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How To Publicize Your Book With Annie Jennings PR’s Tips

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Writers and authors want their work to be read by many; it will mean that they can keep on writing for a living and not as a side-line. Starting out is always hard for any first-time writer. You do not know what to do or how best to market your work. You will probably not be able to afford a high-quality, big city P. R. Firm to do your marketing for you. You may not even have an agent. So how do you get your work known? Is publicity the answer?

Many authors have had the smart idea of writing books about how to promote their books. They are serving their own needs by catering to others just like them. Some books are better than others and some may be just scams. However, you should look at what these authors are doing to get their books bought in the first place. They use new technology which can be free. Use the internet. Create fan sites. Try to link yourself up with as many search engines and online retailers as you can.

Authors living in rural areas may actually sell more copies. It is nothing for someone from New York city to write a book and be published. Hundreds do it every week. But when you are from a small village in New England, people in your area will pay attention. You will get interviewed on local channels and by local papers. Use all of these opportunities, especially because it costs you nothing. Being a mysterious, reclusive writer should be saved for once you have actually become well-known. Then you can pick and choose your public appearances.

You must think about your own image when you promote yourself. Be a professional, above all else. Off-color or non-funny jokes will hurt your image, as well as if you dress like a slob. You also need to know just how much you should tell about your book. If you reveal the whole story, no one is going to bother reading it. Speak intelligently but do not alienate people with intellectual babble. You must be personable and just a tiny bit mysterious while still forcing yourself onto people’s radar.

Dress well, too. If you do not dress professionally for public appearances, what makes anyone think that you can write professionally? Play up your contacts, you affiliation with local schools or business or sports teams. Make people proud that you came from their area. Keep in mind that people know your parents or remember you from high school. They want to see what you have done with your life.

You cannot be shy when it comes to advertising. Do absolutely anything you can (without making a negative impression of yourself). Do commercials, be in local magazines, even put up fliers yourself. You must be a business person. Sign autographs at a local book store. Make deals with companies who promote you and give them a cut of books they help you sell. You goal is to climb to the next tier of celebrity and then the next, as selling your book is your livelihood.

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Become A Top National Expert Using Publicity For Career Success With Annie Jennings PR

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Being seen as an expert in your field will create a competitive advantage for you and your business. One of the ways to create expert status is to appear in the media as an expert in your field. Here’s how! Make a list of all of the topics you can discuss as an expert or analyst and include sub-categories for each one. For example, a Workplace Expert can create a topic list that includes how to deal with gossip in the workplace, the dos and don’ts of asking for a raise, workplace etiquette, tips for traveling with the boss, harassment, climbing the corporate ladder, handling burn-out. Create five talking points for each of your expert topics you listed. Talking points are statements in sentence format that present a concept or commentary. Example of talking points on the topic of “tips for traveling with the boss” are: “Do not drink alcohol and if you do, never become intoxicated” or “Being on the road with the boss is not a time to ask for a raise” and so forth. Under each talking point create several lines of discussion or commentary.

Your professional and expert BIO is the first thing you need to create. Pack it with evidence that you are an expert in the field such as your education, awards, recognitions, accomplishments, associations you belong to along with a list of any previous publicity or media placements you have received. Your bio should support your area of expertise and leave out the personal information that does not matter to the media such as hobbies or how many kids you have although you can mention the location of your nearest major city as sometimes the media likes to know where you or your business is located. Create a list of the shows you want to on, or the media you want to get into and build a list of contacts at the media outlets. You will introduce yourself to your media contacts and then once a story hits the news where you are qualified to provide talking points you can connect with your contacts. They already know you and it will be more likely they will choose you for the opportunity.

Make contact with your media targets in advance to let them know you are standing by for them the next time they need for example, a Workplace Expert or a Legal Analyst. Send your expert status qualifications and topic areas, BIO and your complete contact information including home and cell phone. When the media moves, they move fast. Experts are well-read. Look for articles in major national newspapers and magazines that tie into your area of expertise. TV shows get ideas for programming everywhere. Once you spot a national article that you can expand upon or offer commentary on, you will want to contact the media using your contact database. Then send your talking points, bio, phone numbers, and of course, mention the article or breaking news event to which you are pegging your pitch.

When news happens where you are the expert and can comment send out a notice to your contact database. Include your contact info and availability so they can connect with you quickly. Be completely ready and able to drop everything to talk to the media, appear on a radio show or go down to your TV studio for an interview. One thing is true; the media moves very fast and appreciates immediate access to you.

Be sure to invest in media training so you know how to talk to the media. They want clear concise commentary without meandering or long-winded answers. Quick and accurate analysis is key. You want to work out certain trouble spots in advance of your TV appearance such as talking with your hands, blinking your eyes too much or talking slow with a lot of distracting and annoying “ummmm’s”.

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Public Relations To Empower Your Business & Your Career FAST!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

By definition, Public relations help build awareness of companies, products, services, technologies, people and issues among key audiences and influencers, and as budgets shrink for advertising and marketing, Public Relations is the answer to making sure you help build awareness of companies, products, services, technologies, people and issues among key audiences and influencers. Along with your marketing, advertising, internet and social networking, Public Relations can give you an advantage in reaching critical markets.

Failure to use Public Relations to enhance other aspects of your outreach is important you are to succeed. By understanding how to best use Public Relations to your advantage you will be making the decision to be successful and to fully utilize all the tools at your disposal. If you want to increase your market share, increase your Public Relations efforts.

Public Relations is very much about helping you define who you are to your audience, to the media, and will give you needed credentials. Public Relations is an outreach to editorial channels like newspapers and magazines. Also it is an essential way to get to television and radio broadcasters and to get booked as a guest on shows. And like any business, Public Relations should be a part of your organizational structure, like manufacturing, or human resources. And, like every aspect of your organization the way you outline your Public Relations goals are essential to your success. You must have goals and methodology. When you break it down, the better you understand your market, the better you can communicate to that market.

The better you can convey your message, the better your chances are that you will get noticed, and unlike marketing and advertising, Public Relations can and should be more personal and identifiable to you, your company, or your product. There are many ways to reach target the audiences that you need to see you. Some of them are: news releases, public service announcements, guest editorials, media tours, broadcast/print interviews, video news releases, special events, sponsorships/contributions, press meetings, speaking opportunities, and bylined articles, to name some.

Public Relations gives a legitimate voice to your product or service and is much less expensive then traditional advertising and marketing. It can also assist you to test demand for new products, or to help you refine a message. Overall, Public Relations is relevant in getting you to a new and higher visibility and will help focus buyers and create new markets.

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Effective Tools Used For Book Promotion Efforts

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

There is no question that writing a book is something that is an incredibly powerful accomplishment that should be celebrated and promoted as much as possible. Truly, upon completion, the next challenge often becomes the ability and strength of popularity of the book among the general public and audience which could prove to be somewhat challenging of a process to undergo. With this in mind, upon completion of a book, one should consider the most effective book promotion ideas in order to spread the word as effectively as possible about the book overall.

Most often, the launching of a book is a very high attended even by those that are aware of the book and many others within the book industry. In fact, these are often attended by book enthusiasts within the knowledge base of that particular book being published. These events are often incredibly solid sources of book sales and overall publicity being increased in order to generate even more sales.

Quite often, the publisher of a book already has a network of people already in mind for the networking and promoting of any book under any given genre. As this is often the case, much of the marketing and popularity of the book is already established. This pool of people, however, should be increased as much as possible for the increased chances of success.

As with anything today, the publication and marketing of any book is often riddled with an incredibly small budget that must be maintained and adhered to at all times. Within this process, there are actually quite a few proven and successful techniques employed in order to remain within budget and still successful promote any book. Keeping them in mind and actually using them are quite powerful resources for the selling of any book overall.

Book promotion efforts are often incredibly successful and cheaply performed by the creation and bulk mailing of post cards. This is an incredibly powerful source of getting the word out and assisting in making the sales efforts of any book an incredible success. As this is quite often the case, the post cards should include a book theme of some sort.

Also, book marks are incredibly powerful. Book lovers love book marks and love receiving them. They are very inexpensive to create and distribute and often lead to greater sales levels.

Most promoters of any book are also able to print posters to advertise the book launch event. These are often posted in book stores that are hosting the events and anticipating having the book available for retail. Thus, this is often a very inexpensive and direct promotional marketing technique.

Finally, book promotion is also incredibly successful when performed on social media sites. Basically, using Twitter and Facebook are incredibly common sources of advertising. Sending the word out is something that is incredible for many in this process.

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Live Chat Software: What Is It?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

There are many online stores, business and e-commerce websites, and other online services to check out online. Many of these sites deal with money so you have to be careful in choosing which sites you want to deal with.

Some sites may deliver but other sites may do a far better job for your money’s worth. You can get a good idea on how good a company can be by checking their support options and trying them out. This is why you should outfit your site with sophisticated communication solutions to show your customers that your door is open if they need assistance.

If you want to go all out with an all-around solution, installing live chat software will be your best bet.

About Live Chat Software

A live chat software is a web application that provides an interface for your support personnel as well as your site visitors so they can properly discuss issues and answer any questions. It basically integrates a special chat room to your site.

Since only a single member of the support team is required to communicate with a person, the software will assign a support member once a customer requests a session.

There are also some desktop live chat applications available. In fact, normal communication software like Skype can be considered as a live chat software since you can let someone engage in a private video or text conversation as soon as they know your ID.

Many applications like Skype allow you to generate a special button that you can embed on your website so they just need to click it for the session to start. Although the customer must have the software installed, this live chat solution can serve as a nice start in getting your support crew involved with real-time online support.

Features of a Good Live Chat Software

Eventually, you should consider switching to a premium live chat software since it allows quick sessions. The support team can simply idle until the live chat software sees an alert for a new chat request. Unlike traditional phone line support, if another chat request is made, a person in the support team will have the option to accept it too or pass it on to someone else.

Since good live chat software have a tabbed interface, support members shouldn’t have a problem with dealing with multiple people.

There is always a possibility for all members of the support team to be unavailable. The best possible way to keep the customer comfortable during these rare instances is to provide an email form so the support team can address the issue when they go back online. A customer can do this immediately if they can see the current online status of the different support members.

Support team managers have to make sure that their team is doing a fantastic job. They can easily evaluate by checking the logs since the live chat software can effectively log conversations. If the live chat software supports it, managers may also be able to communicate with their fellow members through an internal chatting system. This is useful if a support member needs to relay a customer question to someone else.

Good live chat solutions require a license and that costs money. Make sure the live chat software has these features before you go on with the purchase.

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Benefits of Live Chat Solutions

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

If you have an active e-commerce site, you will realize how important it is to keep your potential or existing customers supported.

Not many people will dive into a service if they cannot see or connect to any support teams who may be able to answer any questions or address issues. There is no excuse in coming up with a support system because there are various ways to execute. By simply supplying contact information, customers on the fence have something to resort to.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone will take that channel especially if they think that emails may take too long to respond to.

Many people prefer live solutions so they can receive faster replies. People are generally more comfortable in engaging in productive conversations so they can take quicker actions once their issues are addressed. This is the main benefit of installing a live chat solution to your website. These types of solutions may offer other benefits as well.

Simple Implementation

Live chat software are standalone scripts that are designed to easily fit in to any type of website. Although these programs have certain requirements, following the instructions should lead to a proper setup without conflicting with any other site components.

In short, it really doesn’t hurt to install a live chat solution. If you are hosting a lively e-commerce site, chances are your chosen server type should offer more than enough site bandwidth to make live chat available on a daily basis.

Reduces the Need of Phone Support

Making your customers go for phone support can be a real pain even if they know that they can get the live support they need. Some hidden costs may be brought out to the callers and you will need several lines to prevent your queue from filling up. Nobody wants to wait a long time just to receive support.

Live chat software takes a more automated approach where the system properly pairs a member of the support crew with an individual so a conversation can start immediately. This doesn’t mean that you have to abandon phone support just in case someone simply prefers phone than anything else. Having multiple options of contact shows that you care for your customers.

Easy to Get Started

The cost of implementing a live chat solution can be a major turn off for those companies that are on a budget. Fortunately, some developers offer different packages with their cheapest packages offering basic functionality.

Remember that live chat can come in the form of video conferencing or instant messaging. You can always go for an instant messaging solution since a lot of people do not mind typing in their concerns and waiting shortly for a reply. Once you notice some positive turnaround results, you should be able to have enough to upgrade to a fully-featured solution where you can voice chat as well.

Once you get used to the way live chat software works, your e-commerce site will be more productive and you will get more positive feedback from customers, which is important for maximizing sales.

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Benefits Of Using Radio Publicity For Promotion

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Radio is one medium that has seen a lot of ups and downs over the years and have lived through all those. The best part is that over the years, as things changed and new modes of communication and information came up, radio managed to carve a niche for itself in broadcast communications. Today, there are many loyal radio listeners and there are many programs that have audience who take interest in the field or domain. As a result, there are a lot of advantages of using radio publicity for promotion.

The biggest advantage of the radio communication is that it is available in almost every place where people inhabit the planet. The other aspect is that today, the devices required for receive the radio signal have become commonplace so people can listen to it almost anywhere. The original radio receivers were independent devices. Today car audio systems, MP3 players and cell phones have integrated radio receivers. This means that regardless of where you are and what you are doing you can access radio.

As people can access radio signals anywhere, they tend to listen to it at times when they cannot do a lot anyways. This is the best time to get your message through to the people and engage them. There are two common ways promoters exploit this reach of radio. The first is the standard option of player advertisements between shows; this is done in television too.

The other more effective form of publicity over the radio is the use of interviews and talk shows. There are many radio stations that have talk shows catering to wide range of topics. As a promoter, if you are in the right domain, you can use the talk show appearance to boost the popularity of your product or service.

The advantage of using radio talk shows as a publicity medium is that the audience for the show are people who share some interest in the area of your product or service. An educated audience is great; as the message would be more effectively delivered. Besides, the talk shows allow a person to talk at length and explain the concepts better. Individuals like authors and gurus or thinkers can promote their books or message well using radio.

Publicizing the product, service or just your message over the radio is very inexpensive means of advertisement. There is no investment in creating an ad, nor is there the recurring cost of playing the ad on air between shows. Just come prepared with what you want to discuss and take part in a talk show on air. You can deliver a more effective message than advertisements.

The radio appearances need not always be physical presence. Many radio shows do call in their guests rather than inviting them to the station. This is convenient for both the host as well as the guest. Even the audience can interact with the people over phones which are great.

All in all, the radio is a very popular broadcast medium. It has a wide reach and the right components for targeted advertisement. For individuals it is a cost effective alternative too.

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Public Relations Tips To Get The Word Out

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Getting the word out is what public relations is all about, but the truth is many people have no idea where to start. No matter if you have a business or you just want to promote yourself, you must go about in a cohesive way for maximum benefit. Today there are many different options that you can choose to get the promotion that you desire. Here are some ways that you can accomplish it and in an effective way as well.

One of the first moves you will want to make is get to know your local newspaper and reporters. Many times they will be interested in a new business or what you may be doing. Crafting a press release and asking them to release it is a good idea. Most newspapers will do it and sometimes they may want to interview you on your future business plans. Make sure you always keep the newspaper updated on anything you are planning or doing.

Run a sweepstakes or contest to get the word out about what you are doing. Make sure that you follow all local, state, and federal laws when running sweepstakes or contests. Try to offer some nice prizes and even give people some free entries if they are willing to help promote your offer. Getting the word out will take some time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Another great public relations tip is to speak at local organizations for free. By offering your expertise and helping others you will draw a crowd and get the word out about your business. By giving back to your community you will show people that you care and willing to help. Offer your services to non-profit organizations, clubs, and the library.

One way to really help show people what you are about is by adopting a non-profit organization. There are literally thousands of organizations that need volunteer help. Getting your employees to help out will help people learn more about you and you can give back to some organizations in the process.

Most people use offline promotion with varied success, but going online is also a very good idea. One area where you can see a big impact is through social media marketing. Websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace have millions of members. By joining these websites and interaction with their members people can learn about and you can learn about them. Social media is a great way to promote anything a great marketing tool.

Do not be afraid to give away something free to help promote your business. Things such as articles or your expertise at a forum or chat is a good idea. With articles you can link back to your website for people to find out more about yourself. Giving things away is a great marketing tool.

Public relations are something that you must work at over time. One of the things you must do is stay consistent in your approach. There are many ways to get the word out about you and your business. It does not happen overnight, so keep that in mind.

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Want To Get To The 1st Page With Your Website?

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Where is your website at in the search engines? Can people find it without typing your business name or website in the search box? There is tons of money to be made from a high ranking website that hundreds of people consistently visit.

But the main concern there is how can you improve your ranking by the significant margin required to go from a casual website to a small profiting business website?

Website ranking is what it’s all about. see how a highly ranked website can easily make in fold the profit a middle ranked or unpopular website does.

Now the question still stands, how can you get your website to the 1st page? The method to achieve this is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

As the term itself implies, SEO is a method of optimizing stuff on the internet and thus the website it belongs to, some much so that it gets ranked higher in search engine results.

This not making sense then look at it this way, where do you go when you’re trying to find particular information and you have no clue where to find it? Exactly, search engines.

So gaining a higher website rank through the efficient use of SEO, you have a better chance of making your preferred number of digits show up in your bank account.

SEO has everything to do with keywords, though at many times these can also be keyword phrases.

Any single article or web content to be placed loaded in a website should contain a special number of keyword phrases exactly as required by a search engine to be able to rank high in the search engine results.

The keywords here being the same or similar to the keywords the user of the search engine would type in.

1st page rankings, get noticed, get web traffic, and have more opportunities to make money through whatever method you’ve chosen.

All through SEO.

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ABC’s LOST- An Impressive Story

Monday, December 27th, 2010

An Airplane crash. Survivors stuck on a mysterious, tropical island. Time travel, mysticism, and mysteries. Planning, back stabbing and revenge. Such is the story of ABC’s LOST. The sensation of a tv series strike airwaves in the year 2004, and has had a cult following since that time. Well-known for its insufficient answers, the tv show lost a good deal of viewers after the first 2 seasons, but retains a devoted following to this day.

ABC’s LOST initially follows the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 immediately after it crashes on an island engulfed in mystery. The group is struggling to survive as they experience nightly disappearances, polar bears, and also a strange monster made of black smoke. As time goes on, they locate a hatch buried into the ground, and discover inside a guy who was certainly not on their flight. The man’s name is Desmond, and he is pressing a button every 8 minutes in order to “save the planet.” Desmond abandons the hatch, leaving behind the survivors to continue the process.

The series takes a turn at this point in the series. The survivors find a man who says his name is Henry Gale, however , after a bit of time, they learn that the person is instead Ben Linus, the boss of another group of island inhabitants referred to as “The Others,” and they are those who were taking people from the group in the beginning. ABC’s LOST gets insane when Linus runs away, and the survivors give up pushing the button, resulting in the hatch to explode in a burst of electromagnetic energy. In the meantime, main group members of the survivors are taken by the Others.

After many weeks of beatings and near torture, the taken survivors learn that they’re on an entirely separate island, and that these people are doing work out of the old facilities of a group known as the Dharma Initiative. No one is very clear on why the Others are there, but it is revealed that Ben was accountable for killing all the former Dharma people, and that he feels he’s given the job of “protecting the area,” and is under the direction of a person called Jacob. ABC’s LOST gets definitely exciting when a freighter shows up off the coast, and the survivors believe they’re saved. Nevertheless, it’s quickly revealed that the freighter isn’t there in order to save, but eliminate them, as their head is a former boss of the Others who is seeking vengeance.

Luckily, the helicopter pilot of the freighter is uneasy with the situation, and regardless of the freighter itself getting blown up, is able to assist 6 of the survivors leave the Island. A few years after the fact, they still have not advised any individual in the world about what truly happened following the airplane crash, or that there are other survivors left on the island. Nevertheless, ABC’s LOST becomes even crazier the moment another survivor pops up to the world known as John Locke, and explains that in the event that they do not come back to the island, everyone they adore there will be murdered. Although it calls for some coercion, as well as the death of the messenger, everyone finally goes back.

In the period that they were gone, all of those other survivors have been having a few ridiculous situations. After they left, Ben and John had turned an archaic wheel in order to “move” the island and keep the other survivors protected. Nonetheless, in the process, they’d dislodged this tropical isle from time, and the people discovered themselves time traveling at a frequent rate, resulting in several peculiar deaths. Locke is eventually able to stop the time traveling, though the island is at that point stuck in the 1970’s, therefore when the survivors who had left come back, they also find themselves out of synchronize.

The story plot in ABC’s LOST gets to be more and more convoluted, but the most sensible thing you an do is watch it yourself. The story is actually more complicated than it seems today, and is a lot more than worth watching.

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