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Unique Article Wizard Has Plenty Of Bonuses

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Unique Article Wizard is a great article submission service. I have had much success with it. In addition to their great service, you receive a wealth of business building information and bonuses. Some are free to research and some are included with your membership.

Would you like to watch a video that tells you how you can get a brand new site listed in both Google and Yahoo in under 10 days? Sound too good to be true? Watch the Video at Unique Article Wizard website.

A FREE article marketing course on how to create an article in just minutes. If you choose to have someone else write your articles, Unique Article Wizard will show you where you can get articles written for you. Don’t worry, this can be very inexpensive.

Listen to Kurt Schmitt’s independent testing results. Legendary internet marketer Kirt Christensen’s has a great 57 minute teleseminar called “Article Marketing Revealed”. Lots of good info.

“How to Harvest the Gold From Your Mailing List” with an 8 hour bonus interview with Frank Garon and master list-builder Joel Christopher. Transform the way you do business by learning how to build your most valuable asset-your mailing list.

If that wasn’t enough, you get another great bonus. A source of PLR and Resale Rights products, templates, artwork, and a whole host of other goodies with a Lifetime Gold Member Access.

When you join Unique Article Wizard, you also get “The Magic Formula”. A 12-part course with videos that helps you set up your internet business the right way. Get your business up and running so you can start receiving passive income.

Unique Article Wizard and article marketing is a great way to promote your online business. It works with any type of business. Unique Article Wizard is dedicated to making your business a success.

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Article Marketing Made Simple-A Article Marketing Tip

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Article marketing has many benefits which may include establishing yourself as an Author, lead generation, more traffic to your web site, improved search engine position and is becoming a necessary tool for doing business on the World Wide Web. Article marketing has become a proven strategy for raising your link popularity. It can also be a cheap way to compete with larger companies in your field.

It’s best to write on topics that are closely related to your business type, while making sure that the article provides good content for the reader, no one wants to read a sales page. Every article that you write will need a resource box section that will contain your sales info including an (anchor text) link or two pointing to your Web site. You could have a terrific product and a wonderful sales strategy, but without the targeted traffic your online business could be going no-where.

You can take advantage of a ton of free article submission sites on the internet, where you can submit your articles for free, some also offer software and services to help in the process. Once approved, the sites will make your articles available for distribution and publication to ezines, webmasters etc… Now there is no more need to beg for reciprocal link exchanges, pay for text links, or spend hours posting free ads to link farms that no one will read anyway. Articles, written yourself, are becoming the fastest and cheapest way to see results from your efforts.

When done properly, article marketing can be a very powerful tool to drive loads of targeted traffic to your web site. Whether your business is brand new or you have been in business for a while, you can gain new customers from marketing your own articles. To be the most effective, article marketing should just be part of a larger, more comprehensive SEO strategy. Remember, the goal of successful marketing is increased business and most importantly profit and this can be achieved with the help of article marketing.

I would encourage you to take advantage of article marketing automation software that can really make your article marketing campaigns get powerful results. One of the best ways is with article marketing submission services that can submit your articles to hundreds of websites. My favorite article marketing system is the Unique Article Wizard The wizard really gets me traffic to my websites.

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If I Can Just Finish My First Story I Will Have Success

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Like most imaginative professions the question of a characterised success in writing is not easy to boil down into one definitive answer.

Just as there are a throng of writing styles, so too are there many examples of writing success.


1. “If I can just complete my first story, I will have success.” 2. “If I can just act upon the courage to put forward this to a publisher, I will have success.” 3. “If I can really receive a check in the mail for a magazine article, I will have success.” 4. “If I can just publish my first book, I will have success.” 5. “If I can just have my book published by a major publisher, I will have success.” 6. “If I can just get my book in the bestseller listing, I will have success.” 7. “If I can just keep up with all the writing work I have been empowered to do, I will have success.” 8. “If I can only be esteemed in the same way as other literary heavyweights, I will have success.”

“The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have, and to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach.” Lin Yu-t’ang

There is a difference between contentment and self-complacency. In the first case, we learn to be happy in the circumstances we find ourselves in. In the second case, you merely settle for where you are without an interest in doing something more.

“A man will never be content with what he wants until he is content with what he has.” – Bill Gothard

As writers we should always reach for our best. It is a good idea to set a small attainable goal for the short term with perhaps a one and six year plan in place for where we would like to be. This goal can be readjusted annually.

The trouble many writers have is they set their goals so great they may not be able to achieve them, or they make the goal sacrosanct they miss out on life in pursuing of the goal. Should they actually reach the goal, the effect of reaching the apex often serves as a pin to pop an inflated balloon. For some, the supreme goal they have chosen leaves them feeling empty because they never understood the need for contentment. Once the ‘supreme goal’ is realized the author has nothing more to look forward to and they struggle through issues related to their overall motive.

By learning the fine art of contentment while refusing to be complacent will serve you well as you wrestle with issues of personal writing success.

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Niche Marketing Secrets

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Anyone who is interested in making a living online has heard about private label rights (PLR) articles and software solutions. The question is how you can use these products to improve online sales and enhance the value of your online offerings. A large number of marketers are already using PLR products to enhance their value and generate a large affiliate or product income.

When thinking about private label rights products and software packages, there are numerous options for reselling or repackaging these assets to support your online marketing initiatives. In this article I provide a number of ways that you can package and resell these products to create a continuous revenue stream.

Develop Bundles. By grouping related PLR products within a specific niche, you can target a specific segment. This is easier to manage and more profitable as you find niches comprised of buyers versus those who have little or no commercial intent. Start by assembling about six or seven products on the same subject. Once you have done so, put on your pricing had and determine a fair price for the offering. The price needs to be attractive and in line with what your competitors are charging. As a final step offer 3 types of pricing including no rights, reseller rights and private label rights.

Create A Niche Membership Website. Develop a membership website around the products you have assembled. Then, distribute your product in the form of software or information through a membership website on a monthly. You should charge your audience a fee of only a few dollars to access this content. Depending on how unique it is, you could charge more. It only takes a handful of subscribers to get your business started. Then, you can focus on other niche areas with additional membership sites.

Increase your membership dues by using private label products that have been updated or altered by you. Then, consider adding resell rights for tier one members, an exclusive option for others, and access to special offers each and every month.

Create New Products. Once you have found a niche and accessed PLR products, you can then create unique products that meet the need of your niche or audience. As a result, you will have products that no other site is using and can shape a unique offering around that product. The benefit of product creation is that you have something unique to offer that is not available anywhere else. An additional benefit is that you can price your product independently and determine how best to distribute giving variable rights and licenses.

A great way to promote your product is with a free white paper or exclusive report. When you distribute this report it helps to establish the value of your product and helps you promote at a very low cost. These giveaways provide value to reader and allows you to promote your product.

Anyone can leverage the power of PLR to begin making money online. Doing so is easy and you can get started for little money. There is some great content online, in addition to this basic article, about leveraging PLR to create your own online business. Do your research, pick a product, and get started. Try to learn from others who are using PLRs to make a living.

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