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Discover How To Get Noticed with Online Video Marketing

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

If you are looking to promote your services, or launch an exciting new product online, your best option is to turn to video marketing. Quickly being utilized by individuals, small businesses, and the major corporations, this is set to become the hottest marketing method for some time. With us all being well used to TV advertising, this medium is thought to be far more comfortable for people to take notice of, as opposed to pop-ups and banners. Particularly for the increasing number of so called “silver surfers”.

Once you have chosen to use the video marketing medium, it is important to get all the details correct before launching the campaign on an unsuspecting public. Shooting a short video for yourself is becoming easier and easier, with a wealth of guides, software, hardware and forums readily available, accessible and affordable.

When selecting who to work with on the video, be sure to take a look at any work they have produced before. Do you like it? How was it received? What was the effect on the sales bottom line? Seek references, which any company worth its salt will help you to access. Spending a little time on this now, will reap dividends moving forward, and help you through any issues and challenges that may arise.

It would be useless shooting a video before having the story well put together. Again, are you confident to do this yourself, or do you need some help. You know your product best of all, so it is probably best not to hand over complete control of this task. Remember your audience too. Who are they, do they want to be moved, or amused? Shocked, or comforted? Whichever emotion you go for, it will need an element of excitement.

Another important factor is the video length. Too long, and people will lose interest. Too short, and they will be left confused. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and could generate leads in itself. However, a length of about a minute is generally considered a wise move.

As I said earlier, there are other considerations that will need to be considered when using video marketing, such as placement and how to submit it. Obviously, you will carry the ad on your site, and promote it widely on your blog. However, not everyone has got a wide reach to draw in the traffic levels needed. This is where the veritable galaxy of networking sites come into their own.

The most popular sites for video marketing are the big players, such as YouTube, Google Video and, increasingly, Twitter. Free and easy to upload, your video could be generating traffic flow within minutes of posting. Try to ensure people are logging on as soon as it hits the web by announcing its launch in advance. People love to be the first to see things, and share it with their network. And that, is free advertising for you!

There are other sites out there, that offer excellent returns on posting your video to their sites. Many are as well known as those mentioned previously, but some are not. Engaging the services of a professional team can help to find these, and ensure your work is submitted correctly.

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