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A Traffic Generator For Free.

Friday, December 25th, 2009

Get Free Website Hosting and Free Traffic
ViralHosts is not a free hosting service, it’s also a list builder, traffic generator and website creator! The biggest ‘problems’ are solved with one service…

Not only can you host your) domain(s), but you may also use the point and click templates to get your site up live and hosted with a few simple clicks! If you don’t have your own domain name, that isn’t a worry either, they will give you a sub domain to use!

To make an income online, you simply MUST have a website. It is non negotiable. Sure, some people claim you can use PPC traffic to affiliate link to someone else’s sales page, well for every 1 person you can show me who makes money like that, i can show you 99 who don’t. Personally, I do not like those odds.

ViralHosts gives you a free, easy way to start branding yourself online, getting opt-ins and promoting your… or other people’s offers!

That’s the hosting side, lets chat about the list building side. You see, ViralHosts has a 5 level downline, meaning every person you refer goes into your downline. Then everybody they refer does as well. These people would normally never have found your list, but now you will be able to mail them every week. This happens for all referrals down 5 levels. By hosting with ViralHosts there is no reason you can’t refer 50, 100 or even 1,000 people!

Even if you already have your sites hosted elsewhere, why not use the free hosting to make a new one and add some content with links pointing to your current site. This is a great way to build some great, quality inbound links back to your webpages. You don’t even need to buy another domain as you are provided with subdomains you can use.

And it will Cost You: Zero (Free)

ViralHosts is a beautiful system providing everything online marketer’s need, without needing all the skills required to operate a regular hosting account. Add in a mailer, big commissions and everything else and there’s no denying this is a must have service.

A free web hosting service.

Build You Email List Today With These 5 Surefire Strategies!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

1.) Offer free stuff.

Many people would not mind exchanging their email addresses for something useful that can help them solve a problem or handle a certain concern. Hence, by offering to send freebies to their emails, you easily acquire more names to build your email list with. Examples of ideal freebies are self-help e-books, free newsletter subscriptions, and a freebie for every product purchase they make.

2.) Write articles that are free for publishing.

Allow visitors to publish your articles but by having them to request for permission first. Include a request form that they will be asked to fill in. Make sure that the email address is included in the required fields.

3.) Prove to your visitors why they must subscribe.

Many people are hesitant to sign up for anything because they do not want any more spam in their emails. On your signup page or landing page, justify to your prospects that your e-zines or newsletters will not be a waste of their time and are not just some more spam to accumulate in their inboxes. Many people are often loaded with too much information that they grow tired of reading emails and just choose which ones seem new and interesting. Therefore, your newsletters must be of fresh content and something the prospect will find informative and helpful. Provide testimonials from old subscribers or even samples of the older issues.

4.) Apply the basics of search engine optimization.

If you want people to get to your articles, you have to make sure that you have included the right keywords within them. This way, the search engine spiders will find them easily when people search for resources about topics relevant to your content. If your articles are easily found, it will be displayed in higher ranks in the list of search engine results. This increases the chances of having visitors check out your site. He more visitors you get, the higher the probability of getting more subscriptions. Also, never ever forget to rename the titles of your web pages. A well-written article about affiliate marketing with excellent content is useless if the search engines will not find it because the web page title is “1000%67.html”. RENAME.

5.) Administer a “membership drive”

Run a membership drive by asking your visitors to help you invite more people to visit your website by letting them send invite emails to friends. This requires them to enter the email addresses of their friends. To inspire them to invite many, give a special prize for whoever get the most number of people to sign up. This way, the amount of email addresses you get doubles up and in no time, your list will expand astoundingly.

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3 Effective Ways to Start Your List Building

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Let me ask you this, regarding your web browsing habit. What is the average length of time that you stay on any website before you move on to the next? You will be surprised that generally, people spend less than four minutes on any website especially if it’s the first time that they have been there. Perhaps that is why it is called web browsing in the first place. But this is not a good news if your into internet marketing or making money online especially if your goal is to start a list building campaign.

The most important thing to remember is that every visitor to your site, no matter how long or how short his stay can be, is a potential customer or client and therefore it is always a priority to get them interested enough for them to give you their contact details. But everybody knows it is easier said than done when it comes to enticing people to give their email address. For this reason I have listed three effective ways to a good list building strategy.

1. Offer an ebook

People love free stuff and ebooks have long been an attractive product that internet marketers have used for over a decade already. For example, if your website is all about dogs and dog supplies, why not offer a free ebook on how to properly take care of a specific dog breed? Dog lovers will surely love this free offer and they will willingly list themselves on your site just to get that free ebook.

2. Offer a free product

Ebooks have long been a popular free product offered by internet marketers. They are generally easier to create and also very easy to distribute. Create one useful ebook and you can create a buzz word for your business. People who have benefited from any ebook generally spread the word all over the internet. A how-to-guide in the form of an ebook is quite popular with everybody. If you are in the jewelry business, you can probably offer an ebook on how to better appraise a certain type of gem.

3. Offer a discount

You can invest some money into hiring a software developer and create a certain software or tool that can be very useful for other people. One such example will be the various plug-ins that are offered to bloggers. All that a person needs to do is to sign up and leave their emails in exchange for that plug-in which in turn will give a specific benefit to that person. It will cost you a bit of money to create such a tool but the rewards that you can reap from it will be worth every cent.

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