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Is An Ebook Cover Creator Worth Buying?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I admit it. I’ve used free stuff from the Internet that is outstanding. A few examples include:

1. WordPress

2. Joomla

3. Some PSD scripts

But, for every free item, software, etc. I’ve used, 10 were worthless and wasted my time.

One arena where free did not work out for me is with eBook cover creators. I’ve tried many free eBook cover creators only to be extremely disappointed with the results.

Sure, they create a cover, but they look cheap. In fact, they don’t convert at all. I’m sure they hinder sales.

Please keep in mind that I haven’t used every free ebook cover creator available so there may be a free option out there that works great.

After many attempts to get a free lunch, I decided to buy an eBook cover creator. I’m delighted I did. It’s paid for itself already in new subscribers to my eBooks.

What I wanted in an eBook cover creator:

1. Very professional designs with textures, gradients, and an overall polished appearance that looks as if professionals designed the cover.

2. Easy and fast to use.

3. Built-in graphics that I could use. I did not want to have to pay for images and graphics in order to create a stylish cover.

4. 3D effect – I much prefer the 3D look with shadows.

5. Web-based – whenever I can, I look for software that is web-based where I log into an account and use the software online rather than install it on my computer.

Why use eBook cover images?

The number 1 reason to use an eBook cover creator is conversions. Images sell … but only if the images look good. Poor-quality images; a DIY look to them can actually hurt your sales and/or opt in rates.

Avoiding cheap and poor-quality images is worth spending money on excellent software that creates the right cover images for you.

I actually bought a few eBook cover creators until I found the one that I really like. Since using it, my subscriber rates for my free eBooks increased nicely. The best part is it’s extremely easy to use and produces polished, professional eBook cover creators in minutes.

Do not undermine the impact that an eBook cover image has on conversions. In fact, the effect could be good or bad. If you use a cheap looking image, you could hurt your conversions … and conversions are the name of the game.

If your current eBook cover creator isn’t satisfactory or you’re in the market for one, then rest easy, because there is an excellent option.

Discover the Ebook cover software I use. In fact while you’re looking to improve conversions, getting the right sales page template also helps.

Boost The Bottom Line With Lead Management

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Have you been having troubles keeping up with your leads? Would you like some help in closing those leads? Then, all you have to have is lead management software. This software is built to support people in retaining and managing their leads.

Most web-based lead management software will definitely assist you in tracking the items that you should in order to make that deal. It normally won’t just quit at monitoring your leads, they make sure that they are doing their best in helping you respond quickly to your potential leads, and also help you communicate with these leads better.

The computer industry has experienced a substantial prototype enhancement in relation to systems and technology. These major changes in technologies include designing lead capture pages, capture page tracking statistics, alteration page tracking, and much more. Lead management software has improved to such high levels which have allowed people to make systems and membership sites due to this recent technology.

Many industry managers have formed this software. The beauty of this software is in its simplexes. All you need to do is merely type a keyword, and the software will put together a list from all the main directories available and put it up on the screen. You can write a template email message and all the searches you choose will instantly receive that email at the touch of a button.

For anyone who is into sales or internet marketing, then you need to use lead management software. This will help you in making your site well-known to help you promote your business effectively.

With this particular software program you do not have to be worried about engaging yourself in thinking of successful advertising for your online business. The software will be the one to provide the advertising you need to create powerful lead generation program. The program is actually faster if you compare it to other lead software on the market. You can quickly locate a solution when it comes to lead creation; this will secure you success for your online business.

Additionally, the software is the first available today that will help you organize and even help you monitor all of the leads generated that are both inbound and outbound.

This lead management software can be invaluable for those who need to keep track, manage and maintain his or her sales leads. Internet marketers find lead management software largely valuable. We frequently find ourselves investing more time working out the effectiveness of each avenue of sales than we really should. Lead management software provides you with all the details you could need and it’ll also help you keep track of which you’ve designated each of your sales leads.