should also add some essential things like SEO in your context to make it a perfect one. When content is created with a good topic, informative content and SEO optimized, no one can stop your site getting into the top ten ranks of SERP.

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Tips To Live By For SEO Beginners

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Making SEO work for you can be a challenge even though there is lots of info available. Below is a brief overview of some effective SEO tips that can help you achieve long term results Insiders HQ.

The most benefit will be gained by understanding that there is great value in blogs since search engines rank them high. Blogs not only get indexed quickly, but they are also among the highest ranked by search engines. The main reason that this happens as opposed to lower rankings and slower indexing is that search engines know the information they will find on blogs is fresh and high quality. Your blog has another advantage point to it, you can add your blog to your main HTML site and increase the speed in which search engines will index your main site just by having your blog there. Do you have to update content frequently in order to keep the search engines indexing quickly? The answer is frankly, as often as you desire, the more you update the more the search engines will like it and the more attention your blog will receive. You should be careful not to let your blog stagnate too long and be studious with your efforts. Doing that will increase your trust factor in the eyes of the search engines which will also increase your chances of greater success. Targeted niche authorities are discovers this way by search engines who will then increase your ranking in that niche and view you as the authority. Other bloggers will appreciate the effort you put into maintaining your blog and ultimately want to link with you creating relevant backlinks for your site. So having your own blog helps you in more than one way. What do you have to lose, try blogging to increase your traffic in an instant.

When you’re creating backlinks for your site as part of your SEO campaign, make sure you go beyond the main homepage. The more comprehensive your backlinking is, the better your ranking will be, so aim to get backlinks for as many of your pages as you can. A website about recipes, for example, may have pages that use a variety of keywords like “chicken recipes,” “vegetables,” “desserts” and so forth. The more pages you can get backlinks for, the more keywords you have a chance to rank with. When you work on this, make sure that you use anchor text with your keyword for your backlinks. In a way, you’re giving the search engines more value because of the content on your other pages. Don’t limit yourself to the homepage; go beyond it.

The keywords used in your headlines also receive high priority from the search engines. Headlines are important to your human readers and the search engine spiders are aware of this. The search engines use the H1, H2, and H3 tags to find he keywords that you want to be ranked for. It’s all about relevancy here since search engines aim at delivering relevant results. Using your keywords in the heading also helps the readers relate them with their search request. Concentrate on these on page factors as well as related backlinks to fully optimize your site Clickbank Wealth Formula.

This file has an important function, which is to inform the search engines which of your pages they should include and which they should disregard in their index. Not all of your content should be indexed, if it’s duplicate content for example, and this is a way to prevent the search engines from indexing it. Along with the robots.txt file you use to shield some of your pages, you also want to make sure you have a site map, which ensures that the search engines can understand your site’s navigation and see all your pages. These tips explain the ease of SEO. Applying them at regular intervals will help you see the benefits more quickly.

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How To Generate Leads With A Website

Monday, June 28th, 2010

In order to be successful online, you will need a website that is fully functional. You site must have visual appeal and be easily accessible as well. You must make it easy for your site visitors to register at your site or buy your products. You can have all this and more and still not be successful if you don’t have any visitors coming to your site. When you have traffic, you need to implement autoresponders so you can collect leads. In order to be successful, your website has to be designed optimally and exposed to targeted internet traffic. Here are a few ways to do that.

Article Writing and Marketing

There are thousands of competing websites out there trying to generate leads but most of them lack the necessary content to become successful. A lot of web surfers are leery of sites that are thin on content because they do not inspire trust and can even seem spammy. By providing high quality original content, your website will stand out from the rest and give your site visitor the confidence they need to opt into your list. By writing articles and posting them to various article directories online, the search engines will take notice of you as well and give you a higher ranking so even more web surfers can find your site.

Social Networking

Social networking sites like Facebook are big on the internet now. People flock to these sites to meet up with their friends and to meet new people. Because of the huge amount of traffic these sites get, they are a great place to garner leads as long as you do it properly. Social networking sites are all about building relationships so you should take this approach to help you find business partners and get leads for new customers. You can leave your link in places where it is appropriate. If your site has wide appeal it could even get passed around and go viral on one of these sites.

Forum Marketing

Many people still use online forums to gather and share their ideas and seek opinions. These are popular because they are familiar and are a way to get instant feedback. Forums are usually targeted towards specific niches so all of the people visiting there have the same interest. This can be very beneficial for you if you can find a high traffic forum that matches your website. Just be careful to follow forum protocol so you don’t offend anyone with your link. Keep it in your signature and let people find it naturally as you participate in forum conversations.

The methods mentioned above are free ways you can get targeted visitors to your website and generate more leads. The only cost to you is your time. For even better results, you might want to use a marketing company like the one at These companies help you generate a steady supply of new leads at a cost that you can afford.

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The Varieties Of Split Testing Software Experience

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Split testing works. Use it well, and you will improve your conversion rates, and, thus, your profits. And, if you are advertising, or have significant product costs, raising your conversion rate just a little can raise your profits a lot. But there are many different kinds of split testing software out there.

I can’t discuss every feature of every testing tool out there, but I can give you a major overview of the different kinds of split testing software.

One big distinction is between single variable and multiple variable (multivariate) testing.

With single variable testing you just pick one element on your page to test. Take your headline, for example. If your current headline says “Are you having trouble with tooth decay?”, you might want to see how “Do your kids have tooth decay?” works. In a single variable test, you just find a way to rotate each of those headlines on your page, and keep track of how many sales each generates.

There are a few simple split testing tools available. Some are free and some cost money. Google offers a free tool, though you do have to have an Adwords, and an Analytics account to use it.

With multivariate testing, you can test many factors at the same time on your page. So, instead of just testing your headline, you can test your headline, your offer, the P.S. statement, and your lead image all at the same time. And with multivariate testing, if it’s set up right, you can use the same amount of traffic testing many variables that you would use to test a single variable.

So there’s the main distinction between single variable testing and multivariate testing. But once you get into the realm of multivariate testing the options seem to multiply again. One difference among multivariate tools is between tools that are hosted on someone else’s server, and ones that you install on the same server as your webpages. Hosted solutions can be slower, and more expensive, but you don’t have to install any software.

Hosted solutions include Google’s Website Optimizer, and Vertster. Installed solutions include the Split Test Accelerator and Kaizen Track.

Another 3-way distinction among multivariate split testing tools is between Taguchi-based systems, Full factorial systems, and Random independent rotation of factors. With a Taguchi system, you run traffic to only a small, carefully-selected subset of the possible combinations of your factor levels. This allows you to cycle through every combination every 12, 18, or 36 pages, whichever the case may be for the test design you’re using. This allows you to find the best combination very quickly. Some care does have to be taken to avoid interaction effects among the factors. Taguchi-based tools include the Split Test Accelerator and Vertster.

If you want to get around interaction effects you can with a full factorial tool. It will take more traffic to avoid the interactions — a lot more — but with a FFT, like Google’s Website Optimizer, you can just see how every combination plays out, and live with the interactions.

The Taguchi and full factorial tools both use arrays to maintain a relationship between the options being served for one factor, and the options being served for another. Some split testers don’t do this, though. They simply treat each factor as independent from the other factors. This leads to more flexible test designs, but also to longer and less accurate tests.

Now that’s just the overview. There are many other features to compare and questions to ask. Does a tester allow you to exclude bots and spiders? Does it allow real time access to data? What kind of reports does it show? What kind of information does it track for each visitor, and is the visitor-level data available for viewing. Etc.

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Can Article Marketing Really Help My Business?

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, article marketing can make all the difference. How is this achieved?

First off, when someone wants information on a particular niche, articles are often the first point of call. Someone is always writing about or searching for fresh information.

Article marketing depends on the use of the resource box in the area at the bottom of every article where you give the reader information about yourself, in relation to your article.

So how does that help? Well, you dont just put your name in there. Include your website address or link to your blog or any other page that you have online which promotes your product or service. allows a maximum of 4 links within your article body and resource box, combined.

Article directories dont allow you to advertise in the main body of the article so the resource box is your opportunity to provide a link back to your business.

The second point to note, is that article directories are also visited by newsletter publishers looking for quality content that they can pass on to their subscribers. Imagine the potential visitors this could bring!

Thirdly, for effective article marketing, pick a specific keyword and distribute it throughout your article. It will obviously want to relate to the subject of the article and will increase search engine results for you based on your keyword.

Dont forget your links are down there in the resource box. So every time someone sees your article, theyre seeing your links to your website ” make your content of value and the reader will want to know more about you.

You should now be able to see how article marketing is such a useful tool in generating traffic to your site. As they get distributed and circulated through the search engines, you will see the long-term benefits for months or years to come. And best of all, you can write and submit an article for free.

On top of generating targeted traffic to your website, your articles will continue to generate traffic to your site on autopilot. The higher the number of articles you have in circulation, the greater your traffic will be.

The benefits of article marketing are clear to see, which is why it should not be discounted as a highly effective marketing tool.

Ed Hodgson is a successful internet entrepreneur and online income mentor. Through his proven online business system, he teaches others how to effectively use article business as part of his own personal strategies and techniques, to generate targeted traffic.

Web Copywriting

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Web copyywriting is all about getting to the point. Copywriting for the web is entirely different from offline. Online is a fast food medium, with visitors digesting information quickly by scanning. Copywriting for the Web is a very unique communication skill. But also one that you can pick up, as Writing Machine demonstrates in its business writing course, Writing for the Web.

Web copywriting is different than writing for print, but a few general guides can take you a long way. Effectively written web copy is copy that’s carefully crafted to appeal to both potential customers and to search engines. Copywriting for the web is actually a very tricky business. In order for Search engines to crawl your site, your copy must be written with search engines in mind.

Online it’s difficult to bridge the gap between yourself and your potential customer. You can’t see them. Online is a very active environment and people go online to get things done: book holidays, buy goods and services, get information. Online encyclopedias are another fruitful resource, however there are some which should be treated with caution.

Effective web content is vital. Whether it’s five pages or one hundred, whether you want to herd browsers to the ‘buy’ button or your online catalogue, or even just to contact you, we can create effective copy which will get your website noticed and product sold. Effective web copy addresses a brand both stylistically and functionally. It has to support your brand while performing well with the search engines.

With your online copywriting you have to make it as easy as possible for people to understand what you’re asking of them, and for them to then take the appropriate action. It’s not as if you’re writing promotional material for a magazine and you have an order form included for anyone who picks it up.

Online copywriting is writing copy for online use; examples are writing website copy, blogging , electronic newsletters and articles , online advertising, electronic journals, online how-to guides, and web training materials. An Internet copywriter may work for an online company, but more often than not works for a copywriting or advertising agency who supplies web copy to companies.

Informational content is designed to educate the reader in some way. It comes in many forms, such as articles, tutorials, glossaries, etc. Informative, well-structured, search engine friendly text guarantees high web positioning, more traffic, and more clients. So, one major key to your online success is quality content.

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Press Releases 101

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Press releases are an easy-to-use tool to attract media attention for your business and changes or events you are having. Press releases should not be considered advertising and they should be used sparingly and appropriately. You want to attract reporters from local or national media and sending out advertisement style press releases won’t work. Press releases have a purpose and that is to entice reporters with a possible story.

Press releases should make your business story clear and should express what is newsworthy about your event or change within your business. The format is pretty straightforward and there are plenty of templates online. They should be written in third person and have all of your contact information including your name, where your business is located (city and state), your phone numbers and email addresses. They are not difficult to write, but do use proper formatting if you want to get noticed.

It is imperative that you have a unique “story” to tell about your business, its history, a new product or how you work with the community. A new application development is a news story, the fact that it is on sale for 25% off is not. Employing a large number of high school students to help your community is a story. A family business that is being revived with technology is a story. Choose your angel wisely and make sure you know what makes you different before submitting to journalists for review.

If you consider yourself less than a good writer, you can outsource press releases to a freelance copywriter. They are easy to find on freelance employment sites like Odesk or Elance. For a standard one page press release, you can expect to pay $5-$15. Don’t skimp! You should review writing samples of press releases the writer has done in the past. But, if you write at the executive level, you can easily write your own using templates you found online.

Be careful writing your press release. Steer clear of professional jargon or industry speak. Write it like a news story by being clear, concise and to the point. The reason for your story should be clear to the journalist, but rich with detail.

When your press releases are ready, it is time to send them out to be seen. You can do this online. There are plenty of services that will release your items for free or for a fee. Free sites have stipulations about how often you can submit and where they will go so do your research. A simple online search for press release services will offer many choices. Register with several of them and review their requirements.

Using press releases effectively can brand you as an expert in your field. Don’t throw press releases out for everything you do. Use them judiciously and look for the stories within your business. Once you learn to develop this eye, you build credibility with reporters. Media attention is free marketing so try sending out some press releases and see what kind of interest you generate.

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